The Brilliant Fighting Master
1172 Lin Family’s Sword Ancestor
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1172 Lin Family’s Sword Ancestor

As Lu Ping's voice echoed, he sheathed his sword.

The sword wind scattered, and the world gradually descended into silence. The whole city was engulfed in a scary silence. Even the sound of a falling needle could be clearly heard.

The outcome wasn't what they expected. That was especially the case for the process. 

Lu Ping didn't leave them even enough time to prepare themselves. His Sword Soul suddenly appeared as he used a terrifying sword move.

"You!" Lin Xuan's chest was stained with blood. His face was pale, and his thick brows were furrowed.

Even though he was proud and arrogant, he was still weak and frail in front of the ruthless and bloody reality. When his body was about to be torn to shreds, the necklace hung around his neck shone brightly and turned into dust. Even though it saved his life, he still ended up sustaining heavy injuries.

"Do you now realize how ridiculous you are?" Lu Ping asked.

Lin Xuan's body stiffened. The corners of his mouth twitched as his gaze filled with rancor. He opened his mouth and emitted rough laughter before replying, "Even if that's the case, so what? So what? You are just trash. You are only a beggar who needs to depend upon other people's alms. How can you rival me?"

Lin Xuan completely lost his reasoning and descended into madness. Lu Ping shook his head. His silence was a great demonstration of his contempt.

"Do you dare kill me? Do you dare?" Lin Xuan was still provoking him. 

Lu Ping glared at him and closed in on him. The distance between them was gradually becoming smaller. Before long, they were 15 feet apart.

"Do you dare?" Lin Xuan shouted loudly as they approached 9 feet apart.

A swooshing sound echoed. The sound of a sword flying through the air replied to him.

Lin Xuan's arrogant voice disappeared. He extended his hand and covered his neck. Blood flowed through his fingers. 

"You!" He couldn't believe it. His eyes widened and became filled with regret.

"I originally planned to kill you," Lu Ping calmly said without giving him a glance.

After a few seconds passed, and as Lin Xuan's power flowed out of his body, he started falling down.


A bridge suddenly appeared in the sky. It was an ancient bridge emanating an archaic aura. It was connected to another dimension.

A person passed through it and caught the falling corpse of Lin Xuan.

"Awful! That is Lin Xuan's mother, and she's quite protective of him! Come down quickly!" Lin Shuangyue shouted.

She knew that this development was anything but reassuring.

"Give me back my son's life," the middle-aged woman said.

The woman was actually quite attractive, however, her face was filled with hatred and rancor. She was at the Martial Emperor Realm. She pounced at Lu Ping like a falcon and mercilessly attacked. Her attack was tantamount to a great mountain flying as quick as lightning.

When Lu Ping was about to suffer a mishap, two terrifying auras emanated from the Sword Pavilion. Two swords appeared before Lu Ping and protected him from the middle-aged woman.

"Don't assume that my disciple has no one to depend upon." Wu Ming, who was holding the ancient-looking sword, appeared in front of Lu Ping out of nowhere.

As for the other sword, it flew back to the Sword Pavilion and fell on Lin Yueru's hands.

"Oh my God!"

The Sword Pavilion's students were astonished. If it was Wu Ming alone, it would have been fine. Since Lu Ping revealed his talent, this man, who shunned the world, seemed mysterious to them.

On the other hand, Lin Yueru seemed quite young, yet she possessed enough power to break through the Sword Pavilion's restrictions and forcefully use her power.

"Is she one of the Twelve Heavenly Kings?"

"No, even if the Twelve Heavenly Kings came here, it will be useless because this is an existence above the level of Heavenly Kings"

"Isn't enough for youngsters to reach the Star Venerable Realm?"

Why did Ji Yuan dare to state that he was the strongest expert among all the clans' younger generation? It was because all strong and youthful people had already become Martial Emperors and were fighting with powerful enemies to cultivate and get more resources.

So, how could they bother with fighting over a trifling ranking? But, there was still a group of people at the apex who cared about it.

"Who are you?" the middle-aged woman asked.

"I'm just a nobody without a name," Wu Ming replied.

His answer meant that this matter involved him alone. Even if the faction behind him showed itself, it wouldn't hold him accountable for his actions. Those were common rules.

