The Brilliant Fighting Master
1190 The Violent Great Master
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1190 The Violent Great Master

Master Luo Cheng muttered irresolutely on purpose, while he examined these people's power. In the end, he discovered that this group of people were just at the level of the Human List.

It was no wonder that the Wizard Clan wanted to carry out a test.

"If you leave now, you can preserve your lives," Master Luo Cheng said.

Such a reply was exactly what Liu Feng wished for. He wanted the great master to intervene in this matter, but Luo Cheng's strong and aggressive attitude was still way beyond his expectations.

Liu Feng was taken aback slightly, but anger quickly appeared on his face, and he shouted sharply, "Great master, it seems like we must force you to concede. Attack him!"

They had planned this attack since the beginning, and a powerful aura erupted out of the Western Field School's members.

"Great master, I'm really sorry." Han Cong'er found this affair rather fishy, but she still assumed that it was she who had invited such trouble upon them. Han Cong'er raised the sword in her hand and transmitted her voice to Luo Cheng, "I will protect you. So you should look for a chance to leave this place."

If they had been only fighting one-on-one, she wouldn't take anyone here seriously. But while facing more than a dozen people, she wouldn't have any chance to get away. However, despite this, she still asked Luo Cheng to leave before her, and this was really surprising. "I will surely be captured by them, but if I can let you escape before, I will feel vindicated, and then you should notify Shangguan Ru of this matter. She will surely take revenge for me," Han Cong'er explained everything, as she faced Luo Cheng's confused gaze.

An appreciative look appeared on Luo Cheng's face, and this was a rarely seen sight. He hadn't noticed at all last time in the Sundry Goods Store that she had such a good character. "It would be better to let a man take care of this," Luo Cheng said.

Han Cong'er could clearly discern that the great master spoke confidently, and she was puzzled by this.

"Attack them!" Liu Feng wasn't in the mood to let these two people continue chatting, and he was the first one to attack them. He opened the little jar in his hand, and an ugly big insect, which shone with a strange light, flew out of it.

"Divine Loyalty Insect? Great master, be careful, he's targeting you." After Han Cong'er saw the insect, she understood these people's intentions—even though it was already too late. A Divine Loyalty Insect couldn't be made casually, and it was extremely precious. It wouldn't be rashly used on any enemy, and it would only be used against valuable people. It could be discerned from the insect's name how amazing it was, and it could force even a god to vow loyalty.

The insect was quicker than even a flying sword, and it reached Luo Cheng in the twinkling of an eye. But just when it approached his body, it was cut into two pieces by a sword.

"What?" Such an occurrence was beyond everyone's expectations, and Liu Feng and the others were dumbfounded by such an outcome.

"How did he manage to achieve it at such a close distance?"

The Divine Loyalty Insect's body was as tough as mysterious iron and was as swift as a shooting star. Its attack would rarely fail, and such a failure would only occur if they had run into an extremely powerful person. But the person in front of them was just a...great master. He might have been able to make Immortal Elixirs and Doctrine Artifacts, but he still couldn't cultivate because he spent most of his time in those fields. However, as they looked at the great master once again, they found out that the aura of the person in front of them was completely different than that of a great master. It could be said that the great master seemed previously like an ordinary ancient sword, which seemed weak and useless. But after such an ancient sword attacked, it revealed its great power that blinded everyone.

"Great master?" Han Cong'er was next to Luo Cheng, and she could clearly feel the great master's transformation.

"You have missed your sole chance for survival." Jiang Chen didn't say much, and a sword energy surged out of him, while his Boundless Sword Soul, which possessed a special trait, appeared.

Liu Feng and the others who planned to take advantage of Luo Cheng were dumbfounded, and they were all frightened. The Sword Soul represented the great disparity between them and the great master.

"Let's run away." They all gave up on their evil designs and escaped away quicker than rabbits. However, it was useless because the Boundless Sword Soul turned into a light beam that arced in the air and killed those dozen people.

