The Brilliant Fighting Master
1198 A Chaotic Fight!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1198 A Chaotic Fight!

The Great Chaos Method of Li Tianjun Junior was epic. It could be compared to a Doctrine Method, which only a human working on four qi at the same time was able to exert. It resembled a fierce-burning flame that could injure the enemy and surround his body by forming a barrier. The greatest thing about it was that it could improve Li Tianjun Junior's fighting power.

Palms and fists came and went. The situation was desperate. Fortunately, they were in the magic tree. Otherwise they would have turned the world to ruins. Jiang Chen was brandishing his sword fast. Wind created by the movements of the sword was roaring around him. Profound laws were contained in it. Only laws could resist the power of chaos.

However, Jiang Chen was still a beginner. Compared to him, Li Tianjun Junior was more skilled. After some exchanges, although none of the attacks had reached Jiang Chen, he was facing the risk of being eroded. If things went on like this, the situation would be unfavorable for him.

Ho! Li Tianjun Junior roared loudly. His arms were accumulating force like crazy. He threw his palm over. A shock wave was emitted in the shape of a fan.

Jiang Chen's sword struck toward the middle of the shock wave. The wind of the sword cut it open, but the rest of the palm force still managed to reach him. He was sent flying. He hit against the trunk of the magic tree.

"Your physical body is tougher than other humans'. What is it, a king body or a sacred body?" Li Tianjun Junior was not happy with this result. Neither was he surprised.

"I thought he was great. Why didn't he leave when he still could? He just wanted to stay here to wait for death."

The humans who had stopped Jiang Chen mocked him in loud voices, since they did not regard him as a threat anymore.

"Even forces from sanctity-level continents have to show respect to the epic Alien. What does he have so that he thinks he can fight back?"

"He has really gone beyond his depth."

The onlookers could not help but shake their heads with pity.

"Die!" Li Tianjun Junior would not show any mercy. He jumped out and showed up in front of Jiang Chen. His fists were as powerful as dragons. He threw two hard punches over.

Jiang Chen gritted his teeth. His Constellation Sea boiled. He extended his hands to protect himself from the punches. The punches hit against his arms hard. If it had been as powerful as the punches before, even if he could survive, his arms would have been broken. However, Jiang Chen's body only shook once. Then he moved away.

"He's working on four qi at the same time?!" Li Tianjun Junior was very surprised. Then a smile pulled the corners of his lips up. "So, you are a human genius. Well, good enough for my work here." Then he threw his punches over again.

"Sword Spirit of Wind and Cloud: Peerless Beauty!" Jiang Chen showed his sword soul. It was one of his strongest sword movements.

"Is that your last resort?" Facing the Ultimate Sword Soul, Li Tianjun Junior was not affected even a little bit. He stopped. Then his hands started moving around with a rhythm. "Transform!" The chaotic energy around him was transforming madly. In the end, it turned into a giant hand that clutched toward the Ultimate Sword Soul.

The Ultimate Sword Soul hit against the giant hand. Its power was fully exerted. However, this was not good. The giant hand closed tightly. The sword soul had been grasped by it. In the end, both of them exploded.

Li Tianjun Junior launched another fierce attack in the chaos.

"Their strengths are not even close."

"This Li Tianjun Junior is really too strong."

"He has got the advantage over his rival with only one Original Method."

By then no one thought Jiang Chen had any chance to turn the tide.

I see. However, no one could know what Jiang Chen was thinking at the moment. After mixing the law of wind and the sword realm in the last blow exchange, he had come to understand the most important thing.

Then Li Tianjun Junior's attack came again. Fortunately, as thunder roared, a thunderbolt fell. The target was Li Tianjun Junior.

Li Tianjun Junior turned pale. Thunderbolts were similar to chaos. They did not have to contain any law to defeat him. He had to give up attacking so that he could retreat.

Then suddenly people saw a man and a woman show up.

"Ru'er!" Han Cong'er ran toward Shangguan Ru. The man was certainly the practicing body Luo Cheng.

"Master?" Luo Cheng's transcendent look struck Shangguan Ru dumb. He was a master, but his performance was beyond expectation. It was not usual.

"The master has a sword soul," Han Cong'er said. Shangguan Ru did not know what to say.

Luo Cheng was staring at Li Tianjun Junior. Li Tianjun Junior was also sizing him up.

"More and more overconfident humans."

Li Tianjun Junior said, "Correct me if I'm wrong. You are that Master Luo Cheng." He reminded the others. These people might not know Jiang Chen, but all of them had heard about Master Luo Cheng.

"That's what a master looks like?"

The current Luo Cheng was emitting a strong energy. Electric arcs blinked from time to time on his body. He did not look like a master at all. He looked like a totally strong warrior.

"I won't take any human master seriously." Li Tianjun Junior insisted on attacking, no matter whether he was a master, no matter whether he had the power of thunder. He was really pissed off. So he must kill. In this way, people saw him roaring with his head lifted. A set of golden patterns appeared on his skin. As the golden patterns appeared, his fighting power kept soaring.

"He activated his royal blood. Even Master Luo Cheng will suffer!"

Seeing Li Tianjun Junior's transformation, people were exclaiming how strong the Ancient Race were while retreating with fear. Li Tianjun Junior had become twice as strong as he had been in the fight with Jiang Chen.

They were wondering what Master Luo Cheng was going to do.

"Destroy!" Li Tianjun Junior's Original Method showed a variation.

The Great Chaos Method had five variations. They were Transform, Destroy, Eliminate, Turn, and Heaven. He had been using Transform in the fight with Jiang Chen. But now he had exerted the strongest killing movement. When he punched over again, the whole area was at risk of being completely destroyed. People who were close to him almost spit up blood. They were as pale as ghosts.

It was hard to imagine how Master Luo Cheng, who was at the center of his attack, would end up. Master Luo Cheng was not deprived of the thunder force or the Alien Flame. Especially after he had mastered the Thunderbolt Martial Soul, he was not scared of Li Tianjun Junior's punches at all. He charged straight toward the enemy.

The two's punches met. The shock waves created distorted the air. The trunk of the magic tree started to shine. Not until it had absorbed all of the remaining power did it go back to normal.

However, neither Luo Cheng nor Li Tianjun Junior retreated. They were still competing at the center.

"Not bad!" Gritting his teeth, Li Tianjun Junior was as complacent as before.

It turned out the two were pressing against each other and the force field of chaos was moving toward Luo Cheng. Even though Luo Cheng had the protection of thunder, he would not be able to resist it.

"There are greater things waiting for you!" Luo Cheng showed a cold smile, fearless of the force field of chaos.

Li Tianjun Junior somehow had a hunch that something bad was going to happen.


His hunch was confirmed. Over Luo Cheng's head, the thunderbolts transformed to a lasting sea.

"Thunderbolt Martial Soul!!!"


"Is he really just a master?"

The onlookers were the fastest to react. They were all dumbfounded.

"My gosh! Is master the man who got the Thunderbolt Martial Soul at the Yaoguang Holy Land?"

"Is there anything this master can't do?"

While they were discussing the master, some new changes had happened in the fight. Li Tianjun Junior, who had always been at an advantage, retreated for the first time. The force field of chaos around him also became unstable.

"Thunderbolt Martial Soul?" 

"Turning to attrition battle because he is at a disadvantage, that's humiliating."

However, then something new arose.

"That's not good. That's Su Yinan from the Western School!" Han Cong'er exclaimed with fear as soon as she saw who had arrived.

At such a crucial moment, those from the Western School had come to help!


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