The Brilliant Fighting Master
1162 Master? Master!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1162 Master? Master!

On the Qi Li Continent, in the Red Blood Field, near the barracks of the Xuanji Army, it had been suffocatingly hot for the soldiers of the five battalions. Many of them were stripped to the waist. However, they did not complain because the heat came from the camp of the first officer of the Xuanji Army. They could never forget about the fire phoenix that had appeared in his big fight with Xu Sheng. And they all knew that the officer was trying to call his Martial Soul. Of course, they would be happy to see their officer grow stronger. The banquet of the Wizard Race was coming. They wanted to be helpful to him. Thus they put up with the heat.


In the Yaoguang Holy Land on a sanctity-level continent, Master Luo Cheng was still on vacation. He was bathing in spirit liquid pools every day. In fact, one day's cost at this vacation spot would have wiped out all of Master Luo Cheng's savings. However, since he had saved the headmaster of the Yaoguang Holy Land, everything was free for him.

"Shoot!" This day, Master Luo Cheng, in a spirit liquid pool, looked puzzled. Almost at the same time, a large thundercloud appeared over the Yaoguang Holy Land. Suddenly, roaring thunderbolts shocked everyone in the Yaoguang Holy Land.

"Who is going through the Ko of Thunder?"

The disciples of the holy land were very experienced. They were not too surprised. They were just puzzled. However, as soon as the thundercloud took shape, even the elders were shocked—not to mention the disciples.

It was because the thundercloud had created a really big disturbance. It was so dark. The Holy Thunder in the cloud seemed to be a holy dragon partly hidden and partly visible. This kind of power could not come from the breakthrough of a Celestial Venerable to a Star Venerable. It could not be a Star Venerable breaking through to a Martial Emperor either, because it happened too suddenly. In a place like the Yaoguang Holy Land, disciples would get everything they needed and be taken good care of before upcoming breakthroughs.

As more and more puzzling questions arose in the minds of the disciples of the Yaoguang Holy Land, the thundercloud became more and more dreadful. It actually shrouded the whole mountain. Even the alarm bells of the Holy Land tolled. All the disciples below the Star Venerable level went to hide in a safe area.


As soon as the bell tolled, the first Holy Thunder fell.

"These...these are the Five Thunders?! Who on earth can this person be?"

The strongmen of the Yaoguang Holy Land were all shocked after seeing the thunder clearly. The Kos of Thunder produced by practitioners in different states had different powers. The Five Thunders were very special. Their appearance did not follow any rules. People going through a Ko could never anticipate them in advance. Once they went through the Five Thunders, they would at least be a saint.

However, those killed by the Five Thunders were far more prevalent than those who went through them successfully. The five thunders were: Heaven Thunder, Earth Thunder, Water Thunder, Holy Thunder, and Group Thunder.

Jiang Chen was not prepared for them either. His practicing body, Lu Ping, had just gone through a Ko the previous day, and this day it came again. If he had really thought about it, because he was eating immortal elixirs and bathing in heaven-level spirit liquid pools every day, he should have realized a breakthrough a long time ago. However, he had never thought the Five Thunders would have been his fate.

"Just do it!" He would not allow his practicing body to vanish. Otherwise, all of the immortal elixirs and precious resources he had taken would be wasted. He jumped up to confront the first thunder, a Water Thunder.


The folks of the Yaoguang Holy Land went into an uproar. They did not see the face of the man going through the Ko, but they vaguely saw a big white bottom. The female disciples of the Holy Land all swore. Feeling awkward, they all flushed.

The male disciples exclaimed, "This man is splendid. He is going through the Ko naked!" They admired him a lot.

Jiang Chen was drowned by the thunder. Outsiders could hardly see him. They only saw a vague outline confronting a Heaven Thunder.

His way of going through a Ko was easy. He was confronting the thousands of layers of thunder waves barehanded. The Water Thunder kept coming. Its power was not released at one go. It was more like angry waves that kept hitting the shore. Each hit was powerful enough to break a mountain.

