The Brilliant Fighting Master
1185 Despising All Geniuses and Heroes
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1185 Despising All Geniuses and Heroes

All of the geniuses were shocked. He was fearless as he was about to confront four Martial Emperors alone. His speech was so inspiring and motivating that everyone there was touched and shocked.

Those who knew Jiang Chen found he was not a maniac like rumors had it. He was just aloof and proud from the bottom of his heart. Everything in the world seemed as small as an ant to him, including Martial Emperors.

"I'm curious now. How will he confront them?" Lin Tian said unhappily.

Jiang Chen did not disappoint. When the four Martial Emperors approached, he threw a Star Formation. Instantly, the sun and the moon lost their shine, and stars moved. The four Martial Emperors found Jiang Chen transforming before them. They were in a brilliant river formed by stars.

"Isn't he a little naive? If he thinks he can frustrate the Martial Emperors with this formation, he's wrong," Grand Elder Yunan said coldly. He felt relieved. If that was all Jiang Chen had, he would not need to worry.

"Be the footpath on my way to the peak." Jiang Chen's voice was echoing in the Star Formation. Meanwhile, two stars shone brightly. A vast energy tumbled over. That was not all. Soon a golden light illuminated the river of stars.

Four groups of beings showed up before the Martial Emperors. The expressions on the faces of the four Martial Emperors were hilarious when they had seen the black dragon.

It was a real dragon!

When it was flying, its body seemed made of iron and looked full of strength.

"Great Vacuum Mudra!"

Jiang Chen activated Mahavairocana Tantra to gather the force of god and the force of dragon. Then he exerted a great theurgy. It was not any martial arts technique or Doctrine Method. Neither was it any Original Method or witchcraft. It was a paramount Buddhist theurgy.

The four groups of beings transformed to the extraordinary power of the great mudra. Accompanied by the Sky-burning Evil Flame, they launched an attack against the four Martial Emperors. They were also aided by the strength of a Star Venerable. In this way, the four men, who had been super-calm, lost their coolness.

"His level...his level is really high!"

"He is a lucky man. I shouldn't have antagonized him."

"Darn it!"

Grand Elder Yunan felt bitter. He was unable to fight back at all facing such a strong attack. The only thing he could do was to resist it with the forces of the Martial Emperors, because he knew Jiang Chen would only have one chance to launch such a great attack in a short time. As long as he could get through this attack successfully, he could win!

However, when the attack fell on the four Martial Emperors, they suffered a catastrophe. Their defenses were so fragile in front of the Star Formation. The Martial Emperors' physical bodies could not resist the Sky-burning Evil Flame either. After this attack, Jiang Chen's four rivals, including Grand Elder Yunan, the grand elder from the Tianyi Holy Land, the Holy Wings and the Ghost, were all melted.

Jiang Chen had learned a lesson from absorbing Ji Yuan's transformation body. Before absorbing these four Martial Emperors, he melted them once again. Not until then did he swallow their four energies. He felt as if there were four big mountains bumping through his body. Martial Emperors' energies were way beyond Star Venerables'.

Thunderbolts and clouds of Ko appeared in the Star Formation. This was a sign. He was going to break through to the seventh constellation palace. However, Jiang Chen stopped it from happening. If he advanced too fast, his foundation might be unsteady. He would rather go slowly and steadily.

"The eight groups of spiritual beings with Martial Emperors are really dreadful," Azure Demon exclaimed.

Four Martial Emperors had disappeared in an instant. No one could have imagined that.

"No. Among the eight groups of beings, deva and naga are the most powerful. If other groups of beings are strong, you'll also be stronger."

Jiang Chen said, "It's like you two are already Martial Emperors. We have Mahavairocana Tantra. I'm not surprised that you made it." Otherwise, how could Jiang Chen have been so bold?

Siss! Azure Demon was very happy to hear that. At this moment, they heard the scripture book being torn apart. One, and then another, crack showed up on the book pages. The group of beings had a dangerous feeling.

"Darn it." Jiang Chen could not help but swear.

