The Brilliant Fighting Master
1150 3,000 Wisps of Soldier Energy
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1150 3,000 Wisps of Soldier Energy

The man's name was Duan Lingxing. He was already in his 30s. His power was at the upper-level of Star Venerable Realm. Based on the fact that he managed to defeat Ren Hai, one could tell that he was also titled a genius when he was young.

Duan Lingxing flew into the air and sized up Wang Teng with a mocking gaze.

"You won't be disappointed," Wang Teng said.

He had been defeated by Jiang Chen in the morning and fought for a whole day, yet he still didn't seem tired. He had great fighting spirits.

"The vitality of youngsters like you is enviable." Duan Lingxing sighed and threw out his silver spear. It flew quickly and streaked across the air like a shooting star.

"He's really treacherous."

Upon witnessing his attack, the Ling Long Army's soldiers couldn't help but grumble about it. 

Duan Lingxing spoke calmly to let his opponent loosen his guard before attacking suddenly and strongly. "Everything is fair in war."

The Five Great Armies' soldiers obviously weren't of the same opinion. However, regardless of everything else, the battle had already started.

As Wang Teng faced the sudden attack, he didn't panic or become flustered. After all, he was someone who managed to force Jiang Chen to use half of his cards. He waved his sword and gave rise to a sword wind that engulfed the silver spear and gradually slowed it.

By the time the silver spear reached him, it was left powerless and deflected by a single sword strike.

After that, Wang Teng released his whole power and attacked Duan Lingxing. 

"Sword Domain, rise!"

Duan Lingxing's expression became severe. He extended his hand toward the air. The silver spear flew back to his hand.

"A Silver Dragon Shine in Brilliant Light!"

Duan Lingxing released his spear's peerless power. He thrust his spear forward before Wang Teng reached him. It was obvious that he didn't want to step into the Sword Domain. He used a method to destroy it.

Since Wang Teng's defeat earlier in the day, he had greatly improved. When he was just about to come into contact with the spear, he disappeared.

"What?" Duan Lingxing had a bad feeling. He detected that the world before him went through a drastic transformation. "Goddamn it!"

When the wind whistled near his ears, he realized that he was now in the Sword Domain.

"The battle's outcome was already determined."

When the spectators observed the scene, they realized there wasn't any suspense left about the outcome. As they expected, Wang Teng got the victory after several minutes.

Since Wang Teng was quite young, many people cheered for him. It wasn't easy for someone from the Three Middle Realms to get such a great achievement.

Wang Teng already had eight victories in the previous officer's test. If this one was added to the count, he had nine victories. Even if he didn't succeed on this day, he would surely manage to succeed next time.

It was obvious that Wang Teng didn't want to wait until next time.

His 10th opponent quickly showed himself. The tall and sturdy man said, "I will come to experience a Sword Domain and see it feels to face it."

Upon witnessing him, an uproar arose in the city. The man was Li Huo, a Heavenly Fire Army's commander. He was one of the 36 strongest commanders and ranked among the top 10.

He could have become an officer long ago. Since he was a commander of a regular army, he didn't choose to get a promotion. A regular army's commander possessed more authority than many officers, who didn't really possess any true power.

Ren Hai and Xiao Li were both commanders of a regular army. Xiao Li's power had even far surpassed other officers. Moreover, it was only now that Ren Hai decided to part with his position as a regular army's commander and started competing over a promotion.

Li Huo flew into the air. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and said, "Come over and release your Sword Domain."

He wasn't trying to guard against the Sword Domain like Duan Lingxing. He had more confidence.

Wang Teng was wary because Li Huo was an eight-stars expert, and his Constellation Palace had two Qi. Such traits seemed quite ordinary, but all Red Blood Field's people knew that Li Huo was a half-spirit.

Everyone had a prejudice against Li Huo in the Three Middle Realms, which was why he came to the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm to seek power. After he worked hard and went through several fortuitous encounters, he managed to unearth the potential of a half-spirit's bloodline. One of his most famous achievements was that he fought evenly against three Qi eight-stars expert, and he didn't suffer a defeat.

