The Brilliant Fighting Master
1176 Heavenly Chaos Sword
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1176 Heavenly Chaos Sword

In the Sword God Palace's Wind Department, Yao Yue, who had been waiting for Jiang Chen's arrival, finally got news about it. She became quite excited.

When she was about to go ask the Wind Department's experts to teach Jiang Chen a lesson, she learned that the Hungry Wolves Organization's dragon-grade disciples were easily defeated by him. She was greatly shocked by the information.

"You shouldn't care about it much," said Feng Shaoyu. He come back to help Yao Yue vent her anger. He didn't really take the news about the Hungry Wolves Organization's defeat seriously. "The Hungry Wolves Organization's members are always traveling in groups and are still being assisted by their Organization Master. That is why even though they are at the dragon-grade, their power is only at the level of ghost-grade members."

"He defeated those five people while facing them at the same time, which means that he should be in the dragon-grade," Yao Yue said, feeling a bit confused.

When Jiang Chen left the Sword God Palace, he still wasn't graded. After he returned, he ended up becoming outstanding.

"He's just a fake dragon-grade disciple," Feng Shaoyu said. "He couldn't withstand a single blow from a true dragon-grade disciple."

Feng Shaoyu wasn't at the dragon-grade, but the Hungry Wolves Organization's Master was a true dragon-grade disciple.

"Oh, that is right." Yao Yue quickly realized something else after getting such a reminder. Even if she couldn't take revenge by herself, it would still be good to witness Jiang Chen suffer a stroke of bad luck.

When they went to the Lightning Department, they discovered that the Hungry Wolves Organization's Master had started taking action, which they expected. The Hungry Wolves Organization's five members were thrown into the sea. When they fished them up, they were barely alive.

It was only the Hungry Wolves Organization who bullied others, which was a great humiliation to the whole organization.

The Organization Master had been away at the time of the incident. When he returned to the Sword God Palace, he heard about his members' fate. He decisively rushed to the Lightning Department without uttering a word.

"Hu Dingkun!"

When Lin Yu saw the person who came, worry appeared on his face. This conflict occurred due to him. He didn't want to implicate Jiang Chen and harm him.

"Is this guy quite famous?" Jiang Chen didn't know anything about him.

"The Hungry Wolves Organization's usual conduct was started by them," Lin Yu nervously said. "He could be considered one of the Sword God Palace's bullies and tyrants."

There were the wolf, tiger, ghost, dragon, and divine grades. Divine-grade disciples existed only in sanctity-grade continents. More precisely, anyone who became a divine-grade disciple would proceed toward a sanctity-grade continent. That was why dragon-grade disciples were the Sword God Palace's apex.

Hu Dingkun stood outside the Lightning Department and shouted "Jiang Chen, get out!"

His shout was as loud as thunder. It reverberated throughout the Lightning Department's sky. 

Lin Yu felt his chest becoming heavy. His eardrums tingled with pain. Fortunately, Jiang Chen put his hand against his back. If he hadn't done it, Lin Yu might have fallen down.

"Eight-stars and three Qi." Jiang Chen could determine that by observing Hu Dingkun's great cultivation power.

Jiang Chen soaring up into the sky and floated in the Lightning Department's sky.

Hu Dingkun had a tough appearance like his character. He seemed like an iron tower. However, he was still a swordsman, and his body wasn't too big.

If one observed him, one couldn't help but think of a cheetah. He was powerful, swift, and deadly.

"There isn't anyone who dares treat my Hungry Wolves Organization's members like that," Hu Dingkun said. "Since you are a newcomer, I will treat you leniently. You just have to kneel before the sea for three days and nights. If you don't do it, there won't be a place left for you in the Sword God Palace."

"From today onward, the Hungry Wolves Organization's members will have to learn how to take a beating," Jiang Chen replied.

"You will regret what you have said," Hu Dingkun said.

A black sword appeared in his hands. It was 4 feet long and had a broad blade. As Hu Dingkun held the long sword in his hands, it seemed like he and his sword became one with nature. This sword was made specifically for him. It emanated a great aura.

"Heavenly Chaos Sword Soul!" 

Hu Dingkun raised his hand. A black Sword Soul similar to his sword flew out. This was a Sword Soul. It was an object that wasn't possessed by all Sword God Palace's disciples. Moreover, it was still a Sword Soul that had one of the five special traits.

