The Brilliant Fighting Master
1153 Is It Dangerous?
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1153 Is It Dangerous?

Everyone was aware that Xu Sheng was Emperor Zhan Wu's trusted aid, and he even wanted to adopt him and make him his son. After Jiang Chen's actions, all his plans were thwarted.

Everyone held their breaths. They were all tense and nervous.

Emperor Zhan Wu didn't disappoint them. He attacked without uttering a single word.

"A Divine Sun Illuminate the Sky!"

A radiant scarlet light beam shot out. Vapor rose in the air as it passed by.

Many people were startled because they didn't expect Emperor Zhan Wu to be so resolute. This was his famous ultimate technique. Once it was cast, everything in its scope would be destroyed.

Jiang Chen felt like he would soon die. When he was about to escape, the scarlet light beam came into contact with a barrier, keeping the beam about 32 feet from him.

Emperor Zhan Wu was infuriated. His voice was thunderous as he said, "Empress Ling Long, you are ruining my affairs repeatedly. What do you mean by this?"

"Jiang Chen is a member of Qi Li Continent, so how can I just sit calmly and let you attack him?" Empress Ling Long asked. "Moreover, he is still a disciple of the academy. If you kill him like this, you should be fully aware of the consequences you will suffer."

Upon hearing her last words, Emperor Zhan Wu calmed down. The academy's disciples were just employed by the Red Blood Field. The disciples helped them and worked for them in exchange for some benefits. Even if an academy's disciple committed a crime, the disciple would be dealt with leniently. If the academy's disciple wasn't in the wrong, no one would dare recklessly attack.

Emperor Zhan Wu lost his mind due to anger and almost forgot about the rules. He took several deep breaths and restrained his impulses. He looked at Jiang Chen with a sharp gaze before he restrained his stifling aura.

Xu Sheng's corpse was now turning to dust. The Myriad Transformations Golden Flame's main source flew out of him.

The people present became restless, and their faces filled with greed.

"I will risk my life against anyone who dares tries to snatch it," Emperor Zhan Wu said as he held the Transformations Golden Flame's main source.

The people in the crowd restrained themselves. As they looked at the aggrieved and indignant Emperor Zhan Wu, none of them dared question his actions.

It was only after Emperor Zhan Wu left that the city's tense ambiance was alleviated.

Jiang Chen flew back to the sky and faced many ardent gazes. Before flying toward the Ferocious Tiger Battalion, he said, "Anyone who isn't willing to accept this can come over to challenge me."

Many members of the Ling Long and Xuanji armies had vented their resentment. However, those members were eliminated. If that wasn't the case, they would have been more excited.

After they witnessed Jiang Chen's great power, no one dared to grumble anymore.

"Besides the seven emperors, there are only five people who can contend against him."

"If he can get his own Martial Soul, he will surely become a Junior Heavenly King."

"What a terrifying divine body!"

After a short while, the selection came to an end. The people who became officers stood on the plaza and chose the army they would join.

Xuanji Army's soldiers were all reluctant to part with Jiang Chen. When he stated that he would choose Xuanji Army, all five battalions' soldiers were startled.

As for the other armies' soldiers in the city who were awaiting the answer, they were all flabbergasted.

"Xuanji Army? Isn't this tantamount to using a talented person in an insignificant position?"

"There aren't any good future prospects in Xuanji Army. Does he want to continue carrying out exploration missions?"

"If he just wants to seek Empress Ling Long's protection, he should have chosen Ling Long Army."

The crowd couldn't understand such a decision, but they still came up with many explanations for it. However, the true reason behind it was that Jiang Chen simply wanted to follow his heart.

After the selection, Jiang Chen received an officer's badge and armor, which was a high magical treasure grade. What was most eye-catching was his cape.

Scarlet Sky City's people gradually dispersed. News about the matter that occurred quickly spread to the whole Red Blood Field.

Upon learning that they would go back to Qi Li Continent, Jiang Chen was quite surprised. "Should we go back?"

"Where do you want to go?" Tian Ling asked.

"Doesn't the Field Master plan to meet me?" Jiang Chen was confused.

Tian Ling and Cang Yue both smiled as they exchanged a glance.

"You are now just an officer," Cang Yue said. "You shouldn't dream about it unless you can become another Emperor." 

Jiang Chen was taken aback. The incident with Tang Shiya had just occurred. He got many resources out of her. Even though he used most of them, he still had some left and planned to hand it over.

"It seems like it's better to turn big problems into small ones, and small problems into nothing," he said.

On the way back, Jiang Chen detected something and took out his academic badge. He had become a ghost-grade disciple and received than 10,000 merit points.

"An officer's position is quite high." Jiang Chen was surprised and delighted by it.

He opened the list of items that a ghost-grade disciple could get and excitedly thumbed through it. He had become a six-stars expert. He now needed to get his own Martial Soul. If his dark fire phoenix was his Martial Soul, he wouldn't have needed to use a sword to defeat Xu Sheng.

Jiang Chen could guess that his martial soul would be likely related to his Celestial Phoenix's genuine bloodline. That was why he paid more attention to Martial Soul Stones and birds' blood essence.

The Great Solar Golden Roc!

Jiang Chen quickly found a descendant of the Divine Great Roc, which was quite suitable to him. It was rare that it still retained a pure bloodline. Fortunately, he still had hush money left. Otherwise, he have been short of Martial Soul stones.

After Jiang Chen went back to Qi Li Continent, he had boring exploration missions awaiting him. Since there was still some time before the Wizard Clan's banquet, he had plenty of time to spend on his cultivation.

Unfortunately, his magical clone, Lu Ping, who was in Sky Reaching City's Sword Pavilion, had run into an issue.

There was still some time until graduation day for the special-grade students. Lu Ping and Lin Shuangyue were as inseparable as a man and his shadow. They both wanted to create their Sword Domain, which was why many rumors began to spread about them.

Lin Shuangyue came to Lu Ping wearing a bashful expression and said, "Lu Ping, my mother invited me to have a meal with her."

"It's no bother. I have to spend time comprehending some insights I just got." Lu Ping didn't care about this.

"Umm, my mother also invited you," Lin Shuangyue hesitantly said, still displaying a bashfulness that word surprise most people who knew her.

"I'm also invited?" Lu Ping was confused by this.

"My mother must have heard those rumors and wants to verify it. It won't matter even if you don't go." Lin Shuangyue was quite embarrassed to ask this out of him.

"I will go." Lu Ping stood up. 

Since people had already misunderstood their relationship, if he didn't go, they would likely assume that it was true.

When Lin Shuangyue witnessed his reaction, her face became flushed once again. It was a pity that Lu Ping didn't have a keen observation power. He couldn't discern the difference between the current blush and the previous one.

Lu Ping arranged some things before following Lin Shuangyue out of the Sword Pavilion.

The Lin family was a heaven-grade great faction. All its descendants were sent to a spirit-grade academy because conflicts often broke out among it and other factions. It was only after its descendants grew could they assume any real responsibility.

"Why do I feel like heaven-grade continents aren't dangerous?" Lu Ping asked.

His main body was on the Red Blood Field, so he didn't run into any enemies where he was now.

Lin Shuangyue rolled her eyes at him. "How can you think that it isn't dangerous? When Jiang Chen went into a heaven-grade continent, he killed four or five people in his own side in succession. It should surely be like hell for those people."

It seemed like she was quite knowledgeable about Jiang Chen's actions and movements

"I guess it is really dangerous," Lu Ping said in an odd tone.


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