The Brilliant Fighting Master
1163 A Martial Soul in Three Lives
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1163 A Martial Soul in Three Lives

The Holy Thunder would destroy all the evil in the world. Everything would be devoured. Most of Jiang Chen's bones were broken in the sea of thunders. He was wet with blood. Despite the divine body, this was still a severe crisis. However, Jiang Chen was not a person who would flinch easily. The four qi in his Constellation Sea were running madly.

Shrouded in the sea of thunders, he felt like he was being severely shackled. The thunders were encroaching upon him little by little. His movement was greatly restricted.

"Even if you are the heavens, don't think I will be conquered!" Gritting his teeth, Jiang Chen showed a ferocious look. His muscles bulged.


Standing straight up, he raised his arms high. When the crucial point came, he clutched forward with his fingers.


Another crack came, as if something had been broken. The power of the Holy Thunder was gradually getting weaker. Jiang Chen did not relax. He wanted to gain the victory at one go.

"Defend against thunders!" The Yu Qing Qi in his constellation palace began to change. This was a sign that the strongest thunder method would level up.

I see.

The strongest thunder method had three levels. They corresponded to Yu Qing, Shang Qing, and Tai Qing respectively. The thunder method he had gotten from the Thunder God Sect was only the first level. Jiang Chen had had some enlightenment before when he was studying the thunder pattern. But now as the Five Thunders fell overhead, new ideas kept popping up in his head.

"What's that?!"

"Seriously? He is having a breakthrough?"

"Is he a monster? How can he have extra time to realize a breakthrough under the Five Thunders?!"

"We must know who he is! Such a disciple shouldn't be wasted!"

In the Yaoguang Holy Land, everyone above the elder level was shocked. They were all amazed by the talent of the man going through the Ko. The disciples could not really understand what was so great about him, but they also realized that the Holy Thunder was transforming. One and another Holy Thunder were being interwoven into countless patterns.


In the end, the patterns of the Holy Thunder broke out. The explosion was loud enough to deafen people.

"He passed. He passed again!"

When the Holy Thunder had disappeared, the human figure in the sea of thunders became visible again. He was still naked. Many female disciples flushed. Their hearts beat wildly. However, they could not take their eyes off him.

"The Group Thunder is coming!!"

The Ko of Thunder was cruel. It did not give people any time to relax. The last thunder of the Five Thunders fell. The Group Thunder was also called the Monster Thunder. It was used to deal with the Monsters. The Ko of Thunder was a way to make the creatures and the environment they were living in reach a balance. The creatures did not only refer to the human beings. The Ko of Thunder could fall on all races.

The Monsters were very strong, especially their bodies. In this sense, they were beyond comparison with the human race. As a result, the Holy Thunder targeting the Monster was usually powerful enough to destroy the whole world. The fall of the Five Thunders was the only chance where the Monster Thunder would happen to the human race.

Everyone in the Yaoguang Holy Land held their breaths. They were not even blinking their eyes.

The Monster Thunder only lasted very briefly, and it disappeared very quickly. A purple lightning fell. It crossed the whole sky in an instant. The grand defensive formation of the Yaoguang Holy Land was struck by the Monster Thunder. The tactical formation was damaged. This freaked those in the Yaoguang Holy Land out.

More people started to worry about the man going through the Ko. Everything had happened too fast. The Monster Thunder was finished in only one second. They could still see the man there, but he was not moving. According to the history books, creatures struck to death by the Monster Thunder would remain the same at the beginning. Then they would vanish in the next few seconds. As a result, no one knew how the man going through the Ko would end up.

"He moved! He moved!" Soon, some people noticed that the man going through the Ko was moving in a very stiff manner, but he was still alive.

The Five Thunders! He had gone through them successfully!

Before they could cheer, people were surprised to see the sea of thunders was growing madder and madder in the air.

"What's going on?"

The sea of thunders should vanish as well once the Ko of Thunder ended. The dark clouds in the air were gone, but the air surrounding the man looked quite unusual. The sea of thunders was like a boiled sea. It was wild.

"This is Martial Soul! It's his Martial Soul!"

"This is what those going through the Ko of the Five Thunders successfully will gain, to have a Thunderbolt Martial Soul!"

"Thunderbolt Martial Soul!"

Thunderbolt was one of the most ferocious and strongest powers. A Martial Soul with its power must be super-strong! Many people felt jealous, but they also admired the man a lot. All of a sudden, the sea of thunder narrowed with the man going through the Ko being at the center. When the sea of thunder became as small as a dot, the man also disappeared.

The whole Yaoguang Holy Land went into an uproar. Numerous people flew into the air to look for the man. However, the man seemed to have been prepared for that. He had seized the chance to leave, but people were sure he was still in the Yaoguang Holy Land. The thing was they did not know who he was, and they had no way to find him.

In the crowd, Xie Ting looked very disturbed. The voice she had heard reminded her of the master. However, although Master Luo Cheng had shown many outstanding talents, he did not seem to have anything spectacular in practicing. He was quite ordinary in this sense.

"If it's really the master..."

Xie Ting could not imagine that. If a man extremely skilled at elixirs, weapons, tactical formations, and medicine had mastered the Thunderbolt Martial Soul, how dreadful would he be? As time went by, she started to doubt herself. She was really not sure whether that was the master or not.

"What happened?"

While she was feeling puzzled, Jiang Chen's voice came from behind her. Xie Ting looked back. She saw Master Luo Cheng walking over in his black robe. The master looked gentle and upbeat. She felt as if a gentle spring wind was flowing by. Then, she was even more puzzled at the thought of the giant figure of that man who had confronted the Five Thunders.

"Master, where have you been?" Xie Ting asked.

"I went to take a walk." Jiang Chen made up an excuse.

This raised doubt in Xie Ting. In her mind, the master never left the house unless somebody dragged him out. All of a sudden, she found the master's state had changed. She was shocked.

This can't just be a coincidence!

Xie Ting was excited for what she had found out. But the same doubt came back again before long. Was the master really so versatile? Something occurred to Xie Ting. She blushed. She was the closest to that man before. As a result, she saw that white bottom more clearly than anyone else. If she could check the master's bottom, Xie Ting was sure she would find the answer. However, she did not have any excuse to make the master take his pants off. It occurred to her that there were bathing pools for both genders, and she blushed some more.

Jiang Chen smiled. He trusted Xie Ting. He knew that even if she had guessed it was him, she would not tell people about it.

Master, a Martial Soul in two lives is still not enough. It will be shocking if it exists in three lives, Jiang Chen thought to himself.

After confirming that the man who had gone through the Ko would not show up, the Yaoguang Holy Land gradually quieted down.

However, not until then did the real disturbance start. The Five Thunders became a hot topic. The story spread over the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts very quickly. A man had gone through the Five Thunders and gotten the Thunderbolt Martial Soul. These two facts shocked the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts.

The first one meant this man was extraordinary. Otherwise he would not have gone through the Ko successfully. The second fact meant this man would at least be a Martial Arts Saint. He could even become an emperor or a Divine King. When the news had reached the Sky Reaching Continent, no one noticed a vision that was also happening on a mountain not far away from the Sky Reaching City.

"Done!" Sitting in padmasana on clouds, Wu Ming sensed the change in the sea of swords in the mountain. He smiled. "My apprentice is really great."

Wu Ming came onto the mountain joyfully. He saw Lu Ping jumping into the air. In a trance, Wu Ming felt he was seeing a giant sword blade leaving its sheath, charging toward the horizon. It was exactly a Martial Soul related to swords.


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