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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1189 Insec

The Divine Tree stretched to the horizon. It didn't just have a great height, it also had a shocking expanse. One didn't need to count how many men were needed to encircle the tree, because the world inside the tree wasn't any smaller than the world in any large city. Even the smallest spaces inside its branches were still large enough to accommodate flying carriages.

When the crowd entered the tree, they were in a large group, but as they continued venturing deeper into the tree, they ended up getting separated.

Jiang Chen and his two magical clones were together, and Shangguan Ru and her companions were still traveling with him. After they proceeded carefully, the passage formed by the branches started changing, and soon they were all separated and sent to different places. When the disturbance of separation came to an end, they discovered that they weren't just separated from the others that they knew, but several strangers had even appeared in their vicinity.

"The people who came with you must rest for a while so that the test will be fair and just," Ji Yuan's voice reverberated near every person's ears.

The talented youths immediately discovered that they had lost contact with their protectors, which made the place quickly descend into panic. Everyone became restless and uneasy. But at least their places didn't change again.

"What is the Wizard Clan planning?" Someone asked in a low voice.

Since the Wizard Clan members had the Divine Tree, they were now in their home ground and possessed great advantages. They had now gathered all the myriad clans' geniuses here, and, if they decided to aim their weapons at them and slaughter them all, the consequences would be dreadful.

"The Wizard Clan isn't that daring. Moreover, it isn't impossible for the sanctity-grade continents' apex factions to deal with the Divine Tree. They just aren't willing to sustain grave losses."

"If the Wizard Clan dares to take such actions, the myriad clans' anger would engulf them." After a short while, the talented youths managed to calm down after they gave this matter enough consideration.

"There are many caves inside the Divine Tree, and, if you can get into a cave, you will reach the banquet region. Every cave of the tree has guards that are divided into three grades, black gold, mysterious iron, and snow-white silver. Every person will get a different seat and fruit according to the cave he goes through." The voice of a Wizard Clan member echoed all around again, but this time, it wasn't Ji Yuan.

Jiang Chen and a small group of people could discern that it was the Wizard Clan woman, Hou Qin. After they understood the rules, all the geniuses started surveying the surroundings and looking for the caves.

Meanwhile, the magical clone, Master Luo Cheng, and Han Cong'er were together in a region inside the tree. As Han Cong'er thought about what she had said to Shangguang Ru, an odd look appeared on her pretty face. Han Cong'er probably wasn't as pretty as Shangguang Ru, but she had an alluring body and a charming character.

"Be careful!" Master Luo Cheng warned her in a low voice.

Han Cong'er realized then that they weren't alone here, and there were still other strangers here.

"It's the Divine Honor Academy's members." Han Cong'er quickly understood why the master had warned her.

The three great academies had always had a hostile relationship, and the heaven-grade and sanctity-grade continents governed by them would often fight each other. Since they would all gather here on this day, some people were worried whether a conflict would break out between them, and this was why different camp's people assembled in different places within the Divine Tree.

They all had the same objectives, and the three camps' Junior Heavenly Kings all had an agreement with each other. But now, they had been arranged like this, and it was unknown whether the Wizard Clan had done it on purpose or inadvertently. If both sides ran into each other in such a sealed region, a conflict might be unavoidable.

In the Abundance Land Academy's camp, there were only two people, Han Cong'er and Master Luo Cheng. As for the Divine Honor Academy, it had more than ten people, and they were all acquainted with each other. Those people's Holy Awarenesses were sweeping Master Luo Cheng. It seemed as if they didn't plan to leave, and they were planning on targeting Master Luo Cheng.

"Great master, how many can you block?" Han Cong'er's expression became ice-cold. Even though she was a beautiful female cultivator, she had a firm and resolute side, and she was aware that a bitter battle would be unavoidable.

In the group from the Divine Honor Academy, these dozen people were discussing the master with each other. "It's the great master called Luo Cheng, and it was he who opened the Sundry Goods Store and sold Immortal Elixirs and Doctrine Artifacts ceaselessly."

"Why is a great master like him here?"

"Didn't they say that they already restricted the followers? Could it be that even geniuses who don't have a talent in cultivation can get an invitation letter?"

"Let's stop this meaningless discussion, a great opportunity has presented itself to us." A thin man put a stop to such a discussion.

"Senior brother Liu Feng, what do you mean by this?"

"The great master doesn't have any protection in the Divine Tree, and, if we can take him down and feed him the Divine Loyalty Insect that was bred by me, wouldn't we get as many Immortal Elixirs and Doctrine Artifacts as we wanted in the future?" Liu Feng made an alluring and provocative speech, and everyone was tempted by him, but they still had their own qualms.

"If such a matter spread around, all the great masters would hold a grudge against us," someone who was still hesitant spoke.

"We can use the woman next to him as a reason to target him. If he meddles in other people's business, we will have a valid reason for taking him down. Why don't you imagine the Doctrine Artifacts, as well as the innumerable Immortal Elixirs, that we will get in the future," Liu Feng said. Upon hearing his last words, the hesitation apparent on people's faces disappeared, and it was replaced by zealotry.

"Let's listen to senior brother Liu."

Upon hearing this, Liu Feng revealed a satisfied smile and said inwardly, What a group of idiots!

Liu Feng didn't want to share resources with more than ten people, and he had already started considering inwardly which people he should spare among them.

Master Luo Cheng wasn't waiting for other people to take action, and he was about to leave with Han Cong'er.

"Stop!" However, they were stopped before they could leave.

"Young Miss Han, what a coincidence!" Just as Liu Feng had said, they would pretend that they were only targeting Han Cong'er alone.

These people weren't aware of the number of Master Scrolls possessed by Master Luo Cheng, and they also weren't aware of the protection of the Yaoguang Holy Land's vice-master. However, neither of these things would be useful within the Divine Tree.

"Who are you?" Han Cong'er asked coldly.

"I'm just a nobody, who isn't worth mentioning, but many of my senior brothers were killed by the Shangguang family members, while you have a good relationship with the Shangguang family's young miss," Liu Feng spoke, while he revealed a mocking smile.

"Is this why you want to kill me?" Han Cong'er wasn't surprised by his words, and she drew her sword.

"Great master, I will join you after a short while." Han Cong'er didn't forget to transmit her voice to Master Luo Cheng. Since these people were targeting her, then they surely wouldn't dare to rashly target someone with a respectable status like Master Luo Cheng.

"You won't manage to escape," Master Luo Cheng replied.

Han Cong'er frowned as she discovered then that they were encircled. These people all held small jars in their hands. "Are you members of the Western Field School?" Upon witnessing those black small jars, Han Cong'er's face turned pale with fright.

"That is right. Young Miss Han, I have here a fire awaiting you," Liu Feng sneered coldly, while an evil glint flickered in his eyes.

A fire? Han Cong'er's expression turned more unsightly. That was an evil object that could get a woman to lose her mind. As Han Cong'er observed these men, they all wore the same suit. She couldn't help but consider putting an end to her own life.

"This is Master Luo Cheng, do you dare to act so recklessly?" Han Cong'er was forced to announce the great master's name.

However, this was what Liu Feng had wanted, and he looked over at Master Luo Cheng with his small eyes

"Great master, these are our personal grudges. So please don't meddle in this matter," Liu Feng said.

Another person spoke then because he was afraid that Master Luo Cheng would really refrain from intervening in this matter, and he said with a smile, "Great Master, you can probably stay here and witness how marvelous are our witchcraft techniques."

There wasn't any man alive who could bear such a provocation, and Han Cong'er couldn't help but look nervously at the great master.


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