The Brilliant Fighting Master
1152 Hundred Birds’ King
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1152 Hundred Birds’ King

Xu Sheng was a three-Qi cultivator who possessed the Myriad Transformations Golden Flame. Such traits alone preordained that he would be outstanding. Yet, he still had other skills.

What most people cared about in this match was the contestants' Realm Level. Xu Sheng was a nine-stars expert while Jiang Chen was just a six-stars expert. Challenging people at a higher Realm Level was nothing out of the ordinary for Jiang Chen. If his opponent also possessed strong traits, the disparity in their Realm Levels would be a great obstruction for him.

The seven emperors left the sky and battle stage to Jiang Chen and Xu Sheng.

"You will pay a grave price for everything you have done to Tang Shiya," Xu Sheng said.

It seemed like he would shortly lose his mind. His desire to kill Jiang Chen was overwhelming. He had never had such an intense desire for slaughter.

"You are really foolish," Jiang Chen said. "The reason why you are like this is that the Love Thread in your body is in conflict with your cognitive abilities."

Xu Sheng just mocking smiled and replied, "Shiya wasn't mistaken. You will really use the Love Thread to slander her. You should give up on your dirty designs as soon as possible because my love for Shiya is true and genuine."

"Alas!" Jiang Chen heaved a deep sigh. He didn't bother wasting his breath on him.

"Die!" Xu Sheng was done talking and attacked.

"The Myriad Transformations Golden Flame is ranked 18th in the Alien Fire List while the Sky-burning Evil Flame is ranked 11th."

Xu Sheng's hands were engulfed with a splendid golden flame that was fiercely burning. If one looked straight at the flames, one would feel like their eyes would be melted by them.

"However, it's only someone who can truly control the Sky-burning Evil Flame that can let it release a might befitting its ranking!" Xu Sheng loudly shouted. The golden flames started changing as Xu Sheng weaved hand signs. He was compressing them. "There are only a few people in the world who can subdue the Sky-burning Evil Flame, and you aren't qualified yet."

As his voice echoed, the flames' power reached the pinnacle. The golden flames blossomed and turned into a golden wheel. This golden wheel was more outstanding than the one used by him before. It even overshadowed the sun in the sky.

Xu Sheng raised the golden wheel. A sea of flames was surging within it. It seemed like another realm was hidden within it. An eye suddenly appeared on the golden wheel and snapped open.

When the crowd started suspecting whether they misinterpreted what they saw, a divine bird flew out.

"It's the golden crow!"

The three-legged golden crow was similar to a crow, but its whole body was shining brightly. It appeared like it was made out of glass. Its whole body bathed in golden flames. The golden crow was one of the mythological creatures mentioned in ancient legends.

"This is Xu Sheng's Martial Soul!"

"Since he can reach such a high position, he obviously possessed befitting hidden cards."

"Xu Sheng's fighting prowess is higher than what we imagined."

Xu Sheng was one of the Red Blood Field's strongest officers. He had not even used all of his power to get such a title. Now, he was perturbed and lost his reason. His actions could be described as crazy. He had used his entire power from the start and summoned his Martial Soul.

A Martial Soul was one of the strongest techniques possessed by six-stars experts or higher. Not all people possessed a Martial Soul. Those who did were surely stronger than others.

A Martial Soul's function was strengthening a cultivator's martial techniques and martial doctrines. It allowed one to possess remarkable abilities.

"Jiang Chen, die!" Xu Sheng held a golden spear and thrust it forward. 

The golden crow was circling around atop his head. It had locked into Jiang Chen.

"Sun God Spear Move!"

As Xu Sheng thrust his spear, he used an ultimate technique, which possessed a great might.

"Invincible Golden Body!"

Jiang Chen couldn't use wind or lightning to block such a strike because his Realm Level was lower than his opponent. He was clearly aware of fire's might and knew that he had to depend upon flames to get the victory.

"I'm sorry, but I have to inform you that the Sky-burning Evil Flame was subdued by me long ago," Jiang Chen said as he used the Fire God Scripture's third layer, as well as the Celestial Phoenix Gao family's secret art.

The divine bird, which killed Xu Huang, appeared once again. It shone in a holy and bright dazzling light.

Five creatures could be considered Phoenixes. They were the Celestial Phoenix, Firebird, River Phoenix, Black Phoenix, and Great Swan. The Celestial Phoenix's inherited bloodline belonged to the first one. However, the Sky-burning Evil Flame didn't take the form of a Celestial Phoenix but a black fire phoenix. It was the king of all birds.