"Who is this? He is confronting the Five Thunders barehanded?" The disciples of the Holy Land felt worried. Going through a Ko was not just sitting still and waiting for the Holy Thunder to fall. Practitioners actually needed to try everything they had learned to alleviate the power of the thunders to the maximum. Some would even deploy formations to ask for stronger people's help. However, if anyone did that, the result would usually be the opposite of that person's expectations. That is to say, it was impossible to go through a Ko of Thunder through cheating.

Standing there steadily, Jiang Chen brandished his fists under the attack of the Water Thunder. Whenever the Water Thunder bumped against him, the disturbance created would freeze the blood of the disciples of the Holy Land.

"Who is this guy? He is amazing. How come I have never heard about him?"

"Is that Apprentice Elder Brother Zhang Junjie? He has a diamond body. It's one of the 72 Doctrine Methods."

"No, it's not me. I'm here. Even my diamond body can't do that... Confronting the Five Thunders naked..."

"Ah! It must be a disciple who has been holding back and is eager to set the world on fire."

The disciples hiding in the safe area were watching what this man was going through. What they were most curious about was who this man was.


"Where is Master Luo Cheng?" On the mountain, Xie Ting was looking for the master. She wanted to tell him a big thing had happened. After all, it was not so easy to see a Ko cloud of the Five Thunders.



Another muffled sound came. The last layer of Water Thunder fell. Jiang Chen threw a punch. His punch got the thunderbolt. The ripples created spread dozens of miles.

"It's dreadful. It's so dreadful," someone murmured.

Soon, the Fire Thunder fell, not giving the man a chance to gasp for air.

Compared to the Water Thunder, the Fire Thunder was more powerful. The sea of Fire Thunder was like a second sun. The temperature in the Holy Land soared greatly. Not until the grand defending formation had been switched on was the hot wave swept away. People realized the Fire Thunder was not very threatening for the man going through the Ko. The disturbance created by the Fire Thunder was much more peaceful than that created by the Water Thunder.

"This man must have something to do with fire," an experienced man of the Holy Land said.

After the Fire Thunder came the Heaven Thunder. When the first Heaven Thunder had fallen, the day became as dark as the night. The Fire Thunder and the Water Thunder turned out to be only appetizers.

"He is still naked?" The onlookers found the man going through the Ko remained the same despite such a crisis. If there were not a fog over the sea of thunders, many female disciples would have been too ashamed to look at the man.

Pah! Pah! Pah!

They heard strikes coming from the sea of thunders. It sounded like two people were punching each other. Ripples could be clearly observed in the air.

"This is it possible?!"

Gradually, this became the only sound left in the world. The arrogant disciples of the Holy Land all felt pressured. Judging from the bottom that they had seen, this man should be very young. He was not some old guy. The onlookers knew that they were not able to confront the Five Thunders in this way at all.

Soon, five unusual energies appeared in the Holy Land.

"It's Apprentice Elder Brother Hua Tiandu and Fang Han!"

"Apprentice Elder Brother Xiao Yan came too. Aren't they practicing in seclusion?"

"They must have been attracted here by the disturbance!"

These five were as good as saints. One of them was even one of the 12 Heavenly Kings.

"He passed. He passed again!"

"How strong is his physical body?!"

"Does he have a divine body?"

"A divine body able to go through the Five Thunders must break the curse. Only one man in the world is qualified for that. That is Jiang Chen, but that guy is still climbing the social ladder on spirit-level and heaven-level continents."

"Can he be a genius from other races?"

While they were talking, the Holy Thunder fell. This thunderbolt sounded like the God of Thunder was so irritated that he was going to kill all of the creatures in this world. The naked man suddenly disappeared, because the fog over the sea of thunders was too thick.

"That's terrible."

The disciples of the Holy Land found it even difficult to breathe. Their eyes were wide open.

"Get lost!" Two or three seconds later, a snarl came from the sea of thunders.

"Master? Master!"

That voice struck Xie Ting dumb. She, in the Holy Land, was petrified, as if she had been struck by thunders too.


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