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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1180 Yaksha

The Divine Prison Continent was spacious. Even though the yaksha killer had chased Jiang Chen 10,000 miles, they were only moving around in a corner of the continent. They disturbed lots of fierce beasts on the way, but since they had only flashed by, those beasts did not chase them.

"Where can you run to? There is no place for you to stay in the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts. Even if you run to the edge of the world, how will you defeat me?" 

The yaksha killer was kind of talkative. He would say something sarcastic every time he launched an attack. As he had said, Jiang Chen had little chance to escape from death. After all, his enemy was a Martial Emperor.

"What a pity. If he were still a disciple of the Sword God Palace, he could break the token to ask the academy for help." Some disciples of the Academy of the Land of Abundance could not help but sigh at this scene.

The news about Jiang Chen's quitting had spread across the academy. Many people admired him for his decisiveness and boldness. However, judging from the current situation, it would be hard to get by without the protection of the academy.

In an instant, Jiang Chen had disappeared from their sights. It was impossible to follow him even though they wanted to.

"He will probably die."

The yaksha killer launched the fourth sword attack. The sword was thrown over out of nowhere. It was completely traceless and irresistible.

Jiang Chen tried his best to fight back, but it was very tough for him. He bled a lot.

"The divine body is really a trouble." Yaksha mocked deliberately. If things went on like this, Jiang Chen would be killed little by little, like how a cat played with a mouse.

"Any genius can turn into a joke before getting mature. And it's my favorite thing to destroy you so-called geniuses." He expressed a cold killing will, which meant his next sword attack would not be simple.

As expected, the blade showed up again before Jiang Chen could run farther. The omnipresent sword radiance shrouded Jiang Chen.


That was exactly the chance Jiang Chen had been waiting for. His right hand clutched toward the air.

Instantly, stars moved. There was a great change happening in the sky.

"Seriously? A tactical formation?" The yaksha killer was kind of surprised. It was common sense that it would take time to deploy a tactical formation. He had never seen a tactical formation deployed so quickly and casually, but, even so, he did not take it seriously.

"You want to kill a Martial Emperor. Dream on!" Yaksha smiled coldly. The sword in his hand moved slightly. Countless blades pierced through Jiang Chen's divine body. It was a shocking scene. However, Jiang Chen did not die. He gave off some dazzling golden lights. Meanwhile, the Big Dipper Star Formation broke out.

"Oh? This is the mysterious formation with which you killed several capable men from some Divine Religious Sect, isn't it?" The yaksha killer was pretty disdainful. He said, "You look down on the Nether World School too much. We've taken all of your attacking methods into consideration. This formation won't work on me!"

"Yeah? Retreat 300 miles after each failed attack. This is the rule recognized by all killers. You've made a huge mistake," Jiang Chen said.

"That will depend on the target. You still refuse to say uncle even before your death...what?" The yaksha killer suddenly turned extremely pale as he spoke. He looked up in an incredulous manner. He saw two of the seven stars that formed the Star Formation illuminated. It had been one star before.

Among the seven stars, the Dubhe and the Merak were the most brilliant. Their strong energies swept over him like some sea waves.

"Damn it! Don't you dare look down on me!" The yaksha killer was irritated. He threw his sword away. Then his hands were busy making mudras. Mysterious runes were flying around his hands rapidly.

"Great Sky-turning Mudra!"

He raised his arms, as if he was lifting a giant mountain which had risen from the ground. The shapeless mountain blocked the Star Formation. The power of the Star Formation was blocked too.

"He still can't narrow the gap." Azure Demon was a bit anxious. A Martial Emperor was, after all, a Martial Emperor. Jiang Chen should not have looked down on a Martial Emperor.

"The Ultimate Movement, Peerless Beauty!"

Jiang Chen had no retreat at all. He could not think much. The Ultimate Sword Soul flew through the Star Formation. This could be described as the strongest sword attack Jiang Chen had ever exerted in a real fight.

The yaksha killer, who was resisting the Star Formation, curled his lip. He did not do anything, but his sword flew up by itself to confront the Heavenly Fault Sword.

This sword did not have a Sword Soul, but injected with his Martial Emperor power, it managed to catch the Ultimate Sword Method. The swords kept clashing intensely.

The yaksha killer looked like he was struggling. He thought it would be bad for him if he was stuck in the Star Formation for more time.

"A small Star Venerable has so many tricks. Heh, heh, all those will be my trophies once I kill you." He did not forget to pressure Jiang Chen mentally. At the same time, he exerted his strength secretly.

Jiang Chen was not affected. He took out the Red Cloud Sword.

"No way..."

The yaksha killer was surprised to see Jiang Chen's new image with the new sword. He looked like a god of fire.

"Idealistic Sword Doctrine: Tenth Sword."

The power of this sword attack was also incredible. He exerted the tenth turn of the Sky-burning Evil Flame!

"How is it possible?!" The yaksha killer screamed out of surprise.

The Sky-burning Evil Flame was an Alien Flame. He assumed, as young as Jiang Chen was, it would be impossible for the latter to use it perfectly with sword energy and sword movements. In addition, Jiang Chen had also incorporated the Sword Soul.

Then a phoenix chime rang out. And he knew the answer. "Martial Soul?"

He glanced at the Heavenly Fault Sword. The Ultimate Sword Soul on it was extremely clear. The Martial Soul coming along with the Red Cloud Sword was also real.

"How did you make it? Why do you have two Martial Souls?!" He panicked. He showed a flaw, and the power of the Star Formation peaked. "What kind of Martial Soul is this?"

Seeing the Red Cloud Sword and the Alien Flame form a holy bird, the yaksha killer could not recognize what it was at all. This Martial Soul must be too crappy. That was the only explanation.

Or, it was too rare. Judging from the sword momentum, he thought the latter was more likely.

As the Red Cloud Sword was thrown over, Jiang Chen showed his strongest fighting power.

The yaksha killer, a Martial Emperor, turned pale. He snarled toward the sky. However, the snarl was drowned out soon by a blare. The Star Formation went into chaos.

"I'll chop your dead body into thousands of pieces!" 

The yaksha killer was not dead yet. He sounded extremely angry. He struggled out of the chaos. Heavily injured, he looked terrible. However, he was still alive. It was thanks to the Martial Emperor's powerful strength that he managed to survive under Jiang Chen's attack, which incorporated all of his fighting powers. Jiang Chen took the initiative to confront him when he was about to attack Jiang Chen.

The golden lights he was emitting had been very thick. His body looked like glass. A vast Buddha's intention came head-on. Azure Demon and the black dragon came as deva and naga.

The yaksha killer obviously knew these methods too. As a result, he knew the eight groups of spiritual beings were not as great as the Star Formation. However, his information was wrong again. Sitting in padmasana, Jiang Chen was reading scriptures with his eyes shut.

The yaksha killer felt like he had been struck by thunder. He felt something had intruded into his mind and taken control of him. He struggled, but deva and naga held his shoulders.

"Amitabha." Asura moved as fast as a ghost. He charged toward the killer and punched the latter in the chest. The yaksha killer trembled. Then he felt himself get very light. He had never felt so at ease. He looked down. He saw his own body. His soul had been struck out of his body!

Before the yaksha killer could speak, a scripture book flew over his head.

"Eight groups of beings, back, yaksha!"

Jiang Chen placed the palms of hands together. When he opened his eyes, his pupils were golden.


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