The Brilliant Fighting Master
1187 The Attack of the Master
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1187 The Attack of the Master

"I don't want to talk nonsense." Jiang Chen did not bother to argue. The mere sight of that cheeky Li Changqing made him furious. This weak guy had been obstructing his path everywhere, relying on his powerful family to influence events and people. He had even had the nerve to lay his eyes on Ye Xue. If it had not been for the restrictions of Sky Reaching City, Jiang Chen would have already taken care of the little worm.

"You are on fire after leaving the academy, aren't you? You killed four Martial Emperors in a row? Really?" Someone had told Li Changqing about this through holy awareness too, but he did not care a fig.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. He was on the verge of breaking out. His body temperature was soaring.

Wang Fei looked emotionless. He did not say anything.

"Hold up." The man who had been giving Li Changqing advice appeared in time. He sounded very calm.

"He is a Half Saint!" The crowd could not stop exclaiming. A Half Saint was only one step away from a Martial Arts Saint. He was stronger than any Martial Emperor. 

"His family is really powerful. He wasn't even invited, but he has a Half Saint traveling with him."

"If Martial Arts Saints could also travel easily, I'm afraid his bodyguard would be a Martial Arts Saint."

"What will Jiang Chen do next?"

Would Jiang Chen be able to be so tough before a Half Saint?

This Half Saint was more than 50 years old. He was grey-haired, but he looked young and energetic.

"Jiang Chen, keep on yelling," Li Changqing said with a cold smile.

Jiang Chen did not say anything. He put his hand on the sword handle of the Heavenly Fault Sword.

Li Changqing was a little nervous to see that.

"Young master, no worries," the Half Saint said with a smile.

As Li Changqing felt relieved, he all of a sudden saw the Half Saint's face look shocked and scared. The Half Saint had just realized that the situation was unfavorable for him, and he did not know what to do. 

At that moment, a blade appeared suddenly in front of him, moving extremely fast. It pierced into Li Changqing's chest. Jiang Chen had showed up out of nowhere. No one even knew where he had been standing.

"The Escaping Method of the Nether?!" The Half Saint did not expect that. Then he saw Li Changqing's chest covered with blood, and his face turned hideous.

When he was about to fight back, Jiang Chen had disappeared through A Short Distance Away and Yet Poles Apart. The Heavenly Fault Sword had been drawn out of Li Changqing's chest, taking his life away. He looked very reluctant to accept such a result. He had never thought he would die in such a way. As important as he was, he should have had a good, long life.

" useless thing." Li Changqing threw the Half Saint a resentful look.

The Half Saint had just told him not to worry, but then he had been killed in only one second.

Aaah! The Half Saint snarled to the sky in anger. The young master had died in his presence. He would face a severe punishment. He might never be able to be a Martial Arts Saint in this life!

"I'll kill you!" Losing his cool, he jumped on Jiang Chen like a starving wolf.

"Hold up." Another voice could be heard, saying the same words as before. A figure showed up in front of Jiang Chen.


Many people were struck dumb, because that person did not have the strength to resist a Half Saint at all. He was even weaker than Jiang Chen.

Another maniac? Some people involuntarily thought.


Xie Ting, Shangguan Ru, and others were confused.

The Half Saint knew nothing about the boss of the Sundry Goods Store. He was not going to stop. "Go to hell, all of you!" His attack became more powerful.

"Ah!" Xie Ting was shocked. She was really afraid the master would lose his life this way.

Fortunately, three silvery tones came from Master Luo Cheng's body. Then three radiances of different colors were emitted by his body.

"Master Rolls? They are Master Rolls from the three academies?"

A bell, a drum, and a sword appeared respectively in the three-colored radiances. They hit against the Half Saint and sent him flying. His bones were all broken.

"Sky Conquering Bell, Holy Thunder Drum, and Immortal Killing Sword?!"

"At least thousands of Master Rolls will be needed in exchange for protection of this level!"

While people were discussing everything that was going on, the three holy weapons and radiances transformed to three pieces of paper. They entered Master Luo Cheng's body. Instead of vanishing, they stayed in stand-by mode. The current Master Luo Cheng had the ability to do anything in the world.

"I told you to hold up." Gazing at the Half Saint, who had been severely injured, Master Luo Cheng said with a bitter smile.

Gritting his teeth, the Half Saint did not speak.

A dark passage appeared out of nowhere beside him. Strong energy came out of there.

"Son!" A young-looking middle-aged woman flew out and caught Li Changqing's dead body.

"Who had the nerve to kill the Li disciple?!" Another middle-aged man flew into the air. He was a Martial Arts Saint, but he was in a transformation body.

"He is the second in command in the Lis, Li Tianwei! He is Li Changqing's uncle!"

"Now it's getting complicated!"

Li Tianwei got some witness's reports through holy awareness right away. He threw Master Luo Cheng and Jiang Chen an aggressive look. When he saw the three-colored radiances on Master Luo Cheng's body, his eyes got wide.

"Master, please give the murderer to us," he said, flying down so that he could look straight at Master Luo Cheng.

"What if I don't give him to you? What will happen?" Master Luo Cheng asked with a small smile.

"You are a master, talented and beyond comparison. Jiang Chen doesn't deserve your protection. He'll bring you troubles," Li Tianwei said.

"Troubles are the last thing that I'm afraid of. I'll absolutely meddle in this. As long as I'm here, none of you can do anything to Jiang Chen," Master Luo Cheng said in a tough manner. How would he allow them to kill his true body? It was ridiculous.

Li Tianwei lowered his head. No one could see his facial expression. Then he lifted his head. He said, "Master, I'm sorry!"

As soon as he had finished speaking, a mysterious energy froze Master Luo Cheng, restricting the three-colored radiances for a moment. Meanwhile, Li Changqing's mother launched the cruelest attack she could launch against Jiang Chen.

The Master Rolls could only protect Luo Cheng from being hurt. To protect another person, it would be extremely difficult.

"Huh." Master Luo Cheng remained still. However, his look became sharp.

Then people heard the sound of a bowstring.The middle-aged woman who was attacking Jiang Chen stopped when she had heard the sound. An arrow pierced into her right shoulder silently and sent her flying.

"The Ghost God Arrow from the Yaoguang Holy Land! That's one of the vice headmasters of the Yaoguang Holy Land!"

People soon saw a man standing in the air, armed to the teeth. He was holding a giant bow, half the size of an adult human. He looked emotionless. Overlooking the world, he looked like a god.

"This master is amazing! A vice headmaster of the Yaoguang Holy Land is protecting him?"

Those who had been envious of Li Changqing realized that compared to the master, he was nothing.

At the same time, Master Luo Cheng's three-colored radiances had struggled out of Li Tianwei's shackles.

"No one can touch the man I want to protect." Master Luo Cheng glanced over at the aggressive Lis. He added, "You'll act at your own risk."

Li Tianwei hesitated. The other members of the Lis helped the middle-aged woman get to her feet.

"Find a chance to kill Jiang Chen. Whatever you want, the Lis will give it to you. When you kill him, tell him this is the wrath of the Lis," Li Tianwei spoke to Wang Fei. Then he left.

The middle-aged woman looked extremely resentful, but all she could do was to take Li Changqing's dead body back with her.

Feng Shaoyu and Yao Yue were also leaving. They were about to sneak away.

"Freeze." However, Jiang Chen found them right away.


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