The Brilliant Fighting Master
1179 The Divine Prison Continen
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1179 The Divine Prison Continen

Lin Yu felt as if he was losing control of his body. He thought it was because Elder Li had attacked him. When peace had been restored, he found himself standing on a prairie, safe and sound.

"Where am I?" Lin Yu was puzzled. Fortunately, he saw Jiang Chen right away. He managed to calm down.

"Outside the Sword God Palace," Jiang Chen said.

It took Lin Yu some time to come to himself. He was very surprised. He said, "Apprentice Elder Brother Jiang Chen, when did you deploy the portal? Did you anticipate the danger?"

"No. But I don't like to lose my grip on any situation," Jiang Chen answered.


Jiang Chen looked around on his first day at the Sword God Palace. At first, he thought the Sword God Palace was in some small world, but later he found it was not. The Sword God Palace was situated in some sea area in the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts. It isolated itself from the world through some unbelievably grand formation.

After understanding where he was, he deployed the Ancient Formation so that he could leave there anytime. Otherwise, he could not relax if he could only leave the academy with its permission.

"Let's go, to attend the banquet of the Wizard Race." After finding his bearings, Jiang Chen hit the road with Lin Yu. There were still seven days to go before the banquet. They should have enough time to get there.

"Okay," Lin Yu answered. He had never thought he would be able to go to the banquet of the Wizard Race. He was extremely thrilled about that.

The two heard lots of news about the Academy of the Land of Abundance on their way. All of the news was about the tests, like someone was promoted to divine-level disciple, and someone defeated 11 dragon-level disciples in a row. In a word, the continents under the governance of the Academy of the Land of Abundance were quite lively because of its tests. Things had been always like this. That was why the academy was holding these tests.

Lin Yu looked conflicted after hearing such news. Finally, he could not bite his tongue anymore. He said, "Apprentice elder brother, if it were not for the Lins, you would have stolen the show in the recent test."

Jiang Chen said disapprovingly with a small smile, "Won't it be better if I amaze them in the banquet?"

"Of course!"

He built up Lin Yu's hopes. Lin Yu started to look forward to the banquet. By then they were very close to the venue of the banquet. It would be held on the Divine Prison Continent. It was special in the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts, because it was one of the few continents that were not classified into spirit level, heaven level, or sanctity level. It was not classified because this continent had never been conquered. As a result, it was impossible to carry out any reclaiming task. It was even called half-forbidden land. However, it was a nice place for people to come to to have adventures. The Wizard Race was very bold to have selected this place.

When the two arrived, there were still two days to go until the banquet. The tests of the academy had also ended.

"What a familiar view."

The Divine Prison Continent was spacious, but everywhere looked pretty primitive. The sky was always overcast. Mysterious lights flashed in the clouds from time to time. The Qi Li Continent looked the same way.

"Watch out," Jiang Chen warned Lin Yu. He supposed there were many fierce beasts here.

Lin Yu could not be too careful. He kept complaining about the Wizard Race's venue choice. "Lots of geniuses will attend the banquet. If they run into any ferocious beast, it will be a big disaster," Lin Yu said.

"They said they had already purified the magic tree," Jiang Chen said. There was a sky-reaching giant tree at the center of the continent. Its trunk was dark red. Its twigs and branches had weird shapes. They looked like human hands. And the tree leaves also looked very odd. That tree was called the magic tree because it had a mysterious energy. Many strong people were very curious about it.

When certain races had appeared in the world, they had all tried to uncover the secret of the magic tree, but they all failed, and they paid a big price for it. The magic tree was still for most of the time, but as long as it was attacked, even a Martial Arts Saint could not be its rival. This was also one of the reasons the Divine Prison Continent was called the half-forbidden land. That was where the two were heading.

The Wizard Race claimed they were the strongest among all races. They certainly wanted to achieve what other races could not. They announced they had subdued the magic tree and disclosed its secret, which they would share with other races at the banquet. This was their pretext for holding the banquet. Saying that the Wizard Race would hold a banquet in which all young geniuses could have a big fight was certainly not proper. That would sound too violent.

While the two were advancing with care, Jiang Chen suddenly punched Lin Yu in his chest.

"Apprentice elder brother?" Lin Yu had no idea what had happened. He did not feel any pain where he had been hit, but he was sent flying at high speed.

"Wait for me at the magic tree," Jiang Chen said. Then, unsheathing his sword and looking into the air, he swore, "You flies. Will it never end? I'll slaughter you Nether World School sooner or later."

Then a familiar blade was thrown over toward him.

"What?" Jiang Chen turned pale. The Nether World School had finally acted smart. They had sent a strong fellow this time. This sword attack almost frightened him out of his wits.

"If the Nether World School wants to kill someone, we will kill him by all means." This killer did not stay silent.

Jiang Chen did not have the time to reply. He unsheathed both of his Doctrine Swords to resist the enemy's attack.

The killer behind the sword was surprised, but he restored his equilibrium very soon. The blade blinked with dazzling lights. It turned into a long rainbow while advancing and hit against Jiang Chen's swords.

Jiang Chen had to retreat hundreds of miles before he could steady himself again. He was emitting golden lights. Endless Buddha's power was entering his body. Even so, he still felt the divine body was on the verge of falling apart.

"Martial Emperor!"

Jiang Chen could not be too careful. After a series of failures the Nether World School had gone through, they stopped using him as a practice for newbies. Instead, they sent an experienced killer of Martial Emperor level.

"Go!" Jiang Chen fled immediately. There was a huge gap between Star Venerables and Martial Emperors. It was not so easy to narrow this gap.

"Azure Demon."

"Wondering whether there are more killers," said Azure Demon.

Jiang Chen could exchange some blows with the enemy if he turned to external force, but it would not make any sense.

It would be very dangerous for him if there were more killers lurking in the dark.

"Then I'll kill him! With one sword attack!" Jiang Chen said.

"What?" Azure Demon thought he had heard wrong. A Star Venerable was going to kill a Martial Emperor?

Jiang Chen did not explain anything to him. He kept on flying at high speed. The airflow sparked due to the friction. By then many people had arrived on the Divine Prison Continent. What they were seeing seemed pretty odd.

Since the killer of the Nether World School did not show up, they only saw Jiang Chen running like crazy alone. Not until Jiang Chen had slowed down did the fatal sword show up in the air out of nowhere.

"That's a yaksha-level killer from the Nether World School!"

"I heard Jiang Chen has been targeted by the Nether World School for a long time. So, they've finally gotten serious?"

The grading system of the Nether World School was extremely strict. It was only minions whom they had sent in the past. However, yakshas formed an important part of the Nether World School. They would only send yakshas for difficult targets. It was kind of an honor that Jiang Chen had become the target of a yaksha at such a young age. Some people wanted to follow them to look on. They were just too curious. But unfortunately, Jiang Chen and the yaksha killer were too fast. They disappeared in an instant.


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