The Brilliant Fighting Master
1155 Chaotic Battlefield
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1155 Chaotic Battlefield

Lu Ping was aware that Lin Shuangyue wanted to go to the Wizard Clan's banquet. But, the Wizard Clan had made invitations to restrict outsiders' entry and prevent them from joining in the fun.

A single invitation letter allowed one to bring along three relatives or friends. A quota of three didn't seem low, but all the people who received an invitation letter were anything but simple. They would all want experts to escort them.

"If you want to get an invitation, you must get the Wizard Clan's recognition," Lin Juan said. "They will then issue it to you personally. Senior Brother Zhang Fengxun had an invitation letter personally handed to him by a Wizard Clan's member."

The young man proudly raised his head like a rooster that won a fight. The Wizard Clan's invitations had become a symbol used to flaunt status. Those who received one felt it was a great honor to get one.

Lin Shuangyue turned a deaf ear to her cousin's words. She looked at her mother with a longing gaze.

"Your brother Shi Xu has an invitation," Madame Lin said. "He can take you along."

Upon hearing this, Lin Shuangyue was disappointed. If she wanted to go as someone's friend, she wouldn't have waited until now.

"Shuangyue, one can't get an invitation even if one is willing to pay a large sum for it," Lin Juan, harshly said as if she was annoyed. "One can only get it by depending on one's skill. So, it won't be of any help to you to raise any complaints," 

Madame Lin smiled and suggested, "Or, why don't you let Lu Ping help you get an invitation letter?"

Lin Shuangyue clearly discerned that her mother wanted to compare Lu Ping with Shi Xu. "We don't know where they are, and the Wizard Clan doesn't have rigid standards." 

It seemed like Madame Lin had expected that response. She quickly replied, "There is one invitation available, and they will fight over it. The fight will occur tomorrow."

"Is that true?" Lin Shuangyue's eyes lit up as she stood up.

Second Uncle Lin, who always kept his calm, said, "Shuangyue, this matter is real, but you currently can't fight for it." 

"The myriad clans' strongest expert will be determined in the Wizard Clan's banquet," Lu Ping said. "If you feel proud of just getting into it, then you have already lost to the Wizard Clan."

Such a statement was quite inappropriate and it ruined the current mood. However, his character was always like that. He was notorious for bluntly saying what was on his mind.

Lin Juan and Zhang Fengxun were dissatisfied with his words, especially the latter.

Zhang Fengxun snorted coldly and asked, "So, what designs should we harbor while going there?"

"It's defeating all geniuses," Lu Ping replied.

If it was his main body there, Jiang Chen would have said, 'It's to kill the Wizard Clan's Ji Yuan."

"A person like you is really..." Lin Juan couldn't bear him any longer. She asked, "Do you really think that you are a four-Qi cultivator.

"What? I don't think that there is anything wrong with what Lu Ping had said." Lin Shuangyue was quite satisfied with what Jiang Chen had said. "We must go to the banquet to trample upon them. If we just play around there, we may as well just stay home."

"It's only a premise that he can go," Madame Lin said.

"I can arrange for you to fight over the invitation," Second Uncle Lin said.

It was obvious that this was the plan they had since the beginning. They all waited for Lu Ping's reply.

"Lu Ping..." Lin Shuangyue didn't know whether she should dissuade him against it.

"Fine, I will go," Lu Ping said.

He thought it would be good to get three invitations. At that time, when Master Luo Cheng, Jiang Chen, and Lu Ping fused together, it was unknown how many people would be stunned and shocked.

"Fine!" Madame Lin and Second Uncle Lin both nodded. This was the outcome they wished for.

Lin Shuangyue always had a rebellious character. If her family forced them to break up, the results would probably be the opposite of what they wished for. That was why they wanted to let Lu Ping back out after finding out how difficult the fight the matter would be so he would realize the disparity between them.

