The Brilliant Fighting Master
1173 Lin Tianjian
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1173 Lin Tianjian

Lin Yueru had driven away the middle-aged woman, but that didn't mean the situation was over. The next day, the Lin family and Sword Tower started getting restless because they both wanted to teach Lu Ping a lesson. Regardless of everything, Lin Xuan was a disciple of the Sword Tower.

Lu Ping had graduated from the Sword Pavilion and he didn't belong to any faction. He seemed like a weak falling leaf that could be blown away by the wind. However, Lu Ping fortunately still had his master, Wu Ming, and Master Luo Cheng.

Master Luo Cheng, who was traveling to where the Wizard Clan's banquet would be held, stated that if anyone attacked Lu Ping, they would become his enemy. Upon receiving that news, both the Sword Tower and Lin family became wary.

The Sword Tower had its own realm and didn't care much about Master Luo Cheng, but the Lin family couldn't do the same. Yet, the family also couldn't just forget what had happened.

A discussion arose among the interested parties in Tian Hu Hostel. They were talking about Lu Ping and his master, Wu Ming. The Lin family had sent representatives, which did not include Lin Xuan's parents because they would have likely ended up losing control of themselves. As for the Sword Tower, only Xia Yi who was present.

"They are still on the road," Xia Yi said while facing their doubtful gazes.

"Let's discuss it," said a tall, upright middle-aged man representing the Lin family.

Even though he was sitting, he still emanated a ferocious aura. He had a square face, ardent gaze, and wore a resolute expression. If one looked at him, one would surely become nervous and tense.

"What is there to discuss here?" Lu Ping asked. "I proposed a battle to the death, and he readily accepted it. He even wanted to set a life and death agreement. Then, he attacked me without holding anything back. The whole city witnessed it."

"At the end, when the battle's outcome was determined, you didn't need to kill him." Lin Xiong was infuriated by Lu Ping's attitude. He couldn't help but furrow his brows.

"If I was in the same situation, would he have stopped and spared me?" Lu Ping asked.

"Our family's descendants are all broad-minded and not ruthless and merciless," a Lin family elder said. "Lin Xuan was acting like that just to thwart you. Who would have known you would be so merciless?"

"Hehe!" Jiang Chen just chuckled and didn't speak as he leaned against the back of his chair.

Wu Ming, who was next to them, said "Speak bluntly!"

He wouldn't have bothered with the Lin family if they didn't have a Sword Ancestor.

Lu Ping was aware that Lin Yueru wouldn't meddle in the matter, but he didn't have a better choice. If he allowed the Lin family to force his hand, he would end up creating more problems that could harm the Lin family. At that time, Lin Yueru would surely intervene.

"Why don't I offer you a large sum of money like how the Wizard Clan did?" Lu Ping wasn't afraid of them because he trusted Lin Yueru


Upon hearing this, Lin Xiong and the Lin family elder were appalled. Lin Xiong slapped the table, which turned to the black wood table into dust.

Upon witnessing this, Wu Ming's gaze sharpened. "I respect the Lin family's Sword Ancestor, but that doesn't mean you can behave atrociously in my hostel." 

As he spoke, surging sword energy filled the hostel. It seemed like all corners of the hostel were filled with swords.

The faces of Lin Xiong and the Lin family elder turned pale. They both felt like they would soon be killed.

When a sword fell down, Lin Xiong's hand, which had just slapped the table, turned into a bloody mess. He could no longer lift it.

"Don't dream about even touching a thread of my disciple's hair," Wu Ming coldly said. "If you attack, you should be prepared to die here."

As he spoke, a tyrannical aura emanated from him. The faces of the Lin family members became even more pale. They didn't dare speak.

A woman's soft voice echoed from the hostel's entrance. "Master, you are still the same as before."

Her voice seemed to possess a special charm. As one listened to it, one would feel one's scalp becoming numb.

Lu Ping noticed that his master's expression drastically changed, and he had moved back several steps. He was surprised by this because this was the second time he witnessed his master lose control of himself. The previous time was when he mistakenly assumed that the Immortal Sword Doctrine failed.

