The Brilliant Fighting Master
1197 Great Primal Chaos Technique
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1197 Great Primal Chaos Technique

Jiang Chen's approach toward the Ancient Race had never changed, and since he had witnessed the Ancient Race and Alien Clans' slaughter in the Nine Heavens Realm's imperial household, he had taken a firm decision.

After Lu Ping dealt with the Jialan Clan's warriors, he pointed his sword at their male leader.

Upon meeting Lu Ping's ice-cold eyes, that man turned around decisively without uttering a single word and started trying to escape. However, how could his movement speed be faster than Lu Ping's sword?

"You should stop him, or else our master will vent his anger on you, and no one among you can shirk responsibility from this matter," the Jialan Clan's man shouted loudly.

The onlookers looked at each other in dismay, and they were all astounded by this.

"The epic-grade Jialan Clan can rival sanctity-grade continents' factions and mustn't be rashly offended."

"If we end up offending them, the consequences will be unimaginable."

There were some people who intervened and tried to block Lu Ping's path.

"Friend, please calm down. You don't need to exterminate them."

Those people obviously wouldn't express their fright of the Jialan Clan, and they would just try to stop the fight.

"Get lost!" Lu Ping didn't treat them politely and just swept his sword around without caring about injuring or killing those people. The few people who had tried to block him were all astonished because they didn't expect that he would be so ferocious. Did he have a feud with the Jialan Clan?

While facing Lu Ping's merciless sword, these people could only make way for him, while the other people hissed at them and mocked them because they had disgraced themselves fully.

Meanwhile, Lu Ping had already overtaken the Jialan Clan's man, and his sword had penetrated his throat. That man wasn't given a chance to beg for forgiveness or threaten Lu Ping, and he immediately paid a grave price for what he had done.

Lu Ping swung his sword to get rid of the blood on it, and he went back to Shangguan Ru's side.

"Should we leave?" Shangguan Ru asked.

The master of the dead warriors would surely arrive soon and he wouldn't let Lu Ping get away after he had killed his people. Lu Ping considered this matter for a moment, and then he detected that his other magical clone, Master Luo Cheng, was just in the vicinity. "I will stay here," Lu Ping said.

Shangguan Ru also considered this matter, while a nervous look appeared on her face. Once they ran into a Jialan Clan member, they would surely end up having a fight to the death. However, Lu Ping was being considerate, and he just stated that he would stay here and didn't question her closely about her intentions. Regardless of everything, the Jialan Clan members had attacked her first.

"I will stay with you." Shangguan Ru took a firm decision and held her sword tightly.

Lu Ping nodded and swept the people, who had tried to block his road, with his gaze. "If you meddle in other people's business once again, I won't spare you."

Upon hearing this, an odd look appeared on the faces of the people who had intervened, because they were afraid of the Jialan Clan's retaliation.

"Friend, the Jialan Clan's master is surely extremely powerful. So you should withdraw," someone advised Lu Ping kindly.

"That is right, since they dared to clear this place in advance, then that person is surely confident about passing this cave's trial."

"Many thanks for your kind intentions." Lu Ping acknowledged them, but he still didn't move. When the crowd witnessed how resolute Lu Ping was, a discussion arose among them.

Many people didn't know Lu Ping, but they knew that Shangguan Ru, who was next to him, was ranked fifth on the Beauty List, and this was why they felt that Lu Ping was anything but simple. As they observed Lu Ping's realm level, they discerned that he was a six-star expert and he could be considered just at the middle level of the Star Venerable Realm, yet he was still so confident in himself, and he should be surely a multi-Qi cultivator or had something else to depend upon.

After a short while, a powerful and imposing aura emanated from the tunnel, which the Jialan Clan's members had taken to come here, and there was a formless raging dragon-like air current blowing over. Everyone, including Lu Ping, bore the current's great brunt, and they felt like their souls would be shortly swept out of their bodies.

"He's at least an eight-star expert, and he should be a three-Qi cultivator, or more." Someone started assessing the power of the Jialan Clan's expert.

"Who attacked them?" The person still hadn't shown himself, but his voice already rang out near everyone's ears. This wasn't an angry shout, yet everyone's heart still shivered upon hearing it.

