The Brilliant Fighting Master
1174 The Third Martial Soul
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1174 The Third Martial Soul

The members of the Lin family and Sword Tower left Tian Hu Hostel.

Lu Pings icy expression drastically changed. He looked worryingly at his master and asked, "Master, is that woman the current master of the Sword Tower?"

Even though he was sure of it, he still needed to ask.

Wu Ming nodded, affirming the woman's status. She wasn't just the Pavilion Master. She was also his previous disciple.

"It was her who harmed you, and you ended up losing your position due to her," Lu Ping muttered to himself.

He couldn't understand. If that was really the case, why was that when they met, Su Yu was overbearing and aggressive while his master acted as if he felt ashamed of himself?

"I can't blame anyone for what I suffered." Wu Ming heaved a long sigh. The situation had been a grave blow to him, which made him seem much older.

After the meeting, Wu Ming just went into another room without uttering a single word. Lu Ping hesitated for a moment before deciding it was best not to make any further inquiries.

A woman suddenly sneaked through the door. She appeared to be afraid of being discovered by the others. It was Lin Shuangyue.

This was the first time they could meet alone since Lu Ping had killed Lin Xuan. It seemed like she was getting pressured by her family.

"Sigh! I can't go to the Wizard Clan's banquet along with you." She sounded regretful. She glared at him and said, "Moreover, it seems like someone never invited me. It is as if he didn't plan to invite me all along."

"How is that possible?" Lu Ping shook his head. He had planned to take Lin Shuangyue with him.

"You still have a conscience." Lin Shuangyue curled her lips and rolled her eyes at him.


"What? You will fight against Lin Tianjian in the Wizard Clan's banquet? It's out of the question! It's surely out of the question!" After listening to what had just happened, Lin Shuangyue's response was severe. "Lin Tianjian is among the top three in the Heaven List, and he also possessed a Sword Soul and Martial Domain. What is more important is that since he stayed in the Sword Tower, he never used his whole power while competing over the Heaven List's ranking. His power isn't any weaker than a Junior Heavenly King."

"I know." Lu Ping was as calm as before.

If such a man wasn't powerful, he wouldn't have managed to become a disciple of the Sword Tower's Lord.

"What do you know?" Lin Shuangyue's anger was evident. She went to his side and whispered near his ear, "Do you know that he's the inheritor of one of the Four Great Sword Doctrines?"

"I also know that," Lu Ping said.

"Are you serious?" Lin Shuangyue moved back by several steps so that she could observe his expression.

She thought, Why is he so composed despite knowing that? Isn't he a little too confident in himself?

Upon seeing that she couldn't understand his decision, Lu Ping said, "If I don't accept it, the Lin family will attack me."

It was only now that Lin Shuangyue felt relieved. She knew he didn't have a choice in this matter.

"Oh, by the way, what happened to your aunt?" Lu Ping asked.

"She left," Lin Shuangyue said.

"Why was she called the Lin family's Sword Ancestor?" Lu Ping tried his best to keep his cool and pretend that he didn't care much about it.

A solemn look appeared on Lin Shuangyue's fair and oval face. She hesitated before saying, "I can't rashly divulge that to you, sorry!"

Lu Ping wasn't surprised by her answer, but he still found it a pity. "Let's meet at the banquet."

Lin Shuangyue couldn't chat with him for long. She moved toward the door. Her unwillingness to part with him was apparent in her gaze. "OK!"

Lu Ping was slightly emotionally moved. He was, after all, a human. After interacting with her for two months in the Sword Tower, he found himself slightly unwilling to part with the charming and naughty girl.

It was fortunate that the Wizard Clan's banquet was near at hand.

Lu Ping glanced at his master's room. His gaze became firm and resolute.


"I can't bear it any longer!"

As a scream echoed in Xuanji Army's camp, all five battalions' soldiers flew away. They were all dripping with sweat. While the men were bare-chested, the women wore light and thin clothes. Despite that, they still couldn't bear such a high temperature.

The camp's temperature was becoming hotter with every passing day. The heat wave was like a fire dragon circling around them.

After the soldiers left, flames started spreading from the officer's tent. They quickly spread to the whole camp, turning it into a sea of flames. It was fortunate that this was an army formed by cultivators. They didn't need to worry about anything because all war resources were stored in Spatial Artifacts.

"What kind of terrifying sight is this?"

As they looked at the camp, the soldiers didn't know whether they should laugh or cry. The flames were becoming more turbulent.

The soldiers were aware that the whole camp should have been already burnt completely by such raging flames. The reason the flames hadn't disappeared was that their source wasn't flammable objects. It was their own officer.

A sonorous cry suddenly echoed. The sea of flames started moving around crazily.

The soldiers could clearly see that there was something flying around in the sea of flames. From its outline, it seemed that it was a giant bird with long wings that formed beautiful arcs in the air. The bird was bathing in the fire. It flew around in the sky for a moment before plunging into the fiery sea like a fish. It seemed excited and elated.

"A Martial Soul! He has succeeded!"

"He will surely succeed! Don't you believe in our officer?"

"He's someone who can turn impossibilities into possibilities."

The Xuanji Army soldiers were all excited and proud. However, there were some people who noticed that the giant bird was different than the one used by Jiang Chen to fight Xu Sheng. But, what was different about it? They couldn't discern it because it was still hidden in the flames.

Before long, the raging flames started going back to the officer's tent. The giant bird cried excitedly before it pounced at a man. In an instant, the camp completely disappeared.

Jiang Chen was sitting outdoors wearing the Flame Emperor's black clothes, which couldn't be burned by flames. "What the hell?"

After opening his eyes, he didn't rejoice because he was stunned by the sight of the burned camp. As he looked at the five battalions' soldiers coming back, he couldn't help but reveal an embarrassed smile.

Luckily, no one blamed him. The Ferocious Tiger Battalion's soldiers started congratulating him.

"Officer, how is your Martial Soul?" Zhang Han asked.

A Martial Soul was divided into two categories, weapons and beasts. The grade of a Martial Soul in a weapon-shape was decided like a Sword Soul. Tt was divided into five grades. As for beast-shape ones, its grade was decided according to every specific Martial Soul. Even though it was just a Martial Soul and not a real beast, if it had a divine beast's bloodline, it would possess a great might.

Jiang Chen had depended on the fire phoenix to face Xu Sheng's three-legged golden crow. If Jiang Chen's Martial Soul was that fire phoenix, then it would be top-notch.

"It isn't a fire phoenix," he said. He didn't say which beast it was. He just revealed a mysterious smile.

The Ferocious Tiger Battalion's soldiers couldn't accept that. They started prodding their officer to satisfy their curiosity. Even the other four battalions' soldiers came over to ask him. The camp was engulfed in a harmonious ambiance.

"Since you want to know, I can inform you that my Martial Soul is... a bird," Jiang Chen spoke while facing their gazes, which were full of expectation.

Upon hearing this, a hissing sound reverberated throughout the camp. Since they realized he wasn't willing to share the information, the soldiers sensibly gave up and didn't question him closely.

"Officer, aren't you about to go back to the academy?" Zhang Han sadly asked.

"That is right." Jiang Chen nodded. "I will go directly to the Wizard Clan's banquet after that, but you can set your mind at ease because I will surely come back."


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