"Please provide me your guidance," Wang Teng said. He once again used his ultimate technique to get the 10th victory.

"Sea of Flames!" Li Huo, who was among the Sword Domain where wind raged around, adopted a simple approach. Flames emanated from his body, filling every corner of the Sword Domain.

"Oh my God, it's an Alien Flame."

"It's Officer Xu Sheng's Myriad Transformations Golden Flame."

Some people managed to quickly determine that those weren't ordinary flame.

Xu Sheng, who was on the ground, grinned. He didn't mind taking out the flames to target Jiang Chen. As long as he still had the main source, the Alien Flame would belong to him forever.

The fight in the sky became extremely unfair because the whole Sword Domain was flooded with flames. Those flames even drew support from the wind. Their power was becoming greater as time passed.

On the other hand, Wang Teng, who was among the flames, screamed miserably. The Sword Domain disappeared. A man on fire rushed out from it.

Li Huo was standing in the same place as before, bared his teeth and mocked Wang Teng. "It seems like a Sword Domain doesn't amount to more than this." 

Wang Teng couldn't reply because he was still rolling around in the air. Fortunately, Empress Ling Long intervened, and extinguished the Alien Flames on his body.

However, Wang Teng was still in a sorry state. His body was covered with burns.

"You have gone too overboard!" Ling Long Army's head officer, Liu Wentian, walked out, and questioned the matter.

Li Huo didn't speak. 

Officer Xu Sheng replied, "Even murder isn't forbidden in such a fight, so how can you say that we have gone overboard?"

"The price you have to pay to use those techniques and get the officer's position is too great, and you can't get appropriate compensation in a short time," Liu Wentian coldly said.

"What? Do you want to restrict some techniques and forbid them?" Xu Sheng asked, finding the matter laughable.

Liu Wentian realized that it would be useless to say anything else. He just waved his arms and went to examine Wang Teng's injuries.

On the other side, the soldiers from Ling Long Army and Xuanji Army heavily sighed. Their weak Qi Li Continent ended up incurring the Five Great Armies' anger. From now on, they would surely suffer due to it as long as they were still in the Red Blood Field.

They couldn't help but look toward the main culprit behind it and grumble. They discovered that Jiang Chen, who was always condensing Soldier Energy, had finally gone back to the city.

Someone couldn't help but ask, "Did he assume that it came to an end?"

The crowd assumed that Jiang Chen would stay in secluded cultivation until the end of the event to avoid tribulation. They couldn't understand why he came back midway.

As Jiang Chen walked toward the plaza, a daring thought emerged in their minds.

Xu Sheng angrily asked, "Jiang Chen, do you have 3,000 wisps of Soldier Energy? Do you dare come over?"

"It isn't up to you to decide whether I have 3,000 wisps of Soldier Energy," Jiang Chen replied. 

He had already expected this. Zhang Han and the other soldiers immediately released Soldier Energy. Jiang Chen condensed the Soldier Energy, went to the plaza along with the Ferocious Tiger Battalion, and overlooked everyone.

"3,000 wisps of Soldier Energy! He really managed to achieve it."

The crowd's opinion of Jiang Chen changed once again. It now seemed like he wasn't trying to escape but striving hard to get a chance to participate in the battle.

After Xu Sheng and the Five Great Armies' soldiers realized what had happened, an ice-cold smile appeared on their faces.

"I was afraid that you wouldn't come over," Xu Sheng said.

Jiang Chen was the main culprit behind everything that had happened. It was him who gave orders to detain the Five Great Armies' soldiers.

When the people who wanted to cause trouble for Qi Li Continent's residents witnessed him coming over by himself, they were all pleased. It was what they all wished for.

Ling Long Army's soldiers heaved a sigh of relief. They felt like if Jiang Chen was taught a lesson, the Five Great Armies' anger would be appeased.


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