The Brilliant Fighting Master
1196 Jialan Clan
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1196 Jialan Clan

After Jiang Chen ascertained that Lin Tianjian wasn't chasing after him, he slowed down. He wasn't really afraid of fighting Lin Tianjian because, if worse came to worst, he could ask Lu Ping to come and help him. But he didn't really want to do this before the start of the banquet, and this was especially the case since he had already killed Wang Fei.

After the death of two Flame Emperor's inheritors, one after the other, the Fire God Ring wasn't as hot as before, and the Flame Emperor actually showed himself. This meant that the only Flame Emperor's inheritor left in the Divine Tree was Jiang Chen.

"The fourth layer can help you get the Solar Golden Flame. So, will you still stay out of this?" This time, the Flame Emperor wasn't afraid of incurring Jiang Chen's anger, and he laughed complacently. As long as one walked down the Fire Path, one couldn't resist the Solar Golden Flame's allure. It was one of the Primal Chaos Four Great Spirits, and it could be said that possessing just one of those spirits would allow one to run amok in the world.

"You have killed an inheritor who learned the fourth layer's technique. I can also help you learn it. So are you willing to learn it?" The Flame Emperor said.

"Next time, when I have to fight with other inheritors, please notify me in advance." Jiang Chen didn't oppose the matter as before. The Solar Golden Flame's cultivation method was top secret and couldn't be divulged to just anyone, and he could maybe depend on it one day to get the flame at the top of the Alien Flame List, Solar True Fire.

"It's pretty good!" The Flame Emperor revealed a satisfied smile. He thought highly of Jiang Chen, and it was especially the case for his ability to get reborn among the flames.

"You should take out the Purple Eerie Divine Flame's main source. I will use its energy to help you learn the fourth layer." Upon hearing the Flame Emperor's words, Jiang Chen quickly took out Wang Fei's Alien Flame. Just after this, the Flame Emperor used the Divine Fire Ring to cast his techniques, and Jiang Chen started using his senses to comprehend the fourth layer's mysteries. At the same time he was still on his guard against the Flame Emperor, because he was afraid that the Flame Emperor would use dirty tricks.


Meanwhile, the magical clone, Lu Ping, managed to completely perceive the Wind Rule due to the sword strike used by the main body, and he was able now to let Ksana Sword Method's speed reach the pinnacle through using the Wind Rule. Now, what he needed to do was let the Wind Sword Realm reach a Worldly Rule level, and it was only then that the Wind Sword Domain's power would become extremely terrifying. Lu Ping was trying to find a way to achieve it, while he proceeded searching for a cave within the Divine Tree.

After a short while, Lu Ping and Shangguan Ru managed to find one of the tree's caves that was protected by gold-grade guards. There were many people below the cave, and someone was now fighting against the gold guard. He was a genius on the Heaven List, and, as he waved his spear around, he emitted surging energy and a great aura. But the gold guard was outrageously powerful. He seemed like an armor filled with air because there didn't seem to be anyone inside the armor, and only a pitch-blackness could be seen inside it. It was also the case for what was within the helmet—it didn't even have eyes.

There were three guards, and they were holding either a blade or a sword, and they were attacking at the same time. The gold guards didn't have a Martial Soul or a Domain, but they were still powerful. They didn't just possess great power, they were also quite swift.

Regardless of how outstanding the Heaven-List spear genius was, his gorgeous moves didn't yield any results, and, as he faced the attacks of the gold guards' swords and blades, he became flustered and ended up defeated. The other people weren't surprised by such an outcome, and they were discussing this matter with each other and talking about how great was the guards' power. It seemed as if many people had tried to intrude into this cave before this genius. But none of them had succeeded.

However, despite this, there were still a large number of people who wanted to give it a try.

"Hey, humans like you shouldn't waste your time here, and you should all leave." When Lu Ping and Shangguan Ru approached them, a group of Ancient Race members started trying to clear this place.

"What do you mean by this? Is this cave owned by your family?" Someone complained out of displeasure.

