The Brilliant Fighting Master
1149 Deliberate Targeting
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1149 Deliberate Targeting

Jiang Chen learned many pieces information on the road back. One of which was that Xu Sheng didn't accept the denunciations targeting Tang Shiya. He assumed that it was Jiang Chen's revenge.

The five great armies had also expressed that their soldiers would not participate in such a riot. They were at Scarlet Sky Continent and waiting to confront Jiang Chen when he returned.

On Jiang Chen's first visit to Scarlet Sky City, he had participated in a captain's test. He ended up being targeted by Xu Sheng and was forced to go to Qi Li Continent. 

Now, the whole city was packed with people, who were all armored soldiers. The Red Blood Field's whole force was gathered there, which included around a million Star Venerables.

After the Ferocious Tiger Battalion returned, a clamor arose among the calm crowd. Many eyes gazed upon them.

There were many officers standing in the plaza at the center of the city, where the captain's test had been conducted. There were also two emperors there: Empress Ling Long and Emperor Zhan Wu.

After the Ferocious Tiger Battalion landed, Jiang Chen and Xiao Li went to the plaza.

"Tell me." Emperor Zhan We spoke coldly. "I really want to know how my soldiers betrayed the Red Blood Field and sold strategic resources."

Jiang Chen disregarded any threats and narrated the matter in full detail.

"Did you investigate the origins of the black-robed people you have mentioned?" Emperor Zhan We asked.

"No, I don't know their origins," Jiang Chen said. "I only know that they used poison."

"Are there any survivors?" Emperor Zhan We asked.

"There aren't any survivors." Since the situation was urgent, Jiang Chen couldn't dwell on the losses.

Xu Sheng quickly ran over and asked, "How can we be certain that it wasn't you who was dealing with the black-clothed men and Tang Shiya had gone there to obstruct you, or whether this is just an attempt from you to take revenge against Tang Shiya?"

"If that is the case, why didn't Tang Shiya come back?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Who knows whether she has already been killed by you?" Xu Sheng was quite angry. He also had a prejudice against Jiang Chen.

"I don't care about the outcome." Jiang Chen spoke bluntly. "Proving that this matter is true won't bring me any benefits, and it may even invite trouble upon me. If the Red Blood Field doesn't want to investigate this matter, I also won't care about it. Moreover, I still didn't make any mistakes, did I?"

He shrugged his shoulders and moved back. He didn't say anything else.

Upon witnessing his current attitude, everyone was taken aback. All the officers looked at each other in dismay upon realizing his implication.

Jiang Chen's concession forced them to mull the matter over. They weren't opposing such a claim as intensely as before.

"The Red Blood Field will investigate this matter thoroughly," Emperor Zhan We said. "We mustn't let such a trivial matter affect our progress. Let's start the officer's test."

Regardless of whether the matter was true or not, it would be smarter to deal with it in private. However, the sight of the Ferocious Tiger Battalion's arrival along with a thousand captives from the Five Great Armies was too shocking, which was why such an ordeal occurred.

Jiang Chen reckoned that the resources sold by Tang Shiya were quite precious, but they weren't even a drop in the ocean in comparison to the whole Red Blood Field's wealth.

"Well?" Jiang Chen suddenly noticed that the Red Blood Field didn't ask for those resources. He had already refined and consumed most of them, but there was still a little part left. "Is it hush money?"

He observed Emperor Zhan Wu's expression and started to discern his superior's thoughts while the other started making preparations for the test over an officer's position.

Jiang Chen didn't forget what Empress Ling Long had said to him, but the current issue was that he still couldn't condense 3,000 wisps of Soldier Energy. He planned to accomplish it in the drill, but all those series of events caught him off guard. However, he still had time for it. He flew outside of the city and called over Zhang Han and 3,000 soldiers.