The middle-aged woman examined Wu Ming. After a long while, the killing intent in her eyes disappeared. Her gaze continued display her bitterness. She suddenly recalled something and shouted toward the people on the ground, "Lin family's Sword Ancestor, please take revenge for my son."

The Sword Ancestor?

Such a title, which seemed even more outstanding than a Sword Venerable's title, piqued everyone's curiosity. When they lowered their heads and looked over, they realized who the Sword Ancestor was.

Upon witnessing that she was already exposed, Lin Yueru didn't bother hiding herself and released her aura fully. Everyone in Sky Reaching City felt like a scorching sun was rising upon them.

Lin Yueru flew in the sky and emanated a bright light, which shone upon everyone. She had fair, sparkling skin, which seemed like ceramic glass. It seemed like she was no longer a mortal.

Lin Yueru looked at the middle-aged woman and said, "Go back!"

Upon hearing this, the middle-aged woman lowered her head. Her face became ashen. She didn't argue or say another word. She just carried Lin Xuan's corpse and went back through the bridge. This should have been a great feud because her son was killed, yet she calmed down due to a single statement. Everyone was baffled and amazed.

"Senior!" Wu Ming displayed a wary look. He moved back slightly and protected Lu Ping.

Lin Yueru didn't spare him a glance and looked at the person behind him.

Lu Ping was about to speak, but he felt like she had already seen through his thoughts.

Before disappearing, the Lin family's Sword Ancestor said, "Don't ask anything, and don't speak. Just inform that person of a single name‒Long Xing."

"What a shocking aura!"

Wu Ming let out a breath. He was an impressive past master of the Sword Tower, yet he was still restrained by a woman, who seemed like a young girl.

Lu Ping rushed over, but it was too late. His mind was filled with Lin Yueru's words. Long Xing? Is it the Sovereign Spirit Palace's Long Xing?

He had heard that name once in Qingtian City. At that time, Tianyin awakened a Sovereign Spirit, so he got to hear about the Sovereign Spirit Palace due to her.

Long Xing should have been someone able to meddle with Yin and Yang, steal natural destiny, and control the Nirvana, death, and life. He even controlled the cycle of reincarnation. He set a plan for the rebirth of Great Sovereigns to help the Nine Realms get many Great Sovereigns.

Even though in his past life Jiang Chen was the Sacred Zone's greatest young master, he was still vastly inferior to that person. However, what was his relationship with this person?

When Jiang Chen was reborn among flames, he went back to the Sacred Zone and experienced a great ordeal. He couldn't help but make assumptions about this situation.

"I have too few pieces of information about this matter, and I'm not able to discern anything." Lu Ping let out a helpless sigh. 

He wanted to ask Lin Yueru to clarify everything for him. As he thought about Lin Yueru's reaction, he couldn't help but feel scared. Her character was similar to Lin Shuangyue, which was the reason why Lin Yueru got close to the young girl.

Since someone like Lin Yueru was alarmed, it could be discerned that what was hidden behind this situation was quite dangerous.

Lu Ping flew back to the ground. Upon seeing Lin Shuangyue's expression, he could tell that she was oblivious to her great-aunt's whereabouts. He asked, "What provoked her?"

As Lin Shuangyue thought back about what had happened in the hall, she couldn't help but blame herself. She assumed that there wasn't anything in the world that could baffle her great-aunt, nor was there anything she couldn't solve.

Lu Ping had a firm will. If he didn't possess great resolution, he wouldn't have managed to walk down his current path. He wouldn't let mere doubts disturb him.

He recalled the statement. "The answer among the fog is hidden behind a steep cliff." Its meaning was that if someone who wasn't strong enough pursued the answer rigidly, he would walk into the fog and fall off the cliff, to his death.

Even Lin Yueru was afraid of such a person. It was obvious that Lu Ping couldn't settle the issue. Additionally, it still seemed from Lin Yueru's earlier appearance that she was forced to distance herself from him.

Lin Yueru, who had traveled far away, was watching the sun set. There was an indescribable look on her face as she muttered to herself, "Big brother, is it really you?" 

She seemed quite sad and dejected.


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