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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1195 The Rule

Lin Tianjian couldn't understand this matter. "Do people assume that they can fight me just because of my battle appointment?" Lin Tianjian just wanted to teach Jiang Chen a lesson so that he would never be able to raise his head again, and this didn't mean that nobody could rival him.

Lin Tianjian raised the sword and it shone with a bright light that blinded people. "Since you are so obstinate, don't blame my sword for being merciless." Lin Tianjian planned to use a true sword move and teach Jiang Chen a lesson.

Wang Fei who was next to them heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed like the Sword Tower would help him get rid of Jiang Chen.

"If he can reach the fourth layer and get the Solar Golden Flame, then the Flame Emperor's inheritance won't be gotten by anyone other than him." As Wang Fei thought about this, he wished that Lin Tianjian would help him kill Jiang Chen. However, it seemed like they planned to just have a friendly match, and it wouldn't be a fight to the death. Wang Fei could only hope that Jiang Chen would continue making more mistakes.

All of a sudden, Wang Fei recalled something and he said loudly, "Jiang Chen stated that he will kill mercilessly anyone who defies him today."

Upon hearing this, a Sword Tower disciple said disdainfully, "That was the case outside the Divine Tree. But, after he lost his external power, his current power is only at the level of Heaven List members. So does he still dare to boast?"

Lin Tianjian was the Sword Tower's chief disciple, and his power was unquestionable. Just its aura alone demonstrated that he was a sword king. However, Jiang Chen was still as composed as before, and even his expression didn't change.

After a short while, Lin Tianjian's sword became extremely bright and it seemed like he was holding onto a star. Jiang Chen couldn't help but put his hands on his sword sheath. His instinct was informing him that there was a great disparity between Wang Fei and Lin Tianjian.

"If I fight with him now, I will surely end up beaten." Jiang Chen wouldn't make such a foolish decision, and he wouldn't invite trouble upon himself before fusing with his magical clones. However, he still mustn't spare Wang Fei. Jiang Chen squinted his eyes, and he moved his body slightly. He then disappeared instantly from his former place. It was a Void Escape Technique, and it could be considered one of the best techniques for assassinations.

Wang Fei set his body on fire decisively, and he started bathing in raging flames. He wanted to use them to protect himself. But they were useless, and it would be impossible for him to block the sword strike. When Jiang Chen was about to succeed, a crisp sword's cry echoed, and Jiang Chen felt a resistance emanating from the void. It was like his sword had hit a hard object. He could hear then a clear metallic collision sound. It was Lin Tianjian who appeared in front of Wang Fei and blocked the sword strike.

"You shouldn't attempt it vainly in front of me." Lin Tianjian didn't really want to save Wang Fei. He just wanted Jiang Chen to understand how brilliant were his sword techniques.

"You dare to show off even such an inferior Void Escape Technique in front of our senior brother Lin, do you?" A Sword Tower disciple shook his head and mocked Jiang Chen.

"Ksana Sword Method: the Third Move!" Jiang Chen didn't give up, and he used a different sword move. He then turned into a flickering light beam.

"What?" Lin Tianjian was surprised by this sight. Ksana Sword Method was the best sword method for the Eternal Sword Doctrine, and it was until now a symbol of the Sword Tower. Lin Tianjian would have never imagined that Jiang Chen knew it. However, even though Lin Tianjian was surprised, he still moved quickly, and even though Jiang Chen's third move instantly launched around 1,000 sword strikes, none of them could reach Wang Fei. Lin Tianjian managed to easily block the sword move.

"Hahaha, it's useless. You don't even deserve to use a sword in front of a Sword Tower disciple."

Upon witnessing Jiang Chen's firm resolve to kill him, Wang Fei was both startled and infuriated. But he still dared to shout arrogantly because he depended upon Lin Tianjian.

"You are just displaying your meager skill before an expert," Lin Tianjian spoke proudly. "I hate this guy, and as long as you admit that you are inferior to my Sword Tower disciples and apologize to my Lin family, I will hand him over to you."

The guy mentioned by Lin Tianjian was obviously Wang Fei.

"Senior, senior brother Lin?" Wang Fei became flustered.

However, it was fortunate that Jiang Chen's character didn't disappoint him. "If I want to kill someone, you can't obstruct me," Jiang Chen said.

