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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1144 Trophies

What Jiang Chen showed was the full power of the Sky-burning Evil Flame itself, not just what he had mastered. It was usually forbidden in a fair duel. However, the situation he was facing was dire. One of his rivals had gathered thousands of Soldier Energies and was going to turn to the Wizard Blade, while the other, a master of poisons, was using the Five-Poison Pot and was going to turn to a blood sacrifice. He had already been kind enough not to smash them to death with the bronze cauldron.

The black-clothed woman was not really fighting. She was just manipulating the five poisonous creatures. Seeing the five poisonous creatures eliminated and the fire spreading toward her, she was scared out of her wits. She ran away immediately in a disgraceful manner. However, the fire moved faster than she did. It would swallow her soon.

At this moment, the fire suddenly disappeared because Tang Shiya had pierced the Wizard Blade into his chest. Fortunately, thanks to the Invincible Golden Body, the wound was shallow. Tang Shiya was ready to sacrifice her life. She had pinned all of her hopes on this attack. At the moment, her clothes were so damaged that they were not even enough to cover her body. The Seven-Color Feather Coat had been destroyed. Her black hair was smoking.

Seeing his injury caused by the Wizard Blade, she smiled. Shaking his head slightly, Jiang Chen sent her flying. He grabbed her Wizard Blade and Doctrine Sword.

The black-clothed woman, still alive, did not dare stay there any longer. She took to her heels right away. However, Jiang Chen showed up in front of her before she could get far.

"The antidote," he said.

"Will you let me go if I give it to you?" The arrogance of the black-clothed woman was completely gone.

Jiang Chen did not speak. He simply reached out.

The black-clothed woman hesitated. Then she took out a white acorn. "Ignite it. Its smell will detoxify the poisoned people."

Jiang Chen took the antidote. At the same time, he killed her without difficulty. As for her real face, he was not interested to know it.

"You!" The black-clothed woman had anticipated death, but she still felt reluctant to accept the fact. She fell from the air.

Jiang Chen checked the antidote and did not find anything wrong with it. Then he melted it with the Alien Flame. The smell helped Zhang Han and the 2,000 other soldiers recover.

"Don't let anyone get away." Jiang Chen ordered immediately.

The soldiers of the five great armies had been severely injured because of Tang Shiya's defeat. They were too weak to fight back. Their Constellation Seas were all blocked.

When Jiang Chen went to deal with Tang Shiya, a turbulence appeared in the air. It created a strong sucking force. Everyone looked up and saw the swirl was taking shape. Jiang Chen found it familiar. Then he recalled that the dual-pupils wielder had showed up in the same way before.

"Go back with them," Jiang Chen gave the order.

"Commander?" Zhang Han felt uneasy since Jiang Chen was not going back with them, but then he recalled their conversation from the other day―he should obey Jiang Chen's orders unconditionally.


When Zhang Han and the others had left, Jiang Chen found Tang Shiya, who had put on a long coat. She was in shock. Her eyes were glazed over from the trauma. Her Constellation Sea was in a h*ll of a mess.

"Your master is coming," Jiang Chen said.

Tang Shiya turned pale. Looking up, she could not help but shiver after seeing that swirl. A giant figure materialized from the swirl just when Jiang Chen was about to say something. He had not showed up entirely, but that pressing atmosphere had filled the place. It felt as if a mountain was pressing down on everyone.

Jiang Chen's look was as sharp as a sword. It cut the mountain open and smashed the oppressive feeling. Then, the dual-pupils wielder Ji Yuan showed up! He was the strongest one in the young generation of all races. He was holding a heavy spear in his hand. The spear reminded Jiang Chen of his extraordinary spear attack in the Sky Reaching City.

Ji Yuan was in the air, but he was walking down to the ground at a slow pace, as if he was walking on a staircase. Every step he took was like the heavy heartbeat of some prehistoric fierce beast.

The entire area within a range of 300 miles was as if frozen.

Time stopped flowing.

That pair of dual pupils with golden rims was full of indifference and arrogance.

"You are eager to die." Ji Yuan said when he arrived at the same altitude as Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen was very familiar with his tone. He had heard that tone from many people, who did not take him seriously at all. "What do you want?" Jiang Chen asked.

It was probably impossible to find another person who had the nerve to speak to Ji Yuan in such a tone.

"It, and her."

Ji Yuan pointed at two things, not caring a fig about Jiang Chen's mood.

The Wizard Blade and Tang Shiya.

Jiang Chen weighed the Wizard Blade in his hand. Lowering his head, he spent a few seconds thinking silently. Then he lifted his chin with a flippant smile.

"I'm sorry, but this is my trophy." Then, grasping Tang Shiya's arm, he said, "So is she."

As soon as he had finished speaking, the already very cold air was filled with killing intent. That pair of dual pupils seemed to be magical. They seemed to be able to emit rays that could penetrate anything.

Next to Jiang Chen, Tang Shiya reacted strongly. She struggled out of Jiang Chen's grasp. Retreating aside, she did not say anything.

"I gave you two months to live. However, you didn't know how to cherish it." Ji Yuan brandished his spear while speaking.

"Stop putting on airs before me. You honestly think you are capable of being the strongest one in the younger generation? I don't think so!"

Jiang Chen launched an attack first, which did not happen a lot. He went all out. His two Doctrine Swords were chiming excitedly.


However, this ended very quickly.

Ji Yuan did not do anything. He only moved forward some distance to confront Jiang Chen before the latter could finish accumulating his strength.

With a muffled sound, Jiang Chen felt he had bumped against an iron mountain.

"A human divine body is this weak?" Ji Yuan looked disappointed. But as soon as he finished speaking, he found in front of him was only Jiang Chen's shadow. The true body had been behind Ji Yuan. The two Doctrine Swords were struck emotionlessly. The Doctrine Swords split him in four, but they were also just shadows.

Ji Yuan showed up once again over Jiang Chen's head. Looking down, he said, "You are fast, but that's all."

Jiang Chen looked very serious. He could sense a profound energy from his rival.

"Just so you know, the one you are facing is only my transformation body," Ji Yuan added. It meant the strength of the true body was more dreadful.

However, Jiang Chen smiled at the news. He said, "That'll be perfect."


"Thank you for the energy of your transformation body," Jiang Chen said.

Ji Yuan was struck dumb, just like most people who had confronted Jiang Chen.

"It's an unrealistic expectation. That's the most appropriate comment for you." As he spoke, Jiang Chen charged toward him again, brandishing his fists.

"That's not gonna work." He waved casually, as if he was just driving a fly away.

However, this time it was not Jiang Chen who was sent flying, but him!

In the first one or two seconds, he could hardly believe it, until he saw the sky-reaching Buddha's light emitted by Jiang Chen.

"This will be a kill, not just a battle," Jiang Chen said in a cold voice. The difference was, in the former, everything would be allowed.

With the aid of the eight groups of spiritual beings, Jiang Chen would be able to fight fire with fire with the strongest warrior of the Wizard Race.

"You are struggling. It's destined to be in vain." Looking down, Ji Yuan steadied himself effortlessly. Then he threw his spear. It whooshed across the sky. He did not seem to have made any effort, but the spear was like an arrow shot by a legendary bow, going to shoot the sun down. It traveled extremely fast. Jiang Chen felt as if it was the sun instead of the strong light that was thrown over.

At the last minute, the spear hit against the bronze cauldron. The spear tail was shaking violently. It still had energy left in it. However, when the bronze cauldron turned, the spear was sent flying.


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