The Brilliant Fighting Master
1169 Conquering Evil Sword Ar
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1169 Conquering Evil Sword Ar

Lin Shuangyue's character had both good and bad traits. When Jiang Chen's main body faced her, she revealed her unreasonable character as a bossy young miss of an influential family. 

When his magical body, Lu Ping, interacted with her, he felt like she was a woman who treated people sincerely and bluntly, and she didn't harbor any other designs. The main difference was that she had befriended Lu Ping, who always treated his friends generously.

Lu Ping was able to tell her the direct path of the Sword Puppet's sword, but that would have been considered cheating and wouldn't be beneficial to Lin Shuangyue in the long term.

Lin Yue, who always kept a composed look, turned pale. Her large eyes widened as the thought, How is this possible? She looked then at Lu Ping with a complex gaze.

Xia Yi and Lin Xuan noticed it and assumed that Lin Yue blamed Lu Ping for Lin Shuangyue's poor performance. They were both insignificant people and couldn't understand the profound mysteries hidden within.

"How did you learn about this art's chant?" Lin Yue's question rang near Lu Ping's ears, which startled him. He didn't expect that she would be able to hear even a sound transmission. Her skills had really reached an outrageously high level.

The chant mentioned by him was the Lin family's most famous Conquering Evil Sword Art. Lin Yue obviously knew because it was her who informed Jiang Chen of it.

Now, Lu Ping didn't know how he should explain it. He had planned at first to just turn a deaf ear to her, but he suddenly got a daring idea. "It's a person called Jiang Chen who informed me of it," he replied.

His reply was as shocking as a clap of thunder. Lin Yue lost control of herself. Her concealed aura ended up leaking out. Breathing momentarily became difficult for everyone in the hall. There wasn't anyone exempt from it, regardless if one's cultivation level was high or low.

Everyone looked at Lin Yue in disbelief, but it seemed she didn't notice them. Her expression was constantly changing.

Lu Ping noticed delight and surprise on her face before suspicions and fright appeared on it. He asked, "What is the matter?"

In Jiang Chen's previous life, Lin Yue was his sister, whom he doted upon the most. So, why did she become so panic-stricken when she heard his name?

It was a pity that Lin Yue quickly came back to her senses. She restrained her aura as her expression returned to normal. Lu Ping restrained his impulse to go over to inquire about it.

On the other side, Lin Shuangyue's sword shone brightly. She became vigorous and lively. She managed to easily block the next 10 sword moves. It was as if she was helped by a God.

Lin Shuangyue's sword techniques also belonged to the Lin family, which was why the art's chant was so effective.

After she finished the test, Lin Shuangyue threw the sword in her hand and jumped up. "Ah!" She ran toward Lu Ping but discovered that he was looking at her with a wary gaze.

Lin Shuangyue was taken aback. She quickly came back to her senses. She picked her sword and sheathed it. As she looked back at Lu Ping, she discovered that his sharp gaze became mild once again.

She didn't forget to explain herself. "Hehe, I was too excited!" 

"Don't throw your sword until your death," Lu Ping said.

"Ok!" Lin Shuangyue didn't reveal her usual temper in front of him. If he had said that to her before, she would have flown into a rage.

"I knew that you are someone who came to the secular world to cultivate," Lin Shuangyue complacently said.

This Lin family's young miss didn't know that the chant she had heard was her own family's secret. The Lin family was one of the ancient clans and families. The Lin family living in the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm was just a branch family.

Like how the Thunder God Sect possessed just a part of the strongest lighting method, it could be surmised that the current Lin family didn't possess the complete Conquering Evil Sword Art. Lin Yue was the sole exception to that.

"Lin family's members are really the Sword Path's kings," Lin Xuan said.

Lu Ping, who was lost in his thoughts, came back to his senses upon hearing him. One needed great courage to say such a statement while in such a place because both the Sword Pavilion and the Sword Tower's members were swordsmen.