After Jiang Chen had finished killing all these people he took back the Sword Soul and wore a carefree expression.

Han Cong'er, who had witnessed this ordeal, was shocked. She wouldn't have imagined even in her dreams that a great master could be so violent. He used an outstanding technique and killed so many enemies, whose realm level was higher than his. However, one couldn't blame her because no one could have imagined that the great master was so violent and aggressive.

When Han Cong'er was about to speak, she discovered that countless rays of light were flying out of the dead people's corpses, and they all turned into strange-shaped insects that flew away.

"Awful! After a Western Field School's member dies, a flying insect will be formed, and it will notify their other companions who are in the vicinity."

Han Cong'er wore a pensive look for a while, before she said excitedly, "I have recalled that a guy named Su Yinan is among the Western Field School's members who came here. He's among the Heaven List's top ten. So let's quickly leave." Even though Han Cong'er was surprised by the great master's power, she was still aware that he couldn't run amok, and it was especially the case here since the Divine Tree had countless experts within it.

"Okay!" Even though Jiang Chen wasn't afraid of Su Yinan, he still didn't want to stay here and wait for other people to come at him. That would be too passive!


In another place within the Divine Tree, a group of people was fighting. Their opponents' appearance was quite unique, and they weren't members of other clans but of a type of strange living organisms. These creatures' heights wouldn't reach even an adult man's knees, and it seemed like they had a distorted humanoid form, while their whole bodies were shining with a green light that covered them completely. One could see many pairs of black eyes in those creatures.

"It's the Divine Tree Men. There was once an almighty being who managed to leave the Divine Tree alive, and he stated that there are living organisms inside the Divine Tree."

"The Wizard Clan didn't dispose of them, and they left them outside on purpose, didn't they?"

"Who cares how many of them are here? Those Divine Tree Men are all formed by extremely pure energy, and after shattering them, we can absorb that energy."

These Divine Tree Men appeared in all corners of the tree, and they attacked all the talented youths who were present on all the roads. The Wizard Clan didn't provide any explanation for this matter. When this group of people finished purging the Divine Tree Men with great difficulty, the flying insects of Liu Feng and the others landed on the hands of one of those people.

"What? Who is so daring? He killed 11 members of our Western Field School?"

When the other people sighted those flying insects, they all flew into a rage because every insect represented the life of a Western Field School disciple. This group's leader caught the flying insects and closed his eyes.

"Senior brother Su?" The others waited for the leader's instructions.

This person was Su Yinan, who was among the Heaven List's top ten, and even though he was a young man, he seemed at first glance like a young girl. He had fair white skin and regular facial features, and, if he hadn't had a large Adam's apple, no one would suspect that he was not a woman.

"The great master? A Sword Soul? It's interesting." Su Yinan muttered softly. This was one of the flying insects' functions. They were able to let one witness what their companions had gone through before their deaths.

"Let's leave!" Su Yinan passed down an order, and he expressed his standpoint clearly. He would take revenge for their fellow disciples. The other people shouted loudly, and they all seemed excited.

In another place, the magical clone, Lu Ping, was walking along with Shangguang Ru, and it just happened that they ended up by coincidence with Nangong Xing and other people. Moreover, since they were members of the same camp, they let go temporarily of the conflict that had occurred outside the Divine Tree, and they dealt with the Divine Tree Men together.

"Why, it seems like the Wizard Clan didn't invite us here for something as simple as deciding who is the strongest among all the myriad clans."

Shangguan Ru swept the Divine Tree Men with her sword and stated the doubts that most people had.

"It's likely," Lu Ping said.

"Regardless of what other people say, you will say that it's likely. You don't have your own opinion, and you really seem ridiculous." Nangong Xing took advantage of such a chance and ridiculed Lu Ping.

"Are you trying to pick a quarrel?" Lu Ping asked.

"What if that's the case?" Nangong Xing replied firmly without showing any weakness.

At this moment, this group had already finished purging the Divine Tree Men, and those two people who were at daggers dawn had an opportunity to fight.


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