The Brilliant Fighting Master
1175 Get Out of the Thunder Departmen
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1175 Get Out of the Thunder Departmen

The trial by fire of the Abundance Land Academy's disciples would occur before the Wizard Clan's banquet. Even though many disciples received an invitation to the banquet, the academy would still carry out the trial as usual.

It was fortunate that the academy stated that it would allow them to use teleportation formations free of charge so that they wouldn't be delayed. The disciples didn't need to worry about anything. They all went back to their Academic Palaces.

Jiang Chen left the Scarlet Blood Field and went back to the Sword God Palace, which was much livelier than last time. It could be said that people were moving around in it everywhere. It was filled with swordsmen of varied elements, but the most commonly seen ones were wind, metal, fire, and water.

As for the Thunder Department's members, they were rarely seen. The reason people weren't willing to choose it wasn't because that element was too weak. Rather, it was too strong and hard to control.

Since Jiang Chen appeared, the situation changed.

"Controlling lightning with sword techniques, is that true?"

When the disciples who weren't present there heard about it, they were all skeptical.

"It's surely a smokescreen. He just used lightning power alone, but no one was able to discern it."

There were some high-grade disciples that firmly believed it was fake.

When Jiang Chen joined the Sword God Palace, most of the disciples were outside. The best disciples there were only at the ghost-grade. As for the Wind Department's Yao Yue, she was at the tiger-grade. Defeating her wasn't any significant feat.

"Recently, I hear that person's name wherever I go, and it's really annoying."

"That is right. I suspect that someone is trying to promote him on purpose."

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, a divine body that broke the curse. I wonder whether he wants to use such a tactic to invite people to invest in him?"

"It's quite likely."

In the Sword God Palace's most lively plaza, several people were chatting without the slightest scruple. They all expressed their contempt of Jiang Chen. The crowd couldn't help but get curious about them. After the crowd saw those five people's faces, they all quickly averted their eyes and didn't dare look straight at them.

Those five people were dragon-grade disciples of varied departments who had a good relationship. They had formed an organization called Hungry Wolves. They became famous due to their valiant nature. They would quickly resort to violence if they got in conflict with anyone.

Thunder suddenly reverberated throughout the Sword God Palace. It had echoed from the Thunder Department. When the disciples looked over, they discovered that it emanated from the Black Lightning Formation.

The Thunder Department always caused such a disturbance. A relieved look appeared on many of the disciples' faces before they continued attending to their own business. However, the five Hungry Wolves Organization's disciples exchanged a glance and flew over.

The thunder that had echoed announced that the Black Lightning Formation's cultivation session would come to an end. When the five people reached the Thunder Department, it had just ended.

They entered without even knocking on the door. They just kicked open the door and went inside.

Lin Yu, who had just finished his cultivation, assumed at first that Jiang Chen had returned. Upon hearing the disturbance, he realized that wasn't the case. When he saw the five people, he felt like a great wave of pressure was weighing upon his shoulders.

The Hungry Wolves Organization!

They were the Sword God Palace's ruthless thugs. They were all greedy and rapacious. They would come with all possible means to snatch weak disciples' merit points.

If they left the Sword God Palace, it would have been fine. Once they came back, many people would suffer. It now seemed like Lin Yu would be the one to suffer.

He recalled what Jiang Chen had told him and summoned the courage to question the five people. "Senior brothers, what instructions to you have for me?"

The five people knew Lin Yu well. Upon witnessing his current expression, they were all slightly surprised. They exchanged a glance. 

One of them strode over, punched Lin Yu's belly, and asked, "How can you talk to your senior brothers like that?"

The power exerted from the man's muscular arm caused Lin Yu's body to bend over. Pain and anger were apparent on his face. He raised his hands and held the disciple's arm.


The disciple who attacked him was confused by his actions. He quickly realized what Lin Yu intended to do. It was then that lightning crazily surged out of Lin Yu's body.

Since they were close to each other, the terrifying lightning managed to mercilessly hit the disciple. However, it was a pity that this disciple's power was vastly greater than Lin Yu's.

When the lightning started hitting him, great power erupted out of his fist, which sent Lin Yu flying.

"Bastard! You are becoming more daring, aren't you?" The disciple moved his muscles to alleviate the numbness.

The other four people walked over, intrigued by what had just happened.

In the past, Lin Yu would offer his merit points every time he ran into them. Now, he dared to fight back.

Lin Yu stood up and uttered their names. "Shu Qi, Man Tianxiang, Liu Shenghuan, Yang Yu, Li Ping."

The Hungry Wolves Organization's members crossed their arms in front of their chests. They all wanted to hear what he had to say.

"Get out of the Thunder Department!" Lin Yu loudly shouted.

The five people were stunned, but it quickly turned into laughing. One of them laughed so hard he even shed tears.

After they finished laughing, their expressions became malevolent. It seemed from their gazes that they were about to swallow someone alive.

Lin Yu instinctively moved back by a step and gritted his teeth.

"What happened to Lin Yu? He became too daring."

"He's just seeking death."

"The Hungry Wolves Organization may even destroy the whole Thunder Department."

"Could it be that it's because of Jiang Chen?"

The Sword God Palace's disciples who had learned about this confrontation came over. They were also as surprised as the Hungry Wolves Organization's members.

"He will bring a disaster upon himself."

The Wind Department's disciples were glad to witness the occurrence of such an ordeal.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Swords unsheathing sound echoed as the five Hungry Wolves Organization's members started approaching Lin Yu, who was maintaining an icy grin.

Lin Yu took a deep breath and pulled out his sword. Lightning emanated from his body and sword. The Hungry Wolves Organization's members still didn't take him seriously.

"Today, it won't end up with something as simple as having to swim in the seabed," said She Tian, the man who had punched Lin Yu, as he waved his sword in his hands.

Lin Yu didn't resign himself to fate and wait. He shouted angrily, and charged toward those five people. He was aware that he only had a slim chance of succeeding, which was why he closed his eyes.

Many of the Sword God Palace's disciples shook their heads. Some of them had once bullied Lin Yu. Now that he was facing the Hungry Wolves Organization, this matter had a different significance.

I must live up to lightning's great power, Lin Yu thought as he waved the sword in his hand. He took action even though he was aware that his end would be miserable.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

As Lin Yu waved his sword around, a metallic collision sound echoed, along with the miserable screams of the five Hungry Wolves Organization's members.

"What?" Lin Yu opened his eyes in disbelief. He witnessed the Hungry Wolves Organization's five members laying on the ground screaming in pain as blood flowed out of their injuries. "How is this possible?"

At first, he assumed that it was him who had done it. He quickly came back to his senses and turned his head around. He saw someone and shouted out of delight, "Senior Brother Jiang Chen."

Jiang Chen smiled at him. He looked at the five people on the ground and said, "Get out of the Thunder Department."

They were the same words as before, but this time, the outcome was completely different. The five Hungry Wolves Organization's members stood up. They were aware of the disparity between them, so they quickly flew out of the Thunder Department.

After they flew out, their arrogant shouts transmitted over, "This isn't the end of this!"

Jiang Chen sneered and snapped his fingers. Five arcs of lightning streaked across the sky and struck the five people. They all miserably screamed as they fell into the sea.


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