The whole sky descended into havoc. The air within it chaotically flowed. It seemed like the whole region was controlled by the black Sword Soul.

"Chaos God Sword Domain!"

It wasn't limited to just that. When Hu Dingkun felt the gazes of the Sword God Palace's disciples, which were filled with reverence, he used his ultimate technique.

He was an eight-stars experts with a Sword Soul, Sword Domain, and three-Qi. The combination of all those aspects made him deserve a genius's title. That was especially the case since Hu Dingkun's sword, Sword Soul, and Sword Domain all had the same attribute.

Jiang Chen didn't allow the Sword Domain to reach him like his magical clone, Lu Ping, had done. He used Foot Apart World Technique. As thunder echoed, he escaped far away. When he showed himself once again, he found out that he still facing Hu Dingkun and in the Sword Domain.

"Heavenly Chaos Sword Soul can control a whole region and unleash the Chaos God Sword Domain. As long as you are within a 10,000-mile radius around me, you won't have any room for escape." Hu Dingkun took a step forward in the air and approached Jiang Chen step by step. "I'm not like the tramps you met before. Even if you have a divine body, you must still kneel before me."

After he revealed his power, he didn't quickly attack. He wanted to trample his opponent's dignity.

"It's slightly powerful, but it's a pity that it's limited to just that," Jiang Chen said.

Hu Dingkun's filled with hatred, but he didn't speak. He just furrowed his brows.

In the next second, the Heavenly Chaos Sword Domain moved around by several hundred miles and engulfed both of them.

"It isn't likely! Could it be that he..."

The Sword God Palace's disciples were and startled. If they left the Sword God Palace's scope, it meant that they could fight to the death. Hu Dingkun was infuriated by Jiang Chen, and he planned to kill him.

"How is it now?" Hu Dingkun wanted to see what expression would Jiang Chen reveal.

Jiang Chen wouldn't be protected, and his safety wouldn't be ensured. Would he still act arrogantly?

Jiang Chen didn't give consideration to his own situation and asked, "Did you consider this matter properly?"

"Since this is the case..." Hu Dingkun didn't want to waste his breath any longer and pointed the Heavenly Chaos Sword at Jiang Chen.

Hu Dingkun attacked him with his Sword Soul and Sword Domain. Jiang Chen felt like he was facing a great army in the battlefield. He pulled out his two Doctrine Swords as fire and lightning engulfed his whole body.

Sword God Palace's disciples rushed over. As they witnessed Hu Dingkun not holding anything back, varied expressions appeared on their faces.

"He deserves this!" Yao Yue didn't hide her glee. She didn't care about Jiang Chen's death. She even hoped that he would suffer a miserable death.

"Lin Yu, just wait."

The sound of the Hungry Wolves Organization's members echoed behind Lin Yu.

It was obvious that if Jiang Chen died, Lin Yu wouldn't have a good end.

Jiang Chen was now in his enemy's Sword Domain and at a disadvantage. Moreover, the Sword Domain was still supported by the Heavenly Chaos Sword Soul. It would be difficult for Jiang Chen to use even 80 percent of his power.

"This is a quasi-dragon-grade disciple's power," Feng Shaoyu said while coldly sneering.

"Since that is the case..." There wasn't any panic apparent in Jiang Chen's eyes. He was even calmly examining the situation. After he ascertained that Hu Dingkun wanted to kill him, he didn't hesitate any longer and shouted, "Swords, come over!"

Confusion appeared on the faces of everyone in the crowd. The two swords were obviously in his hands, so why was he calling swords over? The disciples quickly understood what was going on.

A completely different Sword Spirit started flying around in the Chaos God Sword Domain. It was trying to wrest control of it and snatch everything the black Sword Soul possessed.

"You!" Hu Dingkun, who wore a complacent look, was taken aback by this. He noticed that Jiang Chen was trying to condense his Sword Soul. The black sword in his hand shone brightly as he shouted, "Don't even dream about succeeding in my Sword Domain."

The entire Sword Domain was engulfed by an austere air. It coordinated perfectly with the Sword Soul and Heavenly Chaos Sword Soul. The Chaos God Sword Domain revealed its dreadful might.


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