The Brilliant Fighting Master
1177 Who Among You Has the Surname Li?
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1177 Who Among You Has the Surname Li?

Strength, anger, excellence, heroism, and balance.

The Chaos God Sword Domain was engulfed in a terrifying murderous aura. Such a shocking sword move targeted both the sky and the ground. Jiang Chen had no room to escape the Sword Domain.

Heavenly Chaos Sword Soul possessed one of the Martial Soul's five special traits: strength. That was why Hu Dingkun's sword was so fierce and swift.

As the Sword God Palace's members watched, they were all dumbfounded. This Sword Domain had almost become the bane of all Star Venerables, and any Star Venerable would surely die in it.

The crowd couldn't help but start sympathizing with Jiang Chen. However, another change quickly occurred as deafening thunder reverberated.

The Sword Energy around Jiang Chen started intensely moving around. It formed a barrier that blocked the Sword Domain's attacks.

When the Sword Energy's intensity reached the pinnacle, it erupted like a volcano. A boundless Sword Spirit came out of it. A distinct Sword Soul, which had lightning intertwining around it, appeared.

"It's a Sword Soul with lightning. He really managed to control lightning with a sword."

"This is a Sword Soul, which possesses two special traits. They are excellence and balance."

"Doesn't this mean that his Sword Soul is more outstanding than Hu Dingkun?"

"However, he's still in his opponent's Sword Domain."

While the Sword God Palace's disciples were talking, Jiang Chen waved his swords. A peerless and exquisite Sword Doctrine's spirit intertwined around the two swords.

"Sword Domain, rise!"

"Worldly Wind and Lightning: Wind and Lightning Sword!"

Jiang Chen launched his Sword Domain while he was still in another person's Sword Domain. His action was undisguised contempt.

Hu Dingkun angrily shouted and used his whole might. The Chaos God Sword Domain started an intense attack. It was a pity that it was too late.

The crowd discovered that Jiang Chen's sword aura had reached an extremely terrifying level. Four swords of wind and lightning appeared. Every sword possessed a great destructive might.

The magical clone, Lu Ping, practiced the Wind Sword to the pinnacle while the main body possessed great attainment in lightning techniques. He was able to fuse the two techniques together.

As Jiang Chen added his Sword Domain to them, he launched a merciless strike of wind and lightning. He started wreaking havoc in the Chaos God Sword Domain.

Hu Dingkun took pride in his Chaos God Sword Domain, but even such a domain couldn't withstand a single blow. It was shattered as easily as glass.

"Impossible!" Hu Dingkun's eyes widened. 

The trend of the battle quickly changed. No one could adapt to it in time. In the next second, Hu Dingkun felt a gust of wind blowing at him. This gust of wind possessed a great destructive power that couldn't be discerned by the naked eye.

"Don't..." Hu Dingkun tried to speak but the wind and lighting swept him up. His body shook lightly as he died.

If Hu Dingkun hadn't left the Sword God Palace, he probably wouldn't have lost his life. He had brought his own ending upon himself.

"Just a single sword strike can change the course of events."

The Sword God Palace's disciples looked at each other in dismay. Their faces were filled with shock.

The lips of Yao Yue and Feng Shaoyu quivered. The latter realized that he passed down a judgment too early.

Jiang Chen sheathed his sword. An icy glint flickered in his eyes. This was his main body's second Martial Soul. He didn't have enough time to condense it in the Xuanji Army's camp. He took avail of such a battle to finish forming it. As he expected, the main body's Sword Soul had the two remaining special traits.

He suddenly noticed that his surroundings were too quiet. When he raised his eyes and looked over, he discovered that all the Sword God Palace's disciples stood motionless. Everyone who met his gaze stepped back.

It was especially the case for the Hungry Wolves Organization's five disciples. They had all escaped back to the Sword God Palace's scope at full speed.

Jiang Chen sneered and didn't bother with them. However, he still looked at Yao Yue and Feng Shaoyu, who was next to her. Those two people had a guilty conscience, which was they lowered their heads as their eyes flickered.

"Is it you who said that you would look for me?" Jiang Chen's gaze fell upon Feng Shaoyu. "Why don't you take avail of such a chance and come at me together?"

