The Brilliant Fighting Master
1184 One Stubborn and Proud Man
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1184 One Stubborn and Proud Man

It did not take long for Jiang Chen's fighting power to recover after he dealt with Xing Yue and Xiao Chengming. Then he made it to the magic tree. He knew everything that had been going on outside the magic tree through his two practicing bodies.

Those forces whom he had offended on spirit-level continents all intended to take advantage of this day to take revenge against him. The All Saints Religious Sect, once bombed by his Sky-burning Evil Flame, was the most eager to hurt him among all of his enemies.

The Tianyi Holy Land, with whom he had had conflicts on the heaven-level continent, was also here. They had suffered great casualties after an attack of his Star Formation.

The Holy Wings and the Ghost were enemies who had gone against him when he was still in the Three Middle Realms.

These forces, gathering together, swore they would not stop until they had killed Jiang Chen. They were resolute because they knew it must be Jiang Chen's true body who would attend the banquet of the Wizard Race.

"Isn't the Wizard Race going to maintain order?" Someone peeped into the magic tree when Jiang Chen's figure had appeared on the horizon.

"Not until you enter the magic tree will you be regarded as a guest of the banquet. Otherwise, the Wizard Race won't meddle with anything that occurs outside the magic tree."

Many people knew the inside story. They also understood why Jiang Chen's enemies had chosen to stay outside.

"Jiang Chen!"

In the group of the All Saints Religious Sect, an energy of a Martial Emperor suddenly broke out. It was Grand Elder Yunan, who used to be a general. He had tried every way he could to kill Jiang Chen on the heaven-level continent, but so far he had failed. This day, he would make up his past failures.

Martial Emperors from the Tianyi Holy Land and the two Ancient Races also emitted terrifying energies. They were sure that as long as Jiang Chen appeared, he would have no way to escape. "Will he come?"

However, some Star Venerables were quite surprised to see Jiang Chen completely ignore these people. It made no sense to them why he behaved so calmly.

"A divine body that broke the curse. He is brave indeed." Many people admired his courage.

"Being foolish and being brave are not the same thing." Another voice spoke out. It caught many people's attention—not for what he said, but for who said it.

"It's Lin Tian, number one on the Heaven List!"

"No. He is no longer the number one on the Heaven List. He is a Junior Heavenly King now!"

"Yes. He got his Martial Soul, and his fighting power advanced a lot."

The man who had spoken was indeed Lin Tian, who had taken a fancy to Tianyin. He and Jiang Chen had agreed to fight in one year. Later on, Jiang Chen had killed some Wizard warriors, due to which many people thought that the fight would never happen. Fortunately, not many people had been looking forward to it from the beginning.

Lin Tian went up to the Saint of All Beginnings after arriving. The place next to her had never been occupied, because no one had had the nerve to stand there. It was too much pressure to stand beside the Saint of All Beginnings. Except for Lin Tian—the place next to the Saint of All Beginnings seemed to have been especially reserved for him.


By then Jiang Chen had approached the magic tree. He was looking around, ignoring General Yunan and the others. No one knew who he was looking for. Many of his old acquaintances felt uncomfortable. But it was not them that Jiang Chen was looking for. He was looking for Lin Yu. This place was too dangerous. He was worried about Lin Yu.

"Jiang Chen!" His arrogance pissed off General Yunan and others.

"What a coincidence." Jiang Chen did not seem to have noticed the killing intent in their eyes. He was beaming. "Oh, hey, my Ancient friends! Long time, no see!"

Ancient friends? Many people wanted to laugh, but they did not dare. The whole world knew Jiang Chen had killed thousands of Ancients, perhaps as many as 10,000. Jiang Chen was regarded as the person who liked the Ancient Race the least.

"Jiang Chen, it's time for you to pay off the blood debt you owe on the Dark Continent." A female Holy Wings said. Then she opened her pure white wings. The light they emitted was dazzling. "We'll use your blood to reclaim the Ancient Race's dignity."

The delegate of the Ghost was a black-clad man. He looked extremely gloomy and cold.

"Are you saying you are gonna beat me up?" Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. A sarcastic look flashed in his eyes. His gesture was quite confusing.

"Is he bluffing? He looks like he's bluffing, but I don't think he is a man who bluffs."

"He must have some trump card in hand."

"Wondering whether his trump card matches his confidence."

After so many exploits, people had started to know Jiang Chen. At least they knew he was not a bluffer.

"I don't care how you ran away from the killer of the Nether World School. But you will be doomed before us. Any Star Venerable will be doomed before us," General Yunan said. Most of the people outside the magic tree were Star Venerables, and they were geniuses. However, they weren't involved in the current situation, and didn't express any opinions.There were four Martial Emperors and several strongmen at the peak of Star Venerable. Any genius, even if it was the dual-pupils wielder, would surrender before them.

"Not necessarily," Jiang Chen said, smiling.

"I'm done with human beings!" The black-clad Ghost did not have much patience. Seeing Jiang Chen smile, he launched an attack directly. He exerted an Original Method of the Ancient Race. The human Star Venerables opened their eyes wide right away, feeling its mystery.

Jiang Chen was the one who was experiencing it in the most profound way. This was a fabulous Original Method used to travel, similar to the way to reduce a long distance to inches. What made it so great was that it appeared exactly where Jiang Chen was standing. Jiang Chen would have been torn apart if he had reacted a little slower.

Whoosh! Jiang Chen reacted fast. He disappeared into thin air.


The black-clad Ghost could hardly believe he had failed. Even the onlookers were shocked, because Jiang Chen had not moved away through his thunder method, but through an occult method that the Nether World School was proudest of. It was called The Escaping Method of the Nether! This was a superb Doctrine Method that the Nether World School was extremely proud of. They had used it to kill countless targets. The Nether World School valued this Doctrine Method a lot. They made their killers take a serious blood oath to restrict them, so that others would not be able to plunder the Doctrine Method from their killers' minds. Even if the killers were willing to die to give the Doctrine Method away, it would still be impossible.

However, Jiang Chen had managed to learn it! If he had not been seen being chased by the Nether World School, people would have thought he was one of their killers. It was a natural assumption.

"The Escaping Method of the Nether also has its limits. It can't be used in a boundless area!" The black-clad Ghost said. Then he exchanged a look with the others. The Martial Emperors flew in four different directions. They were going to block this area.

"You didn't have to." Jiang Chen showed up again. He was at the center of the four Martial Emperors.

"Just attack me." Throwing up his hands, he provoked the four Martial Emperors.


If it was Lu Ping's wildness that made him so attractive to Shangguan Ru, what she saw in Jiang Chen was a domineering character. Which genius would have the nerve to challenge four Martial Emperors?

Lin Tian and the Saint of All Beginnings exchanged a look. They could not figure out what Jiang Chen was going to do.

"Die!" The black-clad Ghost launched another attack. The Holy Wings followed him. Grand Elder Yunan also went all out, since he did not want others to get the greatest credit for killing Jiang Chen. However, he somehow felt uneasy. That being said, this feeling was overwhelmed by his will to kill. Besides, they were in such a desperate situation.

Jiang Chen looked indifferent and cold. He recited in a gentle voice:

One stubborn and proud man, his two sleeves filled with killing will; his three-foot-long sword is sharp and fast, in the four directions, no enemies can conquer; a small movement of his five fingers, a long silence in the six realms; play the music for the sacrifice with seven strings, and shred tears all over the eight ways.

After that, he glanced over everyone there. "Whoever goes against me today, I will kill you."


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