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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1148 Hou Qin

This Wizard Clan's woman's name was Hou Qin. She was quite enthusiastic. She invited him to participate in the Wizard Clan's banquet.

"The Wizard Clan's banquet? Isn't that a place where only geniuses go?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Master Luo Cheng, you are also a genius, aren't you? Moreover, you are still strong in every field." Hou Qin had just soaked in the spiritual pond. Her delicate and beautiful face was flushed.

"Haha, Miss Hou, since you have asked, I will go." Jiang Chen paused for a moment before saying, "I assumed that all Wizard Clan's members had the surname of Ji."

"The Wizard Clan has 20 ancestors, and every Wizard Clan's descendant belonged to a different branch." Hou Qin smiled and handed Jiang Chen an invitation letter that had come out of nowhere. "Great master, the wizards with the Ji surname are Imperial Wizards." 

After giving him the invitation, Hou Qin swayed her slim hips and left.

Jiang Chen opened the invitation. Strange feelings began to well up in his heart.

A young girl suddenly rushed up to Jiang Chen and asked, "Great master, may I ask how your medical expertise is in comparison to your attainment in elixirs and weapons?" 

Xie Ting furrowed her brows. When she was about to reprimand the rude young girl, she noticed the outfit the girl was wearing. She quickly sized up the girl's pretty face, which was filled with worries. Recognition soon dawned on her.

Xie Ting transmitted her voice to Jiang Chen. "Great master, she's Yaoguang Holy Land's saintess and the daughter of the Holy Land's Master."

Yaoguang Holy Land was the owner of this heaven-grade spiritual pond. It was one of the sanctity-grade continent's apex factions.

Before Jiang Chen was the youngest saintess he had ever seen, as well as the one with the best aptitude. She had more talent than the All Beginnings Saintess, who had a Doctrine Embryo.

"Ling Yao, what are you doing? Don't make a scene." A middle-aged man descended from the sky and landed next to the young girl. "Great master, please don't blame her. My daughter is still too young."

The man turned to the girl and said, "Ling Yao, let's go back."

This father and daughter possessed great power, yet they didn't put on any airs in front of Jiang Chen.

The young girl wasn't willing to leave. While she was dragged away, she still looked eagerly at Jiang Chen.

Cough! Cough!

The young girl had a pure gaze. There wasn't a man who could resist it.

Jiang Chen walked forward and said, "My medical expertise is pretty good. How can I be of help to you?"

The man and his daughter exchanged a glance. Hesitation was apparent on their faces.

"Great master!" Xie Ting walked over. 

She was quite anxious and wanted to warn him, but she didn't dare open her mouth. She clearly discerned that it was the Yaoguang Holy Land's master who needed medical treatment. If they could save such an influential man, it would be beneficial to them. If they didn't succeed, they might be plagued with trouble.

Treating people wasn't like making elixirs and weapons. It was a strenuous and unrewarding task. Moreover, if they couldn't succeed in treating someone, a conflict might arise between the doctor and patient.

Xie Ting wasn't aware that Jiang Chen clearly knew what she wanted to say. But, if he watched on without doing anything and let someone die without trying to treat them, he shouldn't have learned medical arts.

In the end, the middle-aged man and his daughter made a decision. It was the man who spoke.

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen's main body in the Red Blood Field was in plight. He had already absorbed Ji Yuan's restless energy. After he added a pile of precious resources to it, his cultivation advanced to the six-stars realm. While he was making a breakthrough, the Lightning Tribulation exposed his position and destroyed the Concealment Barrier.

Chi Yantian, who was looking for him everywhere, came over. "Is his divine body is going through a tribulation?"

She tried to attack him with Alien Flames, but they were all devoured by lightning. She could only wait for Jiang Chen to successfully cross the tribulation.

The Lightning Tribulation wasn't able to harm Jiang Chen. In fact, it even helped him replenish his lightning power. He quickly recovered to his peak state.

After the end of the Lightning Tribulation, Jiang Chen soared into the sky and floated in the air. He quickly noticed Chi Yantian, who was displaying a disdainful smile.

"Are you sure that you want to kill me for the inheritance?" Jiang Chen's delight due to the breakthrough disappeared because he knew he would have to start a slaughter.

"Do you want to beg me to spare you?" Chi Yantian assumed that Jiang Chen was showing weakness and shook her head. She coldly said, "If you are cowardly and afraid of death, you shouldn't have worn the Divine Fire Ring and cultivated the Fire God Scripture."

"Since that is the case, come over!" Jiang Chen nodded and pulled out the Redcloud Sword.

Even though he had become a six-stars expert, he still didn't belittle her because his opponent possessed a Martial Soul.


Chi Yantian assumed that he was trying to pull another cheap trick. After she detected his genuine fighting spirit, she revealed a satisfied smile.


Countless sharp swords suddenly appeared in the air. Chi Yantian became solemn and wary, but she discovered that those swords attacked Jiang Chen.

"Annoying flies!" Jiang Chen cursed them.

It seemed like the Nether World School's killers were always following him around. They might appear anywhere at any time.

It was obvious that those killers' power were higher than the previous batches. Moreover, since the killers had thrown their swords at him while hiding in the void, Jiang Chen could only dodge the attacks or block them head-on.

"Get lost!"

Jiang Chen waved the Redcloud Sword. Raging flames emanated from it. They devoured all the swords and the killers hiding in the void.

"The third layer?"

When Chi Yantian noticed Jiang Chen's current level, she became quite confused. If that was truly the case, he possessed enough power to fight against her. He wouldn't have needed to escape.

Chi Yantian couldn't help but think, Is it because I'm too strong?

On the other side, the killers hiding in the void couldn't bear the evil flames might. They all turned into countless light beams and disappeared.

Chi Yantian, who had assumed that she could finally fight against Jiang Chen, heard a disturbance echoing from far away. A battalion with thousands of armed soldiers were rushing over.

"Awful!" Chi Yantian was aware of the existence of Soldier Energy. She realized it was now impossible for her to kill Jiang Chen. "Jiang Chen, I will take your life in the Wizard Clan's banquet before the wizards kill you."

She wasn't willing to accept this outcome. She bustled around for half a day, yet she didn't get to fight. Now, she couldn't help but suspect that the killers were just a facade set by Jiang Chen to stall for time.

Chi Yantian didn't wait for Jiang Chen. She turned into a flame and disappeared before the soldiers rushed over.

Jiang Chen didn't expect the occurrence of such a coincidence. As he mulled it over, he realized that the Nether World School's killers came over to kill their target before the arrival of the soldiers.

As for why they didn't attack Jiang Chen while he was injured, that matter demonstrated that they weren't always following him around. Upon discovering such a matter, he couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief.

On the other side, it was the Ferocious Tiger Battalion that came over. Zhang Han was among them.

"Jiang Chen!" Xiao Li came toward him and said, "Let's go back!

"What? Did the drill come to an end?" Jiang Chen still didn't forget the day's proper business.

"It was concluded in advance." Xiao Li hesitated for a moment and said, "You should prepare well on the road back."

"What?" Jiang Chen was confused.

"The matter you discovered gave rise to a great commotion," Xiao Li said.

Jiang Chen was taken aback at first, but he quickly realized what was meant.

"What about the woman?" Xiao Li asked.

"She ran away," Jiang Chen helplessly said.

Xiao Li furrowed his brows and said, "The five great armies' soldiers captured expressed that they weren't aware of that matter and were just working for Tang Shiya. Most of them assumed that it was a part of the drill."

"Who are they trying to deceive?" Jiang Chen found it too ridiculous.


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