The Brilliant Fighting Master
1147 12 Heavenly Kings
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1147 12 Heavenly Kings

Fortunately, Jiang Chen was not just hiding. He had deployed a hiding ward. It could keep 2,000 people from finding him. It was more than enough to use on one person. There was almost nothing to worry about. He was racing against the clock to treat his injuries and refill the Four Qi in his Constellation Sea with immortal elixirs. After the Xuan Ming Qi was refilled, his injuries recovered very quickly. Jiang Chen estimated it would only take him half an hour at most to recover.

However, it seemed to be a really bad day for him. When the divine body had gradually quieted down, the energy he had absorbed started to disturb him. The energy that should have been melted completely by the Sky-burning Evil Flame was struggling!

"You can't conquer the Wizard Race!" He even heard Ji Yuan's voice echoing in his ears.

Then this energy became more and more ferocious. It seemed to intend to kill him. No way. Jiang Chen could not figure it out; he had no time to figure it out. He exerted the divine body of fire of thunders to purify the energy completely. However, it did not take long for him to realize it was impossible. The energy of Ji Yuan's transformation body had a unique force.

"The third chapter of the Fire God Scripture!" Jiang Chen figured out the key to the problem immediately. If he wanted to realize a breakthrough, he would have to improve his lore of fire. He thought about the genuine blood of the celestial phoenix right away. Then he exerted the bible of the Celestial Phoenix Gaos. The blood in his veins started to boil. He was emitting fire.

It worked. It stopped Ji Yuan's energy from devastating him for the moment. But it did not last. Jiang Chen found it was far less than enough. If he only counted on practicing, he really did not know how much time he would need. He suddenly had a brainstorm. He took out the 100 Martial Soul Stones Ren Hai had given him and the strategic resources that Tang Shiya had tried to resell. Among them was the essence blood of some precious birds and beasts. That Blood Red Jade Marrow was especially precious, and its property was also fire.

Jiang Chen smelted all of these and swallowed them.

"You are stupid." Ji Yuan's voice came again.

The ceaseless energy brought more chaos to his body, but it also managed to obstruct Ji Yuan's energy. However, his body was harmed, too. He could hardly bear it. And in such a situation, it was impossible for him to practice the bible in peace. If things went on like this, he would be killed by himself before Ji Yuan could devastate him. However, Jiang Chen could always come up with some good ideas at crucial moments. If the true body could not achieve it, he would leave it to a practicing body.

Master Luo Cheng, already on some sanctity-level continent, was bathing in a spirit liquid pool. Heaven-level spirit liquid pools were charged by the second. Every minute would cost billions of yuan stones. And one could only use it for 15 minutes at most.

While Jiang Chen was hiding, Master Luo Cheng was going into a pool. 

What a coincidence. Master Luo Cheng was very serious. He knew he had to take it seriously. After all, the one in the Red Blood Field was his true body. Once the true body died, Master Luo Cheng would not exist either. The heaven-level spirit liquid pool was totally worth the price. Bathing in it, he was giving off fire. And this was helpful for him to practice the bible.

In this way, Jiang Chen's true body did not have to do anything in the Red Blood Field. He only needed to keep melting more resources. The energy from the practicing body would not be shared with the true body immediately. However, the true body could sense how wonderful it was. With the energy in the true body working on the genuine blood of the celestial phoenix, the temperature of his blood was rising. Around where he was, all the rock surfaces melted.

Ji Yuan's soul was also in pain. The energy of his transformation body stopped being so turbulent. It was finally really melted. When it had reached a certain extent, a loud chime came from Jiang Chen's body. If it were not for the ward, it could have been heard for more than 300 miles.

Master Luo Cheng felt relieved. He looked more relaxed. It meant the situation had gotten better.

"Master." A person showed up by the spirit liquid pool to remind him that the time was up.

Opening his eyes, Master Luo Cheng murmured, "It should be fine."

"Master, what did you say?" the person asked with respect.

"Nothing. The heaven-level spirit liquid pool is really great. But I'm wondering whether there are spiritual stones at the bottom," Jiang Chen said, smiling.

"Master, you must be joking."

Spiritual stones certainly existed in heaven-level spirit liquid pools, but of course, they could not be found easily.

Jiang Chen walked out of the spirit liquid pool. After changing his clothes, he came to a palace on the mountainside.

A cool wind blew. He felt very comfortable. Jiang Chen looked back. The mountain was dotted with spirit liquid pools, which were built into bathing pools. There were pools only for men or for women as well as pools for both genders. Like a goldmine, they had brought the owner of this mountain a great fortune.


Xie Ting was appreciating the mountain view in a corridor outside the palace. She ran over to Jiang Chen excitedly after seeing him. Her skin had a red tinge. Her hair was still wet. She obviously had just bathed in some spirit liquid pool. It was Jiang Chen who had invited her here.

"Master, you surprise me again. You managed to stay in there for 15 minutes," Xie Ting said with admiration.

Jiang Chen was struck dumb. Then he felt surprised. Not everyone could enjoy heaven-level spirit liquid pools. People whose state was not high enough could even lose their lives. He was only a master by then, not some strong man or genius. It was unusual for him to hold on for 15 minutes in the pool.

Fortunately, Xie Ting was the only one informed of that. He tried to talk about something else. "How long did you stay in there?"

"Three minutes." Xie Ting felt awkward. These three minutes were comparable to months of practice. All of a sudden, Xie Ting's attention seemed to be drawn by something. She was staring at something without batting an eye.

Jiang Chen looked over. Then he saw a young man walking out of a bathing pool. He did not know this guy, but he could perceive how strong this man was. A Martial Emperor?! Jiang Chen was surprised when he saw through the man's state. This was the youngest Martial Emperor he had ever met!

Noticing Jiang Chen's gaze, the man looked over, frowning. His brow smoothed after he recognized Jiang Chen. Striding over, he said, "Master Luo Cheng, didn't expect to see you here. I'm Qiao Xu."

Jiang Chen smiled. If this had been his true body, he would not have got such nice treatment.

He chit-chatted with Qiao Xu for a while in a very friendly manner. Then he watched the latter leaving.

"Master, I guess you don't know who Qiao Xu is, right? He is one of the 12 Heavenly Kings!"

Xie Ting was watching Qiao Xu leaving, full of admiration.

"12 Heavenly Kings?" Jiang Chen had never heard about that indeed.

"Yes. They are not Junior Heavenly Kings but Heavenly Kings, the 12 most outstanding and youngest Martial Emperors." Xie Ting said excitedly, "I almost forgot. We are on a sanctity-level continent. It's normal to see people like him."

Jiang Chen nodded. Everyone going down the bathing pools was extraordinary. They could even see Martial Arts Saints there.

"Master, a Wizard!" Xie Ting suddenly said in a low voice.

Jiang Chen looked over immediately and saw a female Wizard walking down to the bathing pool. She was only wearing a bathrobe for her convenience. Although everything was covered well, her smooth-skinned thighs showed from time to time as she walked. If she were a human woman, she would have been accused of being flirtatious. But it was quite natural for female Wizards.

"Master Luo Cheng? What a coincidence." The female Wizard also recognized him.

Smiling, Jiang Chen thought to himself, I must be very famous.


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