The other people noticed the disturbance caused by them because Jiang Chen was now the center of attention. An odd look appeared on their faces upon understanding what he was doing. He was unexpectedly condensing Soldier Energy, which was tantamount to making a hasty last-minute effort.

Xu Sheng was in a bad mood. Upon noticing such a clown's actions, he really wished to beat someone up. He had already discerned from what Tang Shiya said previously that she had surely ended while suffering Jiang Chen's vicious assault.

He thought, Shiya, I will take revenge for you.

Even though Tang Shiya had already left, the Love Thread was still in Xu Sheng's body. Since he became infuriated because he assumed that Tang Shiya was killed by Jiang Chen, he would likely end up succumbing to his Heart Demons after enough time elapsed.

The city was buzzing with activity. The crowd quickly forgot Tang Shiya's matter. The soldiers were concerned more about the battles they loved.

An intense competition would be carried out so that a commander could take an officer's position. The competition's rules didn't forbid murder, which was why the battles would be more exciting.

The seven emperors were all on the city wall and paying attention to the battles while discussing important affairs.

"Did you investigate clearly why the Wizard Clan came to the Red Blood Field?"

"I heard that they came to kill Jiang Chen."

"They are really arrogant and haughty. They dared to intrude into our domain to kill someone. If the Field Master didn't intervene, they wouldn't have been willing to leave easily."

"Is the Wizard Clan related to the black-robed people mentioned by Jiang Chen?"

"What black-robed people? You can't just believe that since he didn't provide any proof."

As they spoke, Emperor Zhan Wu became quite dissatisfied because they raised the black-robed people's matter.

As they thought about Emperor Zhan Xu's bad temper, the other emperors didn't bother arguing over the matter and just lowered their heads.

A fight occurring below them gave rise to another discussion among the seven emperors.

"They have gone too overboard," Empress Ling Long said with displeasure.

A moment ago, Ren Hai, who planned to try to become an officer, was targeted by the others. Several commanders of the Five Great Armies attacked him one after the other and defeated him.

"You can't blame me for that. You have detained the Five Great Armies' soldiers on front of the Red Blood Field's residents. What kind of treatment do you want to get after taking such actions?" Emperor Zhan Wu didn't care and was pleased with the result.

Empress Ling Long pursed her lips and didn't speak.

If a commander wanted to become an officer, he had to condense 3,000 wisps of Soldier Energy and win 10 battles in succession to get the position. However, those rules had a loophole. One of them was the power of the commanders. If someone ended up fighting the 10 strongest commanders in succession, it would be impossible for him to succeed.

However, there was a tacit agreement within the army that the experts wouldn't target anyone on purpose. Since Ren Hai got such a treatment, it was obvious that they had broken the agreement. Everyone was aware of where the issue lied.

"Damn, even our Ling Long Army will be implicated by him."

Qi Li Continent's Ling Long Army's soldiers were all complaining. It was the Ferocious Tiger Battalion who had captured the soldiers, but the Five Great Armies held a grudge even against their Ling Long Army. It seemed like everyone from Qi Li Continent couldn't dream about succeeding on this day.

"That guy hid away, put on an act, and didn't end up suffering anything. He really has a good plan." Ling Long Army's officer, Liu Wentian, looked at Jiang Chen, who was still condensing Soldier Energy outside, and laughed grimly. "I will go over!"

Wang Teng also felt pressured by it, but he was forced to brace himself and go up the stage. He was only a little younger than Ren Hai, but he was much stronger.

When Wang Teng went up the stage, the clamoring Five Great Armies' soldiers quieted. Many pairs of vicious gazes looked over.

"Since this is the case, let me see how amazing the Three Middle Realms' Junior Sword Venerable is."

An outstanding person walked out among the Five Great Armies' soldiers. He was one of the commanders who defeated Ren Hai.

"They will probably fight him in succession once again. It's really pitiful. All the members of Qi Li Continent's armies will suffer a crushing defeat due to Jiang Chen."


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