The fact that Lin Xuan stated that the Lin family's members were the Sword Path's kings gave rise to a discussion among the crowd. But, no one denied it, including Xia Yi. It could be assumed that the Lin family had an amazing swordsman. No one thought it could be Lin Yue since the students didn't know anything about her.

Lin Xuan still didn't forget to try fawning over Xia Yi. He warned the special-grade students besides Lu Ping, who still didn't pass the test, "Now, you shouldn't step forward." 

"You seem like a henchman," Lin Shuangyue said in a low voice.

The other students cared about his words. Even if they wouldn't do it for Lin Xuan, they still didn't forget what Xia Yi had said. That was why none of the remaining three special-grade students moved. Everyone turned their gaze toward Lu Ping.

"Fine." He shrugged his shoulders and walked toward the Sword Puppet.

"Wait!" Xia Yi extended her hand and walked over

Confusion appeared on everyone's faces because she was the person who looked the most forward to Lu Ping's performance.

"You are a genius able to create his own Sword Doctrine, and I believe in you," Xia Yi said, which started everyone. Her next statement revealed her true aim. "This you will carry out according to the Sword Tower's rules, which is 100 sword moves."

Upon hearing this, many of the students felt relieved. Some of them even rejoiced in Lu Ping's misfortune. He couldn't blame anyone for this because no one forced him to offend the Sword Tower's members.

"On what basis?" Lin Shuangyue wouldn't accept it. "Even Lin Xuan isn't able to block a hundred sword moves, so why are you making this matter difficult for him?"

Lin Xuan flew into a rage out of humiliation and loudly shouted, "Lin Shuangyue, what nonsense are you saying?"

"However, it's still enough for you to not make more than three mistakes while facing the first 50 sword moves." Xia Yi quickly suggested a compromise before the Sword Pavilion's teachers spoke. "The other sword moves are just a demonstration for my high expectation for you. You can refuse it if you want. I won't make it difficult for you. But, if you can pass it while facing a hundred sword strikes, you will become quite famous in the Sword Tower after you join it."

"It isn't an issue for me." Lu Ping didn't give it any thought and readily agreed. He felt it would be quite amusing

Xia Yi's eyes lit up. She walked behind the Sword Puppet and started quickly moving her fingers on it.

When Lin Xuan got a clear look of her actions, he curled the corners of his mouth and revealed a faint smile.

Xia Yi pulled back her hand and left the scope of the test's stage. "You can start now." 

Lu Ping curled his lips. It seemed like he didn't want to say a single word.

Upon witnessing this, Xia Yi was scared. She assumed that he saw through her dirty tricks. When she saw him unsheathe his sword, her doubts were dispelled.

The Sword Puppet detected Jiang Chen's actions. Its eyes flickered while its body moved like a ghost.

Hehe, what a reckless guy! You will suffer well, Lin Xuan thought.

Lin Shuangyue was now by Lin Xuan's side at an unknown time. She had a skeptical look when she noticed the expressions of Lin Xuan and the other Sword Tower's disciples were quite odd.

"It isn't any different than what Xia Yi said," Lin Xuan said. "In the Sword Tower, there are some students who don't want the Sword Puppet to stop. They use this method to force out their untapped potential."

"It won't stop?" Lin Shuangyue's expression drastically changed.

"That is right," Lin Xuan replied. "Even if he makes three mistakes, the Sword Puppet will continue attacking. Lu Ping will probably be beaten miserably while facing the last 50 sword strikes."

"Contemptible!" Lin Shuangyue immediately tried immediately to obstruct it from happening.

"He has only a single chance to pass the test," Lin Xuan said. "As long as he doesn't fail, he won't suffer the fate I mentioned. So, why do you want to obstruct it?"

Lin Shuangyue was taken aback. Meanwhile, Lu Ping had already started.

"Oh my God!"

A commotion suddenly arose in the hall. Lin Xuan and Lin Shuangyue, who were momentarily distracted, looked over. They were both soon dumbfounded like the others.

Lu Ping had closed his eyes while facing the Sword Puppet.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》