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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1193 Hou

Every cave had a guard, as the Wizard Clan had explained, and they were divided into gold, iron, and silver grades.

When Lu Ping indicated that he wasn't satisfied with an iron cave but wanted a gold one, it was obvious that he had great ambition.

An idiot daydreaming? Who do you think you are? Luo Jin criticized Lu Ping inwardly. He didn't dare to state such words aloud because he had already been defeated by him.

After this, Lu Ping and Shangguan Ru left.

Similar fights were occurring in all regions of the Divine Tree of Creatures, and many of them would end up with people losing their lives. These were more intense than mere friendly matches. For example, Jiang Chen had already gone through more than nine fights—it was only now that he realized that he had many enemies. The Fire God Ring on his right hand from time to time got extremely hot, and this meant that there were Flame Emperor's inheritors in the Divine Tree.

Jiang Chen ran into a woman that he had met in the Red Blood Field. It was Chi Yanchi. Strictly speaking, she had been looking for him because they both had Fire God rings and could detect each other's positions.

"Now can you deal with me?" Chi Yantian asked.

"Why do you need to do this?" Jiang Chen shook his head. Since he had gotten his Martial Soul, Chi Yantian wasn't any longer a match for him. However, Chi Yantian wasn't of the same opinion, and she assumed that Jiang Chen was showing weakness.

"A person like you doesn't deserve to be the Flame Emperor's inheritor," as Chi Yantian spoke, she attacked mercilessly. Her firebird Martial Soul spread its wings and started flying at a quick speed.

Upon witnessing this, Jiang Chen didn't hesitate any longer, and he used his whole power to face the firebird.

"Is he courting death?" Chi Yantian was confused by this. When other people faced her Martial Soul, they were always trying to avoid it. But as she looked at Jiang Chen, she witnessed him extending his right arm and clenching his fist.

When a mocking smile had just appeared on Chi Yantian's face, Jiang Chen thrust his fist. A shocking aura emanated from him, and, as he waved his arm, many ripples appeared in the air.


When Jiang Chen lowered his fist, its energy turned into a divine seal that attacked the firebird Martial Soul, and it instantly tore it apart. Chi Yantian sustained a heavy injury and ended up spouting a mouthful of blood. How is this possible? Chi Yantian couldn't believe that Jiang Chen was so strong that he was able to destroy her Martial Soul with a single punch.

If this was really the case, why had he shown such a poor performance previously? Was he making fun of her on purpose?

All of a sudden, Chi Yantian understood the reason behind this. Jiang Chen didn't care about the inheritance, and that was why he didn't want to fight anyone for it.

"You have won, please spare my life. I will surely give up on the Flame Emperor's inheritance." After she understood such a matter, Chi Yantian entreated him, while she took off the ring. 

Humph, you have won for now, but it's the one who survives last who is the strongest, Chi Yantian thought. She planned to look for another opportunity to dispose of Jiang Chen.

"I have said that I will kill anyone who defies me today, and you don't have any chances left." Before the battle, Jiang Chen was still hesitant. But now, he was firm and resolute.

Upon witnessing his ice-cold gaze, Chi Yantian felt like she was falling into an ice hole, and her limbs became numb. "I'm from a sanctity-grade continent, and, if you kill me, you will invite a disaster upon yourself." Since entreating was useless, Chi Yantian started threatening him. However, this only made Jiang Chen more determined to kill her. He was never afraid of threats. After Chi Yantian realized this, she turned around and fled decisively without uttering another word. When Jiang Chen was just about to pull out his sword and attack her, a golden flame appeared and struck Chi Yantian's body.

"The Solar Golden Flame?" Chi Yantian screamed miserably, while her body started burning like a piece of paper. Soon, nothing was left of her. After the Solar Golden Flame had killed its target successfully, its flames didn't weaken, but became more intense. Then a person appeared here, and the Solar Golden Flame fell into his hand. This person was the Abundance Land Academy's Wang Fei.