Many pairs of eyes looked at the tunnel, while a nervous look appeared on Shangguan Ru's face.

A tall youth clad in gorgeous clothes appeared there. They were ancient clothes that could only be seen in ancient murals. They seemed like an imperial family's robes, but they also seemed like the feather clothes of legendary immortals. He was quite pompous!

The youth's skin was shining, and many golden patterns could be seen in the radiance emanating from him. This was the symbol of the Jialan Clan's royal family. Moreover, he had an object similar to a crown on his head. This person didn't lean forward while flying like ordinary people, and he floated straight near to the ground. When he appeared here suddenly, everyone felt like they were facing a monarch.

"It's Li Tianjun from the Jialan Clan."

Shangguan Ru managed to recognize him, and she said in a low voice, "His fighting prowess is unknown, but when he fought last time against Shen Yu, who is ranked sixth on the Heaven List, he managed to get the victory with a single move."

Such a matter demonstrated that this guy's fighting prowess was on the same level as the Heaven List's top ten, and he was someone on a par with Lin Tian.

Lu Ping noticed that several people who had blocked his road previously were looking at Li Tianjun, and it seemed like they were communicating with him with their Holy Awareness. Just after this, Li Tianjun's eyes looked at Lu Ping and Shangguan Ru.

"Some people have knelt for so long that they can't stand up any longer," Lu Ping said.

"Since he dared to attack young Miss Shangguan, he really deserved to die."

What was beyond everyone's expectations was that when Li Tianjun's eyes lit upon Shangguan Ru, his sharp gaze became softer.

"However, someone must still pay for the blood shed by my clan's warriors."

Li Tianjun spoke once again, "Young Miss Shangguan, please make way."

As Li Tianjun spoke, he extended his hand and waved it sideways.

Lu Ping was taken aback by this, and he couldn't help but shake his head while wearing a bitter smile. If a woman was beautiful, she would get advantages everywhere she went.

"Since this is the case, why don't you just drop this matter?" Shangguan Ru asked.

"He must die," Li Tianjun said.

"I won't then accept your favor," Shangguan Ru spoke coldly.

Li Tianjun's expression changed slightly, and everyone had a restless feeling. "I'm then obliged to destroy a beautiful flower," as Li Tianjun spoke, he waved his hands, and a mystical power emanated from him.

"It's an epic-grade original method," Lu Ping warned her.

Alien clans were powerful because they possessed original methods, which were completely different than martial techniques and doctrine methods.

"Great Primal Chaos Technique!"

As Li Tianjun spoke, he cast his original method, and his force turned into a light beam that flew toward Jiang Chen and Shangguan Ru. It seemed like an ordinary technique, which built up power for only a moment, but both Jiang Chen and Shangguan Ru felt their hearts palpitating. When the light beam fell upon them, a domain unfolded like a curtain and engulfed them.

"It's a supreme original method that exceeds all Martial Doctrine's techniques. This is the disparity between the Human Clan and the other clans," Li Tianjun spoke complacently. The onlookers who observed his original method revered and respected him.

Frankly speaking, the Great Primal Chaos Technique's power was like sulfuric acid which could melt all enemies. Moreover, it was still an attack that couldn't be avoided. When it seemed like Lu Ping and Shangguan Ru would be shortly erased by it, a shining sword light appeared and tore apart the domain.

"It has many superficial changes, but it's still the same as its origin. Your Great Primal Chaos Technique is just an ordinary technique at a worldly rule level." Lu Ping strode forward while holding his sword. He said, "As long as I can grasp a worldly rule, I can break your techniques."

Li Tianjun snorted coldly, and muttered, "The Wind Rule? It seems like I will get to exercise my body."

After Li Tianjun spoke, his body moved around in the air like a flood dragon and a chaotic field appeared around him. Li Tianjun's body flickered several times, before he appeared in front of Lu Ping, and he extended his left hand, while he clenched his right hand. If the previous attack was as smooth as river-water, then the current one was like a raging sea.

Even though Lu Ping had grasped the Wind Rule, he still couldn't follow his opponent's movements. Shangguan Ru was about to come to help, but Lu Ping asked her to stay in her place.

This battle would be a good opportunity for him to try fusing the Wind Rule and Sword Realm.


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