The medium of the eight groups of spiritual beings, namely this book, was a part of an ancient book that he had found in some underground mausoleum. He had torn it from the ancient book. Now that the eight groups of spiritual beings had gotten such a strong Buddha's power and so many strong groups of beings, these pages could not bear the mighty energy anymore.

It was like a spiritual sword carved with the pattern of a Doctrine Artifact. Although it could exert a strong power, the spiritual sword could be used only ten times at most.

"I need to find a new medium. Before that, be careful with the scripture book."

He could not use the bronze cauldron for the moment either, since the Black Yellow Gas had been consumed in the fight with Ji Yuan's transformation body. However, Jiang Chen was not worried about that, because other people had no way to know that. He glanced at Yaksha. This cruel killer looked like a pious pilgrim at the moment, but he was still strong enough to drive evil souls away. His physical body had died. His soul had been purified so that he was not restricted by the blood oath anymore. That was how Jiang Chen had learned The Escaping Method of the Nether from him.

In such a short time, he only had learned superficial knowledge about it, but he had still managed to escape from the Martial Emperors' attacks. It proved how great this method was.

Watching Yaksha and Asura, Jiang Chen could not help but touch his chest. "Doctrine Heart, Buddhist heart."

He used to have a Doctrine Heart, but later on, he was reborn in fire and got enlightened. He comprehended the three most important Buddhist dogmata, past, present, and future. In this way, he got the Buddhist mind and the Taoist temperament. That was where the strength of Buddha was reflected. For Tao, or doctrine, its mystery was all what it was about.

Jiang Chen withdrew the Star Formation. Then he showed up before the crowd of expectant people with a serious face.

"Where are the Martial Emperors?" Most of them had not realized what had happened.

"Aaah!" However, among the Ancient Races, some strong Holy Wings and Ghosts screamed out of fear. They turned around to run away.

The people from the two Holy Lands also turned pale. They flew away immediately without speaking.

Seeing their reactions, the others arrived at the same assumptions.

Jiang Chen did not say anything to confirm their assumptions. And they did not see him do anything. However, the Red Cloud Sword left its sheath by itself. Whooshing across the sky, it killed all of those who had fled.

As he had promised earlier, he killed everyone who had gone against him this day. When the Red Cloud Sword had returned to its sheath, Jiang Chen kept advancing.

"Get lost!" He yelled without showing any courtesy when he saw Nangong Xing and others in front of him. Nangong Xing was scared out of his wits. He jumped aside right away.

"But I don't have any grudges with him." Nangong Xing was sure this was the first time he had met Jiang Chen. He felt wronged to be treated this way.

"Have you seen a person called Lin Yu?" Jiang Chen asked loudly, standing in front of the magic tree.

People looked at each other. They could not quite follow Jiang Chen's train of thinking. So, this Jiang Chen killed four Martial Emperors in a row, but it was not important for him at all. He was still thinking about his companion.

"You are cold and cruel." Someone mocked him. Not many people still had the nerve to drop such a comment. Lin Tian was one of them. "You know you won't leave alive today, so you would rather kill as many people as you can before you die?" he asked.

"Only six months have passed, but you are definitely not a match for me anymore," Jiang Chen said.

Obviously, Lin Tian could not swallow this before so many people.

"Are you telling me you killed the four Martial Emperors yourself? You deployed a tactical formation and asked someone lurking in the dark for help. You think we are foolish or what?" Lin Tian did not believe Jiang Chen could be so strong. Of course, if Jiang Chen was strong enough to kill four Martial Emperors in a row, he would no doubt be the star of this day's banquet.

However, Jiang Chen did achieve this himself. The only thing was he could not do the same in a fair duel. To gain fame, he would just use the fighting power he had gotten through practice.

To gain interests, he would not be restricted by anything. Any means was allowed in a life-or-death fight.

Jiang Chen showed a cold smile. He actually meant in any of the three situations, he would be able to stomp Lin Tian underfoot, providing that he merged with one of his practicing bodies. It was not necessary to merge with both of his practicing bodies because Lin Tian did not deserve that at all.


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