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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1156 Pushover

Many talented youths assembled on the plaza. The sole invitation would be the war spoil of the last winner.

A member of the Wizard Clan was standing in the plaza observing the event. She said, "Friends, I have a single invitation letter. If anyone shows an outstanding performance, I can make an exception."

This Wizard Clan member wasn't overbearing and arrogant like most people's impression of clan members. Instead, she was quite sincere and polite.

Upon witnessing that Wizard Clan woman, Lu Ping found the situation amusing. "What a coincidence!" She was Hou Qin. She had met his magical clone on Yaoguang Holy Land.

On this day, she wasn't wearing a robe. She was fully armed and equipped. Her legs were wrapped in a skintight beast skin, revealing her alluring curves. She had a thin waist and a plentiful chest, which seemed like it would burst out of her clothes. Her armor didn't make her seem big. It actually added more charm to her beauty.

Hou Qin's amorous face displayed a faint smile. She had a pair of profound eyes and a straight nose. Many men couldn't avert their gazes from her.

"Miss Hou Qin, please announce the rules," someone said.

"I will use my Wizard Blade to cast a spell," Hou Qin said. "Anyone who can withstand it will continue standing on the plaza and carry out the competition among them."

There were a hundred people on the plaza. If they competed according to usual arena rules, a day wouldn't be enough to finish the competition.

"I'm here to choose a genius with outstanding talent," Hou Qin said. "So, please don't use any external power."

"Miss Hou Qin, you can set your mind at ease about that," someone said.

"Fine, I will start now," Hou Qin spoke said as she took out her Wizard Blade. It was an exquisite dagger.

She cast a powerful spell. "Wind Pinnacle!" Her movements were simple and not gorgeous, but her aura was still quite outstanding.

The wind whistled around in the Chaotic Battlefield. Its power quickly rose and possessed a destructive might. The gale started blowing toward the plaza. The hundred people on the plaza had solemn expressions. 

Some of them felt bitter. Hou Qin didn't allow them to use external power while the Wizard Blade was a Wizard Clan warrior's greatest external assistance.

In the twinkling of an eye, the gale reached the people on the plaza. Some of them were immediately swept away by it. They even ended up ramming against the people next to them.

On a place not far from the plaza, the people observing the competition became nervous. Lin Shuangyue finally believed what her Second Uncle said. It was really impossible for her to get an invitation by depending upon her current power.

"One should be at least two-Qi cultivator to withstand the gale," Zhang Fengxun said.

"Don't be afraid," Lin Juan said. "He stated that he's a four-Qi cultivator, so what is this for him?" 

"Hahaha, if that's really the case." Zhang Fengxun was quite amused by her.

Lin Shuangyue didn't bother with them. She just stared at the plaza.

The gale was ferocious. The view of the people on the plaza became blurry. The observers couldn't see through it.

Madame Lin transmitted her voice to Lin Shuangyue and asked, "Shuangyue, if he can't achieve even this, do you think that your father will accept him?"

Lin Shuangyue was taken aback. Anger appeared on her face. She quickly voiced her displeasure. "I have said many times that there is nothing between us."

"Even if you think that it's nothing, what does he think?" Madame Lin asked, purposely targeting Lu Ping. "The Lin family's young miss is staying with him all day long without giving regard to the rumors about you and him. Do you think that a man like him doesn't understand that he should keep a certain distance from you? Lu Ping is just loosening the reins to grasp them better, and he's using such a tactic to gradually conquer your heart."

"How is that possible?" Lin Shuangyue quickly thought of Lu Ping's character. She obviously didn't believe her mother's words.

"You are still young and don't know how treacherous a human's heart is," Madame Lin said. "Regardless of the environment Lu Ping grew up in, how is it possible for him to be oblivious to the ways of the world?"

"He just doesn't care about what other people say about him." Lin Shuangyue still didn't believe what was being said, but her tone had a touch of uncertainty.

"So, doesn't he care how other people will look at you, and doesn't he care about the reputation of a young girl like you?" Madame Lin's tone became sharp.

In the end, Madame Lin managed to plant a seed of doubt in Lin Shuangyue.

While they were speaking, another situation developed on the plaza. As the wind power reached its highest level, many people were being blown away. Fortunately, many of them managed to regain their balance and weren't injured. Still, they lost their qualification and looked dejected.

Lin Juang and Zhang Fengxun were looking for that arrogant man among those people. They were disappointed to discover that Lu Ping wasn't among them.

The gale finished blowing. Only 13 people were left on the plaza.

"This shouldn't be possible," Zhang Fengxun said.

Lu Ping was still standing motionless on the plaza, which wasn't an easy feat. There were only five or six people who hadn't moved back by a single step throughout the process. Some people who had already moved back to the edge of the plaza were nearly blown away.

Lin Shuangyue quickly forgot about her suspicions. She looked in provocation at Lin Juan and Zhang Fengxun, and asked, "Did you see it?"

"Is he really four-Qi cultivator?" Zhang Fengxun asked with a bitter smile.

It was obvious that he wasn't serious. He was still speaking in a mocking tone. Even though Lu Ping managed to persist, this still wasn't the final outcome.

When Lin Juan saw the remaining people, she couldn't help but reveal a grin. "Shuangyue, don't get elated too early. Most of them were eliminated. It's only the true contestants who are left."

When Lin Shuangyue observed them carefully, she discovered that the geniuses she recognized before were all on the stage.

"A certain friend here violated the rules and used external power. So, please leave by yourself," Hou Qin said. 

Her sudden words gave rise to a heated debate.

Lin Juan and Zhang Fengxun thought of the same person. Everyone on the plaza started sizing each other up.

Lu Ping discovered that many skeptical gazes were looking at him. He was the person most suspected. The reason was because the fame of his magical clone, Jiang Chen, was limited to Sky Reaching City. Thus, he couldn't be considered famous.

Ten seconds passed. No one left the plaza.

Hou Qin's gentle smile dissipated, and her tone became solemn. "Friend, do you really want it to be like this?"

"If it's really him, I won't go back with him." Lin Juan's face was filled with disgust. She wouldn't let herself be disgraced.

In the end, a person turned into a light beam and flew out of the plaza at full speed.

Lin Juan was taken aback. Disappointment appeared on her face. The cheater wasn't Lu Ping like she assumed.

"It's perfectly fine now," Hou Qin said with a smile. "There are 12 people left, so the allocation will be easy. Next, you will have to use your true power to speak."

When her words echoed, the 12 people looked at each other. They had all chosen their targets and raised a challenge.

"Xiahou Yuan, I'm challenging you."

"Liu Jia, let's exchange some pointers."

Two people appeared in front of Lu Ping. They both challenged him at the same time.

"Pushover, it would be better to challenge you," someone said.

There was a single invitation. Getting the last victory would be extremely difficult. Moreover, Hou Qin had said that she would determine the winner according to each person's performance.

That was why the two people wanted to use Lu Ping to show off their power. They assumed he was the weakest one among the 12 people.

"Both of you…" Jiang Chen raised his head and looked at the two people respectively. "Come at me together!"

The crowd assumed that he would fly into a rage due to such humiliation. They didn't expect that he would say such words.


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