The Brilliant Fighting Master
1145 Flaming Sky
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1145 Flaming Sky

"You didn't completely disappoint me." Taking one step forward, Ji Yuan showed up over 600 miles away instantly. He caught the spear. Then that unique pair of pupils looked toward the bronze cauldron. His eyes twinkled at it. "Be my trophy." Then he launched a serious attack. A single movement of his was enough to deal with a troop of 1,000 soldiers. The radiance of the spear split the sky.

Jiang Chen was shocked. The divine body, which he was proud of, did not have any advantage at all facing this kind of extraordinary power. Ji Yuan was absolutely fast and absolutely strong.

"Wind and Fire Swords Wheel!"

But no matter what, Jiang Chen would not flinch. The most powerful sword wheel whooshed over, blocking Ji Yuan's path of retreat.


The spear was moving around in the sword wheel. It broke the wind and the fire up directly. Even the blade hiding in it was smashed. An unprecedented pressure came from the two Doctrine Swords. Jiang Chen's arm muscles bulged.

Ji Yuan attacked again. The spear radiance turned white. It was powerful enough to eliminate gods or kill demons.

Jiang Chen used the bronze cauldron to resist. With a bang, the bronze cauldron took the rival's attack once again.

Ji Yuan gazed at the bronze cauldron with a more eager look. "I didn't expect you to have such a treasure. You must have had some amazing experiences. You are officially on my must-kill list. And I'll make it happen today."

Jiang Chen did not have the patience to listen to Ji Yuan talking nonsense. After the two powerful attacks, even the bronze cauldron was not in good condition. It's the only way. Jiang Chen threw caution to the wind. Gazing at Ji Yuan, he threw over seven dazzling amber beads.

Ji Yuan did not do anything. He was waiting to see what Jiang Chen was going to do. Soon, he regretted his decision.

The seven amber beads transformed to stars. They formed a star field in the air, shrouding the two.

"This is...a tactical formation?" Ji Yuan was not very sure, because the Star Formation was neither like the Ancient Formation nor like any popular tactical formation of the current time. But he was sure about one thing—the Star Formation was much more powerful than the other two.

"Sword Spirit of Wind and Cloud: Peerless Beauty!"

"Idealistic Sword Doctrine: Four Movements of Ksana!"

Holding both of his swords, Jiang Chen got very serious. The energy of the swords was spreading around. Wind, fire, and thunder. The Alien Flame, the Holy Thunder, and the Divine Body.

He merged all of his trump cards into these two swords. The next attack would be the most dreadful attack that the two swords had ever launched.

Ji Yuan's face also became very serious. In this powerful Star Formation, his strong confidence had been shaken. Especially when he had perceived Jiang Chen's sword momentum, he did not want to remain passive anymore.

"Wizard Divine Body!" He finally exerted the Wizard warriors' fighting method.

Compared with Ji Hai, who Jiang Chen had killed, his Wizard Divine Body could be described as dreadful. He was like a demon lord!

He threw his spear. The Wizard Divine Body launched an inexorable attack.

"Sword on!" At this moment, Jiang Chen was ready to exert his sword movement. He instantly disappeared.


Losing all traces of Jiang Chen, Ji Yuan was first struck dumb. Then his facial expression kept changing. Numerous sword radiances were crisscrossing around him. The Star Formation became a world of swords. Tens of thousands of sword radiances represented Jiang Chen's sword blades.

When Ji Yuan finally saw where the blades were, the blades had struck.

The majestic Wizard Divine Body was deformed in the flowing lights. His motions were totally distorted. In this way, he kept struggling until he was eliminated entirely. It was then Ji Yuan's true body. He was shaking out of control. It was due to the inertia caused by the striking of the blades. Since he had been struck numerous times in an instant, he looked as if he was shaking.

In the end, the two swords fell. An endless sea of fire swallowed him up.

"How dare you!" Ji Yuan was finally not so indifferent anymore. His snarl echoed. His dual-pupils eyes sparkled. But it was too late. His transformation body had been melted by the Star Formation and the Alien Flame.

Jiang Chen swallowed, but he fell before he could digest it. It turned out he had tried so hard to exert those two sword attacks that he was injured as well. Three types of energies were colliding with each other. They were exploding in his body. He would have been dead if it were not for the divine body. However, as long as he did not die immediately, the divine body would finally recover. This was how strong a divine body was.

"Black dragon!" Jiang Chen shouted loudly. The black dragon flew out of the scripture book to catch him, who was falling. The black dragon put him down on the mountain rudely. Jiang Chen hurried to take a healing pill.

"It was a transformation body, not a clone. As a result, the dual-pupils wielder knows everything that happened just now." The Azure Demon said. It meant the Wizard Race could arrive at any minute.

Jiang Chen nodded. Something suddenly occurred to him when he was about to leave. He started to look around.

"She ran away?" Tang Shiya was missing. She had probably left when he was fighting with Ji Yuan.

At the thought of her, Jiang Chen let out a long sigh. He did not empathize with her. He was only a little emotional.

He did not chase after her. After figuring out the directions, he was ready to leave this area which would be blocked soon. He wanted to get in touch with the outside world again. 


However, not long after flying out of there, he was locked on by an energy. He thought about Ji Yuan immediately, but before long he found it was not the latter.

He felt a heat in the Divine Fire Ring on his finger.

"Found you." An arrogant voice rang in his ears. Jiang Chen looked over and saw a woman in long red robe standing there. Jiang Chen noticed she was wearing a Divine Fire Ring as well.

"Flame Emperor!" Jiang Chen shouted loudly. He was very pissed. However, the Divine Fire Ring did not react. The Flame Emperor would not show up when two of his inheritors met. Jiang Chen recalled that the Flame Emperor had tried to talk him into looking for other inheritors when he had been on a heaven-level continent.

According to the rule of the Flame Emperor's inheritance, the inheritors should fight each other until there was only one survivor left. However, Jiang Chen did not want to do that, so he brushed the Flame Emperor off. Not until then did he realize that if theFlame Emperor had told him to look for others, he certainly would have told others to look for him too!

However, this was really bad timing. Although thanks to the divine body, most of his injuries had recovered, his Constellation Sea was empty. After a series of big fights, the Holy Thunder was temporarily exhausted. And he could not count on the Alien Flame either, for the moment.

If he told this woman all this, she would be delighted.

"What's your name?" Rolling his eyes, Jiang Chen decided to take the initiative. He intended to try to bluff her.

"I'm Flaming Sky." The woman said. She did not mind telling him her name.

"We of the Red Blood Field are in a drill. If you want to know which of us is stronger, come at a later time," Jiang Chen said.

"I'm not here to know which of us is better. I'm here to kill you. So you don't get to pick the time and the location."

Flaming Sky showed a cold smile. Jiang Chen had failed to get rid of her. Then she threw her palm over immediately. A fiery dragon arrived in an aggressive and threatening manner.

"The third chapter of the Fire God Scripture?!" Jiang Chen immediately knew she had high attainments in fire. More important, her fire was not average fire. It was an Alien Flame!

Curling his lip, Jiang Chen did not say anything. He turned around to take to his heels.

Flaming Sky was struck dumb. She obviously had never thought he would run away without fighting.

"A human divine body, the Jiang Chen who challenged the Wizard Race. That's all? How disappointing." She transformed to a burning flame while speaking.

Then, a pile of fire showed up in front of Jiang Chen. When the fire had vanished, Flaming Sky showed up again, smiling coldly and sarcastically.


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