Second Uncle Lin took a rectangular box out of nowhere and put it in front of Jiang Chen. He said, "This precious sword is an apex-grade magical treasure. I will temporarily lend it to you so that you can fight with it."

After opening the box, a precious sword was revealed. Its sheath alone was magnificently adorned. It looked quite expensive.

Madame Lin and Second Uncle Lin observed Lu Ping's reaction. They were both disappointed. His gaze was just as calm as before.

"Many thanks for your good intentions, but I prefer to use my own sword," Lu Ping said.

"That is a third-grade spirit sword," Second Uncle Lin said.

The sword mentioned was hung on Lu Ping's waist. Even though it was sheathed, one could clearly discern that its grade was lower than the precious sword in the box.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Zhang Fengxun started applauding. There was a mysterious smile on his face.

"Brother Lu, I have never seen someone with a character as unique as yours," he said. "That is probably that attracted young Miss Lin to you."

Zhang Fengxun's implication was that Lu Ping was putting on a cool front on purpose to conquer Lin Shuangyue's heart.

"I am always like this," Lu Ping replied indifferently. "When will we set off?"

"It will be after a short while," Madame Lin replied.

Meanwhile, she was secretly using a sound transmission that rang near Lun Ping's ears. "I don't know whether you don't understand this or are just acting stupid, but I will clearly inform you that even though our family isn't too mean and strict, if you want to get my daughter, you must be qualified for it. If you can get an invitation, there will still be a slight chance for you."

She had been beating around the bush for a long while. Even a dense person would have understood what she implied. Yet, Lu Ping still didn't express anything. He just cast a glance at her and didn't say anything.

Many exquisite dishes suddenly arrived to the table.

"You should eat more," Madame Lin said. "We may not get an opportunity to assemble here in the future."

Her words had another unspoken implication to them.

After they ate, the group left the Stars Plucking Restaurant and headed toward Abundance Land Academy. They used its teleportation formation to travel to an independent realm.

After Lin Shuangyue got a clear look of the scenery before her, she realized where they were. "It's the Chaotic Battlefield."

The Heavenly Martial Arts Realm was divided between the three great academies. They all had a hostile relationship with each other. If their members ran into other academies' members, they would surely fight to the death.

However, there were times they had to interact with each other to solve some matters. At those times, they would use competitions to settle all troublesome matters. That was also the case for Wizard Clan's invitation.

There was a vast plaza at the center of the Chaotic Battlefield. That was where the issue would be settled.

The plaza wasn't established in a city because there wasn't a single city in the whole Chaotic Battlefield. There was a vast outdoor plaza on a prairie where many people gathered. Most of them were youngsters with a high fighting spirit.

Lin Shuangyue managed to recognize several people. Her pretty face turned pale. "That's… That's Liu Chengfeng. He is among the top 10 in the Earth List. As for that half-monster, he's the legendary genius, Meng Chaofan."

"Considering his level, aren't you just bullying him?" Second Uncle Lin asked.

Lin Shuangyue became angry and retorted, "Second Uncle, were aware of this since the beginning?"

"Shuangyue, I have said that he isn't suitable to you, " Second Uncle Lin said.

"When your brother Shi Xu fought over an invitation, he had intense battles against Heaven List's experts," Madame Lin calmly said. "In the end, he even ran into a Junior Heavenly King. Their fight ended up as a draw."

"How did he manage to become stronger that quick?" Lin Shuangyue was surprised. Such an achievement would let his name resound in the whole Heavenly Martial Arts Realm.

"If you are afraid, we can go back now," Lin Juan said as she mockingly glanced at Lu Ping. "In any case, the teleportation formation's energy expenses are just like a drop in the ocean to the Lin family."

Lin Shuangyue was quite worried because the people present on the plaza were too strong. "Lu Ping, don't act recklessly." 

"I won't act recklessly," Lu Ping said. 

He flew to the plaza without giving regard to Madame Lin and the others.

"He's quite daring," Zhang Fengxun sarcastically said.


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