Upon hearing this, Lin Tianjian was infuriated thoroughly. "Wang Fei, I must congratulate you because you have managed to ensure your safety today." Lin Tianjian was so infuriated that he laughed, and he first spoke to Wang Fei, before he pointed his sword at Jiang Chen. "As for you? You will pay a grave price due to your ignorance."

"Ksana Sword Method!" Lin Tianjian used the same sword move, which was also the third move. Moreover, he didn't even use his Sword Domain or Sword Soul, but his sword still emanated a shocking aura. Lin Tianjian launched quickly 1,000 sword strikes, and they were all sharp and powerful. He didn't just launch every strike randomly. There was a special pattern between them even though he finished launching them quickly.

Jiang Chen held two swords in his hands, and used the Wind and Fire Swords Wheel. The Swords Wheel quickly expanded and blocked all sword strikes, but, in the end, it couldn't bear their impact for long and it exploded.

"Two Lore Sword Realms?" The swords wheel's power was greater than what Lin Tianjian and the other Sword Tower disciples had expected, and it was so powerful because Jiang Chen had activated a Sword Realm with both lores. This was why he managed to release a peerless swords wheel.

"Humph, it's a pity that it's limited to just this, and they are both mediocre and ordinary." Displeasure appeared in Lin Tianjian's eyes. He hated greatly that someone had achieved in the Sword Field something which he hadn't managed to achieve. However, it was fortunate that Jiang Chen's Sword Soul had just two special traits, and he wasn't a match for him.

Jiang Chen was still paying attention to Wang Fei. This guy was quite hateful, and he even smiled at him in provocation because he could depend upon Lin Tianjian's protection.

"It's hopeless for you today." Upon noticing Jiang Chen's gaze, Lin Tianjian spoke confidently.

Jiang Chen became quiet then. If he wanted to kill Wang Fei, he must first deal with Lin Tianjian. But Lin Tianjian's sword techniques were too amazing, and, if he fought him, he wouldn't have any chance to win. Jiang Chen suddenly got another idea, and he recalled the Wind Rule comprehended by his magical clone, Lu Ping.

"I will give it another try. Ksana Sword Method: The Fourth Move!" Jiang Chen used another sword move, and he still targeted Wang Fei as before.

"Stupid people are really fond of attempting the same trick, even though the outcome will be the same." Lin Tianjian shook his head. Lin Tianjian seemed quite relaxed, and it didn't matter to him whether his opponent used the third move or the fourth move.

When Jiang Chen disappeared among the light emanating from his sword, Lin Tianjian's black eyes locked onto his sword path.


When Lin Tianjian was about to attack with his sword, he discovered that something about Jiang Chen's sword move was different than usual. The difference wasn't in the fourth move itself, but in the power used to launch it.

The Wind Rule?

Lin Tianjian found this matter unbelievable. If Jiang Chen could touch upon the Wind Rule at such a young age, the Martial Soul condensed by him shouldn't have just two special traits.

Lin Tianjian hesitated for a moment, and that was why his movements became slower by a bit, while a single moment was enough for the Ksana Sword Method's move.

Wang Fei, who firmly believed that Lin Tianjian would protect him, lost his life due to such a sword move, and, even until his death, he still couldn't understand what had happened, and he assumed that Lin Tianjian didn't protect him deliberately.

The Sword Tower disciples blinked. They also hadn't come back to their senses. Why was their senior brother Lin just standing there without moving? It was only when they detected the sword wind that was spreading here that they understood what had happened. It was the Wind Rule!

There were many divine symbols among the sword wind that surpassed the Doctrine level, and they contained a powerful might. The flames burning on Wang Fei's body couldn't block such a power, and when he died, Jiang Chen extended his hand decisively and took the Fire God Ring, as well the Purple Eerie Divine Flame's main source. Just after this, Jiang Chen escaped quickly before Lin Tianjian attacked.

"Hateful!" As Lin Tianjian observed where Jiang Chen had left, he gritted his teeth.

"Senior brother Lin, you don't need to get angry over him, he's just a trifling ant."

"When we reach the banquet's location, he will pay a grave price for his actions."

"It's the Wind Rule, but he has just superficial knowledge about it, and he's surely not a match for senior brother Lin."


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