This was the Gao family's secret arts. Jiang Chen was using blood essence to raise his bloodline's power. He had managed to unearth its potential.

The three-legged golden crow started fighting with the black fire phoenix.

They were divine birds that existed just in the legends. Everyone looked in shock at them. They all opened their mouths wide and forget to close them.

The Myriad Transformations Golden Flame collided against the Sky-burning Evil Flame in the sky and formed a sea of flames. Jiang Chen and Xu Sheng were fighting each other in the sea of flames.

"A Move Sweep Away Devilish Gods!"

Xu Sheng became crazier the more he fought. An excited expression was plastered on his face while his nine Constellation Palaces were boiling. His spear shone in the dazzling light and disturbed the two Alien Flames, causing them to become crazier.

"Oh my God, it's a fight of a high-level. Even if we just stand inside the stage, we will still all lose our lives."

"Is this still a fight between Star Venerables?"

The crowd rejoiced because the fight occurred in a high altitude in the sky. If that wasn't the case, the whole Scarlet Sky City would have been destroyed.

"You will die in any case, so just let me send you to the underworld."

"Solitary Heart Sword Spirit: Tenth Sword Move!"

Jiang Chen, who faced a terrifying spear strike, didn't show weakness. He used one of his strongest moves. Many swords appeared among the sea of flames and wildly flew around.

The two fighters used their moves while still engulfed by the sea of flames. Raging waves began to form and ceaselessly fluctuate.

The two divine birds were also intensely fighting. The three-legged golden crow was Xu Sheng's Martial Soul while the dark fire phoenix was just a secret technique. It was obvious that the latter would be at a disadvantage.

Regardless, what was more important was the outcome of the confrontation between Xu Sheng and Jiang Chen.

As the spear strike attacked Jiang Chen, all swords were shattered. The spear emanated a boundless aura. It seemed able to crush a whole mountain.

"Became Immortal!" Jiang Chen's transcendence-level Sword Doctrine's power let the thousand swords brightly shine. They all didn't confront the spear. Some flew toward Xu Sheng.

"Oh my God!"

The crowd witnessed the spear falling toward Jiang Chen's head. Xu Sheng was also engulfed by a cyclone formed by the swords.


A thunderous noise echoed as the two suffered their opponent's strongest strike. The divine birds cried loudly and disappeared one after the other. The sea of flames gradually disappeared.

Xu Sheng's body was covered with cuts and bruises. His armor fell down, revealing hideous injuries left by the swords.

As for Jiang Chen, who depended upon his divine body's power and the Invincible Golden Body Technique, he just spat out a mouthful of blood upon suffering the spear's strike. He still stood straight.

"Someone who doesn't have a Martial Soul managed to defeat his opponent who had a Martial Soul."

"Moreover, his Realm Level is lower than his opponent."

"Is a divine body really so strong?"

When the crowd witnessed Jiang Chen getting the victory, all sorts of feeling welled up in their hearts. That was especially the case for the Heavenly Fire Army's soldiers.

Last time, Jiang Chen had come to apply for a captain's position, but he had been driven away. Now, he had defeated an officer.

"Firmament Wind Sword Spirit: Peerless and Magnificent Wind!"

Jiang Chen pulled out the Heavenly Fault Sword. He planned to send Xu Sheng down the underworld to meet his younger brother.

Xu Sheng, who was on the brink of death, managed to calm down. His pupils expanded. One could clearly see the fright in them.

Emperor Zhan Wu, who was observing the battle, couldn't sit still. He intervened to obstruct Jiang Chen. "You dare!"

"Ultimate Move!" Jiang Chen didn't stop and became even more resolute.

The Heavenly Fault Sword released a hundred Lightning Symbols. The sword was quicker than Emperor Zhan Wu. Wind and lighting were the world's quickest and swiftest elements.

As Xu Sheng's body was swept by the sword, it stiffened. Even if a Divine Immortal descended now, Xu Sheng's life could not be saved.

"From now on, this will be the sole end awaiting my enemies," Jiang Chen said. 

He didn't state the same arguments as before or something about how it was his opponent that tried to kill first. He wouldn't say such things now. The reason behind such a murder was that Xu Sheng was his enemy.

Emperor Zhan Wu only got there in time to catch Xu Sheng's corpse. He screamed out in grief and indignation, "Hateful!" He looked at the sky. His gaze was brimming with killing intent.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》