Feng Shaoyu really wished to give himself several slaps. When he returned to the Sword God Palace last time, he had stated that he would teach Jiang Chen a lesson. After some busybody witnessed that Jiang Chen had become so strong, he used a sound transmission to inform Jiang Chen of what had been said.

"No, I never said such a thing." Feng Shaoyu firmly denied it.

When the disciples next to him heard that, an odd look appeared on their faces. Many of them had personally heard it at that time.

Jiang Chen averted his gaze from him. He didn't take him seriously.

"From now on, if anyone dares take a single step into the Thunder Department, he shouldn't blame my sword for being merciless," he said.

Jiang Chen used the divine skill and Foot Apart World Technique, once again, and instantly went back to the Sword God Palace's scope. He had surpassed the five Hungry Wolves Organization's members.

There was still a little distance left until they reached the safe zone, which was why those five people were scared to death. They all assumed that Jiang Chen would kill them.

They couldn't help but think of the rumors about the madman Jiang Chen. They didn't look down upon him like how they said before. They feared him from the bottom of their hearts.

They all knelt on the ground and started asking for forgiveness. Jiang Chen didn't pay attention to them. He just went back to the Thunder Department.

The five people let out a long breath. Their backs had already become drenched with sweat.

The murder of a dragon-grade disciple would affect the Abundance Land Academy greatly. In just 15 minutes, several elders came to the Sword God Palace. This was a rarely seen matter.

The elders looked furious. Just after they showed themselves, they rushed to the Thunder Department.

"It isn't possible, is it?"

The Sword God Palace's disciples were surprised. They didn't expect that Jiang Chen would be punished. It was Hu Dingkun who left the Sword God Palace's scope and tried to commit a murder. Moreover, Jiang Chen had shown a strong Sword Soul. 

Regardless of how they considered the matter, Jiang Chen shouldn't suffer any harm. Now, it seemed like something about this matter was fishy.

Someone stated the truth. "Li Changqing!" 

Jiang Chen had an enemy who was a member of the Abundance Land Academy's upper-echelon. Such an enemy was like a poisonous snake hiding in the dark. It would attack him without the least bit of hesitation if it had a good opportunity. The current situation was such an opportunity.

"Jiang Chen, it was Hu Dingkun who provoked you, and it was also him who sought death by himself," an elder said. "However, we still can't ignore the fact that you have killed a dragon-grade disciple. We will have to ask you to go into secluded cultivation for three months."

The academy's elders weren't too aggressive, but they still spoke in an unquestionable tone.

"Three months?" Lin Yu wasn't willing to accept it and loudly shouted, "The academy's trial and Wizard Clan's banquet will be shortly held one after the other! So, doesn't this mean that senior brother Jiang Chen will miss them?" 

If one had an outstanding performance in the academy's trial, one could get hefty rewards. As for the Wizard Clan's banquet, that was an event Jiang Chen couldn't miss at any cost.

Jiang Chen was quite smart and quickly discerned their ulterior motives. "Who among you has the surname Li?"

The four elders exchanged a glance. One among them, who had an apathetic expression and white hair on his temples, stepped forward.

"I have a divine body, Sword Domain, and Sword Soul, and I'm even a lightning method's inheritor," Jiang Chen said.

"What do you want to say?" Elder Li furrowed his brows. Displeasure was apparent in his eyes.

"You are abusing your power to avenge a personal grudge," Jiang Chen said. "You should consider this matter properly because that trash, Li Changqing isn't worth anything."

Upon hearing his last words, Elder Li flew into a rage. "You dare to insult my Li family descendants?"

"I'm merely stating a fact," Jiang Chen said.

"Hateful!" Elder Li wanted to teach him a lesson.

"Wait!" The other elders asked Elder Li to stop, but they weren't trying to protect Jiang Chen.

"Do you mean that if we force you to go into seclusion, you will betray the Abundance Land Academy? Could we understand it like this?" an elder coldly asked.

"I will just leave the Abundance Land Academy," Jiang Chen said. "I won't betray it because I never had any loyalty to it."
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》