The Brilliant Fighting Master
1186 Solar Golden Flame
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1186 Solar Golden Flame

Lin Tian sneered. Then he got hold of himself. He knew that if he allowed himself to get pissed off by Jiang Chen, he would end up being defeated by him just the same as the other losers.

"We have never fought. So don't feel too good about yourself," he said. Then he stopped paying attention to Jiang Chen. He turned around to enter the magic tree.

"Your friend was taken by someone from the Academy of the Land of Abundance," the Saint of All Beginnings told him. Then she also entered the magic tree.

There were many empty spaces between the tree branches inside the magic tree. They were like passages in a town center. Some of them were even as spacious as a town square. Jiang Chen turned pale. Others might not understand what that meant, but he did. He wondered where they had gone. Then he hurried to chase them at high speed.

"Follow him." Many nosy people followed him, since they knew something interesting would happen.

"Master, should we follow him too?" Xie Ting asked.

Before Master Luo Cheng could answer, Shangguan Ru said, "Let's go. The banquet hasn't started yet." So they also followed the crowd.

Nangong Xing, Lin Tianjian, and other disciples from the Sword Tower were also hesitating about whether to follow.

"Boring." Jiang Chen had not been killed. This fact turned Lin Tianjian's threat against Lu Ping into a joke. As a result of that, he did not follow the crowd, but entered the magic tree.


In a forest not far away from the magic tree, there was a group of disciples from the Academy of the Land of Abundance. Among them was Lin Yu, the person Jiang Chen was looking for. He was tied to a wooden cross. Straw was piled all over him.

"Do you regret what you have done?" A youngster came up to the cross with a cold smile. He sounded pretty sarcastic.

"Apprentice Elder Brother Jiang Chen will come back!" Lin Yu did not yield to his fate. He was still struggling. Thunder was surging from his body.

Pah! Almost at the same time, a whip gave off a scary sound as it fell on Lin Yu. The thunder vanished right away. Gritting his teeth, Lin Yu did not say anything.

"Not just anyone can run amok like Jiang Chen." Yao Yue was walking around on her long, slim legs. A smile pulled up the corners of her red lips. She had failed to get her revenge on Jiang Chen, so she could only vent her anger on Lin Yu.

"I'm afraid Jiang Chen is probably dead." Standing next to her, Feng Shaoyu was gloating now. He had taken his failure at the Sword God Palace very hard. "What a pity. We don't know where Ye Xue is."

A youngster, surrounded by the disciples of the Academy of the Land of Abundance, shook his head with disappointment. He was Li Changqing, who had secretly put countless obstacles in the way of Jiang Chen's improvement during the latter's days in the academy. This man's strength was not great enough to have received an invitation from the academy, but his family was a giant force, so they had influenced his admission.

"Apprentice Elder Brother Li! Apprentice Elder Brother Li! Many people are flying here! From the magic tree." At this moment, the disciple responsible for guard duty, landed in the forest. After all, it would not be good if others saw them humiliate Lin Yu. That was why they had taken him to the forest.

"What's going on?" Li Changqing flew up to check. He could see a large crowd approaching.

"The Academy of the Land of Abundance is on duty here. Unrelated people are not allowed to enter!" He yelled sternly and confidently. He did not care who those people were—whether they were Junior Heavenly Kings or anyone ranked on some list. The reason was simple, because they had an amazing person here.

However, the crowd did not stop, because the leader was still accelerating. He was flying so fast that Li Changqing could not even see his face. When they were finally close enough for him to see the man's face, he was scared out of his wits.

Flying as fast as he could to a remote part of the forest, he screamed, "Apprentice Elder Brother Wang Fei, Jiang Chen is here!"

Before the Wang Fei he had mentioned could say a word, Feng Shaoyu and Yao Yue were frightened out of their wits. Yao Yue even lost a grip on her whip. "He wasn't killed by the Martial Emperor?" Feng Shaoyu's facial expression had an odd look—disbelief mixed with terror.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha." Lin Yu, who by this point looked like a scarecrow, burst out laughing excitedly. He had always believed Jiang Chen would come, and he had been sure he would not be disappointed.

"Don't panic. We have Apprentice Elder Brother Wang Fei here." Yao Yue gritted her teeth. She picked up her whip and struck Lin Yu hard. "I'll fight to the death with Jiang Chen today!"

One slash of her whip was not enough. She aimed toward Lin Yu's head. When the whip was about to fall on his head, a fierce flame fell on the end of the whip. The part supposed to fall on Lin Yu's head was burned up quickly. In the end, Yao Yue's whip fell on the ground. She lifted her head immediately.

Jiang Chen had arrived! He was standing in the air above her! He was completely irritated when he had seen what they had done to Lin Yu.

The disciples of the academy in the forest felt guilty, but mainly they felt scared of Jiang Chen. They were guessing what he was going to do. They were sure Li Changqing, Yao Yue, and Feng Shaoyu were doomed. However, it turned out that Jiang Chen was more insane than they had thought possible. He waved his hands. The Sky-burning Evil Flame formed a sea of fire that surged toward them.

The disciples of the academy were scared witless. They had thought that the worst that Jiang Chen would do to them would be to knock them out. However, he was going to kill all of them!

Feng Shaoyu reacted the fastest. He pulled Yao Yue to the wooden cross. Feng Shaoyu knew Jiang Chen would not hurt Lin Yu.

"How dare you!" A roar came from the forest as the evil flame was about to fall over them. A powerful flame was shot into the Sky-burning Evil Flame. After some tumbling, all of the evil flames converged into one point and vanished in the end. When people thought peace had been restored, a fireball flew toward Jiang Chen.

"Solar Golden Flame!"

Jiang Chen was shocked. This was one of the Four Great Primordial Spirits in Chaos that had constructed the world. It was not an Alien Flame, but it was stronger than any Alien Flame. And it could be combined with Alien Flames. If it could be combined with the original lunar force, its owner would get the genuine fire of the sun, ranked first among all Alien Flames. It certainly could not be achieved by an average person.

Facing the Solar Golden Flame, Jiang Chen did not have the nerve to confront it with brutal force. He exerted The Escaping Method of the Nether. One great thing about The Escaping Method of the Nether was that it was limited by one's martial arts technique level.

After missing its target, the Solar Golden Flame kept flying and burning until it vanished from sight. Then a giant figure flew into the air. His energy was mighty. He was like an enormous mountain that everyone had to look up to in order to see. It was Wang Fei, one of the Junior Heavenly Kings!

The crowd who had followed Jiang Chen here recognized him. They were all dumbfounded. This man had become one of the few divine-level disciples in the test held by the Academy of the Land of Abundance a few days ago. It was exactly thanks to the Solar Golden Flame that he had succeeded.

"How dare you kill our disciples?!" Wang Fei was irritated by what Jiang Chen had done.

"And I will kill you too!" Jiang Chen said in a cold tone.

"Arrogant!" Wang Fei flew into a rage. He was about to launch an attack when a voice to him came through holy awareness. This was how he learned that Jiang Chen had killed four Martial Emperors in a row, and his confidence was shaken. He knew Jiang Chen must have some trump card that he would not be able to resist.

"What do you want?" Wang Fei changed his tone.

The disciples of the academy had no idea what had happened. His reaction panicked them.

"Make way or die," Jiang Chen said.

Wang Fei frowned. He was not used to others' arrogant attitudes. But at the thought of what Jiang Chen could do, he did not speak.

However, Li Changqing flew up into the air aggressively. He said, "Jiang Chen, we're teaching our traitor a lesson. Mind your own business!"


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