The Brilliant Fighting Master
1146 Flame Bird
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1146 Flame Bird

"You came to the Red Blood Field without permission. Aren't you afraid you'll bring yourself trouble?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Heh, heh, I'm from a sanctity-level continent." Flaming Sky smiled, showing her white teeth. It did not seem to be a problem for her at all.

Jiang Chen cursed to himself. He hadn't checked the Chinese almanac before leaving the house. That was why he had been so unlucky this day.

"You don't seem to have the will to fight. Why is that? Are all those hearsays just b*llsh*t?" Flaming Sky was very puzzled about his reaction, which was totally different from what she had expected.

"Don't think yourself so strong. If I weren't injured, I would be able to get rid of you easily." Jiang Chen tried to use reverse psychology to get himself out of there. He had to do this, since he could only exert less than 30 percent of his fighting power.

"You are injured? It doesn't look like that to me. To be honest, I'm very disappointed. I can't believe Flame Emperor sent me to kill you." Flaming Sky sounded very unhappy. At the same time, her look became colder and colder. Her Alien Flame appeared once again in her hand.

Jiang Chen estimated this woman had mastered the ninth turn of the Alien Flame.

Flaming Sky launched an attack. She did not test the waters. What she wanted to do was to kill him.

A chime came from her body. Then the Alien Flame arose from there. A giant bird showed up in the fire, bathing in the Alien Flame. It whooshed across the sky at high speed.

"A Martial Soul!" Jiang Chen was shocked. He did not expect this woman to be so strong.

He swore at the Flame Emperor to himself. Then he turned around to flee immediately.

His body blinked three times following a straight line after exerting A Short Distance Away and Yet Poles Apart. Soon he was already 300 miles away.

Flaming Sky's bird could not catch up with him. "He runs fast." Curling her lip, Flaming Sky kept chasing him.

Is that a vermilion bird? Jiang Chen was thinking about the enemy's Martial Soul while running. He was really surprised. Vermilion bird was one of the Four Spiritual Creatures. An average person could not have such a Martial Soul. He looked back. Soon, he found it was not a vermilion bird, but a flame bird, a descendant of vermilion birds many generations apart.

Jiang Chen suddenly looked as if he was in pain. He managed to exert the holy method, but it only intensified the uncomfortable feeling. He felt like a knife was in him turning. His forehead was covered by sweat. He obviously could not fight with someone at the moment. As a result of that, he had to slow down, and Flaming Sky finally caught up with him.

"As soon as you put on the Divine Fire Ring, you already had no way to retreat. Either become the final winner or die. You can run away, but it's not going to work." Flaming Sky wanted him to accept his destiny so that they would not waste each other's time.

Jiang Chen suddenly perceived something when he was about to speak. He lifted his head. Turbulence appeared again in the air. A black swirl materialized. Even Flaming Sky noticed it. She was puzzled too.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha." Jiang Chen had a brainstorm. He trash-talked to her, "I told you, this place belongs to the Red Blood Field. You will suffer a lot if you have the nerve to attack me."

Then he shouted at the swirl. "Kill this woman!" A literally murderous air came from the swirl.

"You don't deserve to be Flame Emperor's inheritor." Flaming Sky did not realize this was Jiang Chen's trick. She only felt disappointed at him. "I'm curious to see what kind of reinforcements you can bring." Facing the swirl, she was totally ready for a fight.

As for Jiang Chen, he disappeared by exerting A Short Distance Away and Yet Poles Apart through the last bit of the Holy Thunder force he had.

Flaming Sky did not chase him. Anyway, with the Divine Fire Ring, she could always find out where Jiang Chen was.

At this moment a figure materialized in the swirl. "You are in my way!"

Flaming Sky sent the flame bird to jump into the swirl immediately.

"Fire again?" The figure in the swirl said in anger.

As to Jiang Chen, he threw the Divine Fire Ring away when he was far away. To his surprise, the Divine Fire Ring flew back by itself. Then the Flame Emperor showed up. Jiang Chen was struck dumb. Not until then did he realize this was because he hadn't been far away from that woman.

"You defeated Flaming Sky?" Flame Emperor had no idea what had happened. Thinking Jiang Chen had won, he was very surprised.

"Screw you." Jiang Chen was hugely irritated. It turned out that this man had never expected him to survive.

"No, Flaming Sky is still alive. What happened? fled? But you are Jiang Chen." The Flame Emperor realized there was something wrong immediately. He was pretty shocked.

"Jiang Chen went through a few big fights in a row. He used up all of his trump cards. What else do you expect?" Caring about Jiang Chen a lot, Azure Demon was also very angry with the Flame Emperor.

The Flame Emperor was embarrassed, but he still murmured in a low voice, "You brushed me off."

"The inheritance of the Flame Emperor, I don't want it anymore," Jiang Chen said firmly.

"What?" The Flame Emperor became very emotional. If it were others who wanted to quit, he would torture them to death with the Divine Fire Ring. But Jiang Chen was an exception. He had lifted the restrictions of the Divine Fire Ring.

"There are no such things in the world—you can't just get things without paying something. If it were not for the Divine Fire Ring, would you have been able to show off like that in the Three Middle Realms? Would you have been able to overturn the Blood Shadow Dynasty?"

The Flame Emperor went on, "If you don't want it anymore, you must discard all of the improvements you have gotten through the Fire God Scripture."

After remaining silent for a while, Jiang Chen said, "I can do anything except kill strangers who never offended me. I'm not interested in doing that."

"But others will desire to kill you. I can't force you to do anything. The only thing I can do is to let others choose you. How can you still be unhappy with that?"

"All right. Thank you very much," Jiang Chen said in a sarcastic tone.

"I never thought it would have been such a problem. Things are unpredictable," Flame Emperor said.

"All right." Jiang Chen took the Divine Fire Ring back. He knew he could not blame anyone for what had happened.

He took out the communication stone, but still could not get in touch with the outside world. "Am I still in the blocked area? But it's impossible."

He had covered hundreds of miles. He did not think Tang Shiya was capable of blocking such a big area.

While he was puzzling his lack of communication, he found Flame Emperor was disappearing. He was going back into the Divine Fire Ring.

Jiang Chen immediately realized it was because Flaming Sky was approaching him and the restriction of the Divine Fire Ring had been activated. "She survived in the fight with Ji Yuan?" Jiang Chen was shocked by her strength.

Then he looked into the distance. He knew it would not work even if he went on fleeing. So he deployed a ward in the Divine Fire Ring and then found a place in the mountains to hide.

"Jiang Chen, I'm gonna kill you!" Soon, Flaming Sky arrived. She was in dire straits. She had fought with the Wizard for a good while before she realized she had been trapped, so she hurried to explain the situation to the enemy. Fortunately, the Wizard was reasonable. He did not make things more difficult for her. But sure, it was mainly because she also wanted to kill Jiang Chen. She tried to sense the energy of the Divine Fire Ring, but she sensed nothing. She was confused.

He can deceive the Divine Fire Ring? Flaming Sky did not know what to do next.

Suddenly, an idea occurred to her. She tried to call Flame Emperor, but she did not get any response from him. She showed a cold smile.

Looking down, she thought to herself, Flame Emperor can't show up. That means we are very close. Are you hiding somewhere?

This woman, who had suddenly popped up out of nowhere, was quite smart. She was quick-minded.

She started to search the area.


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