Jiang Chen discovered that there was a Fire God Ring on his hand. He was also an inheritor of the Flame Emperor, but he had hidden it well.

"Celestial Phoenix's genuine blood and a divine body made by a fire dragon's core—you are an unborn king of fire," Wang Fei stated some information about Jiang Chen. "I would have come to kill you even if the Li family didn't ask me to do it."

There wasn't anyone else here, and Wang Fei didn't hide himself any longer. An ice-cold killing intent flickered in his eyes.

"Did you get the Solar Golden Flame after reaching the Fire God Scripture's fourth layer?" Jiang Chen didn't care about this, and he questioned him about something else.

"That is right," Wang Fei admitted it.

The Solar Golden Flame was one of the Primal Chaos Four Great Primordial Spirits, and it was also a type of worldly energy. But, in the end, an almighty being would have surely managed to come up with a way to absorb it and use it for himself. It seemed like the Flame Emperor had succeeded in achieving it. Moreover, he had still recorded the method in the Fire God Scripture.

"This means that, as an inheritor, I have surpassed you by much," Wang Fei spoke once again. There was a great disparity between the third and fourth layers.

"Many people who have stood in front of me confidently didn't have a good end," Jiang Chen said.

"It's just because you haven't run into any truly powerful people." Wang Fei shook his head and sneered coldly. He said, "The same can also be said about you because you don't know how powerful I am. You can't imagine how great is the power of the Abundance Land Academy's divine-grade disciples." As Wang Fei's voice just echoed, he waved both hands in front of him, and the Solar Golden Flame appeared in one hand, while an Alien Flame appeared in the other. It was the Purple Eerie Divine Flame, which was ranked 19th on the Alien Flame List. When Wang Fei folded his hands together, an intense reaction occurred between the Solar Golden Flame and the Alien Flame, and he turned into a man on fire. The flames seemed like a divine armor draped over him, and his whole aura's intensity rose drastically. Someone who could get into such a state was surely a three-Qi cultivator.

"Die!" Wang Fei attacked, and as the raging flames emanated from him, a tearing sound echoed through the air. As he flew over, flames started burning everywhere he passed. Moreover, Wang Fei still attacked empty-handed, and didn't use any weapons.

A Heavenly King Fist? Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows. He was slightly surprised by this skill because this was one of the martial techniques created by the Goddess of Empyrean. This martial technique could combine the might of the Solar Golden Flame and the Alien Flame and release them at the same time.

Jiang Chen felt like he was facing a fire dragon. This was why he used his Fire and Lightning Divine Body's whole power, while the four Qi in his Constellation Palaces started revolving intensely, and it was only through this that he managed to block such a strike.

"A divine body doesn't amount to more than this." Wang Fei mocked him, while his fists' might became greater, and they seemed like two balls of inextinguishable flames. However, after their intensity reached a certain degree, a solemn expression appeared on Wang Fei's face, and he said, "Martial Soul, appear!"

Wang Fei thrust a deadly punch and used it along with his Martial Soul. His Martial Soul was a divine beast-like creature—a Hou. The beast's body resembled a rabbit, but it had sharp ears and horns on its head, while its eyes were able to shoot flames. It seemed extremely infuriated, and it attacked Jiang Chen along with the punch. Just the power shown by Wang Fei up until now was enough to let Jiang Chen admit that divine-grade disciples deserved their fame.

Jiang Chen couldn't block such a strike by depending upon his divine body alone. But this didn't mean that Jiang Chen would admit defeat.

"Let's see whose Martial Soul is stronger." After Jiang Chen spoke, raging flames emanated from his body, and a sea of flames appeared atop his head. A loud cry echoed then, as a divine bird spread its wings and faced the Hou.

Just such a casual attack was enough to send Wang Fei's Martial Soul flying, and it seemed frail and weak!

"What?" Wang Fei didn't expect this, and he looked in disbelief at Jiang Chen's Martial Soul.

"Isn't, isn't this the Immortal Divine Bird? How is this possible?"


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