However, the head of the Ancient Race members, who were driving out people, revealed an ice-cold smile and looked at the person who had complained. The latter still wanted to speak further, but he was stopped by his companions.

"It's the Jialan Clan." The people next to him warned him in a low voice.

Upon hearing this, that person's expression changed drastically, and he escaped into the crowd.

"Our master wants this cave. So please quickly leave." The appearance of the Jialan Clan members wasn't any different than humans, except that they had a shining blue skin. All the Ancient Clans who had a feud with Jiang Chen were at king grade, while the Jialan Clan was higher than any of them and was at the epic grade.

"The cave's test will be taken by any person who found it. So how can you be allowed to reserve it like this?"

Everyone didn't fear the Jialan Clan, and Shangguan Ru, who was next to Lu Ping, spoke up. That ended up attracting a large number of gazes to them.

The leader of the Jialan Clan group was still a youngster. He had an average stature and a childish face. Upon hearing Shangguan Ru's words, the leader sneered coldly, and he waved his sleeves. A light ray flew out of them quickly, and it was a fine dagger that targeted Shangguan Ru's face.

Shangguan Ru frowned, and unsheathed her sword swiftly. She managed to block the dagger. However, the smile of the Jialan Clan man only became brighter. The flying dagger suddenly exploded, and many small iron beads flew out of it.

Shangguan Ru was caught off guard, while her Protective Dipper Energy wasn't able to defend against those iron beads, which possessed great penetrating power. However, it was fortunate that Lu Ping reacted quickly and grabbed hold of Shangguan Ru's waist, as he moved back and evaded all the iron beads.

Even though such an ordeal was brief, it was still quite dangerous, and the onlookers were frightened by the Jialan Clan's cruelty. If Shangguan Ru hadn't been helped by someone, it was unknown what her fate would have been.

"Excuse me!" Lu Ping let go of Shangguan Ru and looked angrily at the Jialan Clan members. He said coldly, "Don't you think you went a bit overboard?"

"You are all answering us back one after the other, and, if we didn't teach you a lesson, it would be unknown how long you would hold us up." There wasn't any shame apparent on the face of the Jialan Clan's man, and he still spoke in an irritated tone.

"It's all because you are speaking unreasonably," someone spoke up for them.

The Jialan Clan's man shook his head, and the aura of his fellow clansmen changed drastically. A dazzling light sphere started revolving around them, while their eye sockets started shining.

"Our Jialan Clan's members didn't beg for invitation letters like humans, and everyone here has gotten an invitation letter delivered to him. If you continue hesitating, we will have to force you to obey us," the Jialan Clan's man said.

Wariness and fright appeared on the faces of the people, who were angry due to what Shangguan Ru had gone through, and this was especially the case after they detected the power of the Jialan Clan members. They weren't confident about this matter at all.

Moreover, the man had still said that the Jialan Clan would just occupy this place in advance and wait for the arrival of their master. It could be imagined that their master was someone at the level of a Junior Heavenly King.

"Great Wind, Rise!"

All of a sudden, a resolute voice echoed out, and a whistling wind filled every corner of this place. The sword wind was blowing at the Jialan Clan members, and it trapped them in a Sword Domain.

"Worldly Wind and Lightning: Sword of Wind Apex!"

Lu Ping didn't want to waste his breath with these people. In any case, he only wanted to practice with his sword against someone, and these Jialan Clan members had come at him by themselves. Lu Ping used his Sword Domain, Sword Soul, as well as the Wind Rule, and he used their whole might.

Half of the Jialan Clan warriors were killed by such a sword strike before they could react or respond.

"You! You! You!" The man who was the leader of the Jialan Clan group was dumbfounded, and he couldn't even speak properly.

Didn't everyone say that humans wouldn't rashly attack the Ancient Race because they respected their points of view? Why was this guy so ferocious?

It wasn't just the Jialan Clan members who were dumbfounded. All the people present got wide-eyed and couldn't help but suspect that they were hallucinating.

Shangguan Ru was quite astonished, and the gaze in which she looked at Lu Ping changed minute by minute. She couldn't help but wonder whether Lu Ping had become so crazy just because of what she had suffered.


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