The Brilliant Fighting Master
1182 Full of Geniuses
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1182 Full of Geniuses

Under the magic tree, many people with invitations had arrived. Almost every newcomer would throw the magic tree a look.

"Can the Wizard Race really guarantee it won't attack us?" Someone posed the question nervously. They had obviously heard a lot about the magic tree. No one could be 100 percent assured. Gazing at the magic tree, they stood in awe of it from the bottom of their hearts.

To see the entire magic tree, one would have to stand 300 miles away from it. From that distance, it seemed as if the magic tree was connecting the sky and the ground. Its trunk was as large as a city. It was hard to imagine how deep its roots were underground.

Looking up, one could see the trunk soaring into the clouds only after standing completely upright, with one's head back as far as it would go. 

The tree was emitting a crystal luster. It used to be a mysterious red, but at the moment it was blue, which was quite soothing for the eyes. It did not seem to be appropriate anymore to call it a magic tree. The banquet was held in the tree trunk.

However, those who had arrived for the banquet did not enter it immediately. They gathered outside. They were discussing Jiang Chen and the yaksha killer. The disciples of the Sword God Palace felt quite emotional.

"As I said, the academy is a ship. He got off the ship in the middle of the sea. Of course he will end up dead under the sea."

Feng Shaoyu was waving his feather fan elegantly. He seemed to have forgotten how cowardly he had been in the academy.

Next to him, Yao Yue was also in a good mood.

These two did not get invitations, but, as well-connected as they were, it was not difficult for them to come here by other means.

"He couldn't in any way escape from the chase of a Martial Emperor!"

"Poor thing. I was looking forward to his fight with Lin Tian."

Among the people present, not many had met Jiang Chen in person, but quite a few had heard about him.

"Even if he can make it, he will still die. I honestly don't understand why he came to the Divine Prison Continent." Someone said while glancing at those standing at the periphery of the crowd. They were from the All Saints Religious Sect, the Holy Moon Religious Sect, the Tianyi Holy Land, the Holy Wings, and the Ghost. They were from spirit-level continents and two king-level Ancient tribes. All of them had the same goal—to kill Jiang Chen.

Especially at this moment, when Jiang Chen did not have any patrons.

"This Divine Prison Continent is full of dangers for Jiang Chen," Xie Ting said.

Starting from the Yaoguang Holy Land, she and Master Luo Cheng had arrived here in time. Master Luo Cheng had given his two places to Xie Ting and someone from the Yaoguang Holy Land. However, that person from the Yaoguang Holy Land did not show up.

Smiling mysteriously, Master Luo Cheng said, "That guy might have been killed."

All of a sudden, Xie Ting recalled the master had sent Jiang Chen an invitation to the Baohai Auctioneers.

"Master, Jiang Chen and you are...?" Xie Ting tried to ask.

"I don't know him, but I know his woman, Ye Xue," Master Luo Cheng said. The best lie was never completely a lie.

Ye Xue had spent one night in the Sundry Goods Store. He supposed the chamber of commerce had been informed of that. And they had blocked the news so that it was not leaked. Xie Ting was struck dumb. Her facial expression was a bit odd. She had obviously misunderstood something. She did not continue with this topic. Flying a little higher, she looked down.

"It's really a big party." Her eyes lit up. Her small mouth opened with surprise. Young geniuses ranked in the Heaven List and the Earth List could be seen everywhere. Many people that it was very difficult to meet had showed up.

"The Saint of All Beginnings! It's said that this lucky woman has the natural base of Doctrine!"

Pointing at somewhere not far away excitedly, Xie Ting suddenly spotted her.

Master Luo Cheng looked over. It was the Saint of All Beginnings indeed. He had exchanged blows with her in the Three Middle Realms.

"Oh?" Master Luo Cheng was shocked. He found the Saint of All Beginnings was much stronger than last time. Even if he confronted her with two practicing bodies, he would still feel pressured. "It doesn't seem right."

His two practicing bodies and his true body had experienced many hardships and many opportunities to keep advancing. How could this woman, with whom he had tied, have improved so quickly?

Thinking it over, he figured it out very soon. Back then, Jiang Chen was still pretty immature, while the Saint of All Beginnings could already exert the sword field. Now that he had learned what requirements had to be satisfied to achieve the sword field, he knew they would not have tied. That meant the Saint of All Beginnings must have held back. Then she kept practicing with geniuses all over the Three Middle Realms. Judging from her current strength, she had gained a lot from that.

Her clothes were as white as snow. Her black hair was as long as a waterfall. She looked like a flawless splendid jade, blending in perfectly with nature. No matter what she looked like, people like her were unforgettable. Besides, the Saint of All Beginnings was also such a pretty woman.

Jiang Chen's ardent eyes did not catch her attention, because there were hundreds of people gazing at her in that way. Even women could not take their eyes off her.

The Saint of All Beginnings stopped in front of the magic tree, followed by two mysterious people with strong energies.

"Master!" At this moment, a pleasantly surprised voice rang out. Jiang Chen looked over. It was his first customer at the Sundry Goods Store. Shangguan Ru from the Shangguans. She was accompanied by Han Cong'er, just like last time. The two women were surprised to see Jiang Chen here. Fortunately, this master was kind of young. Otherwise they would have never figured out why he was here. After all, only young geniuses were invited to the banquet of the Wizard Race. It occurred to them soon that the master might have come along with someone who had been invited.

Jiang Chen greeted them with a smile. Then he introduced Xie Ting to them.

"Ru'er!" All of a sudden, a group of young geniuses came over. The leader looked pretty sharp and elegant. He threw Jiang Chen a wary glance.

"Ru'er, this is?" he asked.

Shangguan Ru smiled, but she did not speak.

"Young Master Nangong, Ru'er is very shy. You'd better call her by her name in the presence of so many people." Han Cong'er beamed, showing her white teeth. Nobody could be angry with her.

"This is Master Luo Cheng from the Sundry Goods Store. He is very popular lately." Not until then did Shangguan Ru tell him.

"You are Master Luo Cheng. Nice to meet you. I'm Nangong Xing." The youngster was instantly much less wary. He even smiled.

"Master, he doesn't think you are threatening," Xie Ting joked with Jiang Chen through holy awareness.

Jiang Chen nodded. In Nangong Xing's eyes, only very strong practitioners could be his rival in this love triangle.

"No one wants to go inside before we hear the news about Jiang Chen," Han Cong'er said.

Nangong Xing looked toward those standing away from the magic tree. Shrugging his shoulders, he said, "It's not completely because of Jiang Chen. They just want to see which famous people will come. Compared to them, Jiang Chen is really nothing." He sounded disdainful.

"Heh, heh, it looks like anyone can come." Nangong Xing suddenly stared into the distance. A man was arriving. Jiang Chen also looked over. Then a smile pulled up the corner of his lips. The man Nangong Xing had mentioned was the practicing body Lu Ping.

This guy wants to go against me, Jiang Chen thought involuntarily.

Lu Ping came alone. He did not have any company. Among all these people, his average robe was kind of shabby. Only the sword, a magic weapon that did not really belong to him, he was carrying at his waist was not too bad.


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