After a short moment, a person with a captivating face appeared in the entrance. She was an enchanting woman. Her every frown, smile, and movement caught people's attention. She was wearing a long scarlet dress, which reached her ankles but exposed her shoulders. It seemed like the dress would fell off her at any moment.

Wu Ming uttered the woman's name. "Su Yu!" 

"Master, are you really treating me like a stranger?" The woman put her hand in front of her chest as if she was deeply hurt by his words.

Lu Ping noticed that another person was behind the woman. He was a young, handsome man in white clothes.

When the young man saw the state of Lin Xiong's hand, his expression became gloomy. He looked at Wu Ming with an ardent gaze.

"Tianjian!" Lin Xiong called out.

"Father, is it him who injured you?" The white-clothed young man looked at Wu Ming. There wasn't any fear or respect apparent in his eyes. "I will pay it back to him by tenfold or even a hundredfold." 

"It's just an idiot daydreaming." Lu Ping stood up and looked at the young man.

The while-clothed young man turned his head around. Both his and Lu Ping's gazes were as sharp as swords as they sized each other up.

"Is this the inheritor chosen by my master?" Su Yu sized up Lu Ping with intense interest. "I have heard that you are a rarely seen genius. It's a pity that it's impossible for you to reach sword techniques' apex." 

Since Wu Ming had said her name, he hadn't said another word. He didn't even react when the white-clothed young man threatened him. However, Lu Ping was clearly aware that his master wasn't afraid of them. His reaction was because he had indescribable feelings for the woman.

After a long while, Wu Ming asked, "Does such a matter deserve your presence?"

"Someone with your character doesn't like to see people and will not sit around to chat around with other people," Su Yu replied with a smile.

"What do you want?" Wu Ming asked.

"A compensation and an apology," Su Yu said.

"Or else?" Wu Ming and Lu Ping spoke at the same time.

Neither of them had to discuss the matter, so that suggestion was impossible for them to accept this.

"Or else, my disciple will kill your disciple," Su Yu coldly said.

If it was anyone else there, they would be baffled by the development of this situation. Su Yu's disciple was Lin Tianjian, who was also a disciple of the Lin family. He was the reason why Lin Xuan was able to boast that the Lin family were the Sword Path's kings.

Lin Tianjian was the disciple of the Sword Tower's Master. He was also among the top three in the Heaven List and was the greatest swordsman among the younger generation.

"He will ruthlessly kill you at the Wizard Clan's banquet," Su Yu said. "At that time, even Master Luo Cheng can't say anything about this matter."

Lin Tianjian was wearing an icy expression. He seemed like an unsheathed sword that would give a deadly strike at any moment.

"I will keep you company anytime," Lu Ping said.

"Were you confused by the previous words?" Lin Tianjian suddenly asked.

Lu Ping was taken aback. He didn't know what the young man meant.

"The apex the swordsmen can reach is in the Sword Tower," Lin Tianjian said. "Since your master left it, he won't be able to make a comeback. You were unlucky enough to walk down the same road as him, so you will have the same fate."

Lu Ping finally realized what he meant. He was referring to what Su Yu had just said. He didn't take it seriously and asked, "Do you have anything else to say?"

"A heretical Sword Doctrine is the product of spoiling something through excessive enthusiasm," Lin Tianjian said. "You will understand this matter clearly when you face my sword."

"It seems like you Lin family members all have a common trait," Lu Ping said. "Why don't we fight now?"

Strangely enough, Lin Tianjian didn't take the challenge and replied, "You shouldn't seek death so anxiously. You should treasure the time you have left."

According to what he said, he would attack as long as he was given a chance. Lu Ping had given him a chance, yet he wasn't willing to take it.

He wants to kill me at the Wizard Clan's banquet so he can preserve the Lin family's prestige. What a wishful plan! Jiang Chen quickly realized what he planned. He couldn't help but sneer to himself, Don't blame me for my sword's ruthlessness!


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