The Brilliant Fighting Master
1143 The Seven-Colored Feather Coa
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1143 The Seven-Colored Feather Coa

Poison methods have a very special existence. Some people held them in awe. Some despised them, and others were scared of them. Poison users were mostly very lonely, because no one wanted to stay with them. No one would want to be on their guard all the time to prevent themselves from being poisoned.

As a result, there were few people good at using poisons. It was very improbable that Jiang Chen would run into a poison user who knew how to use the Five-Poison Pot. Certainly, he would not feel lucky for that.

The five poisonous creatures kept chasing him, not even giving him any time to gasp for air. It was kind of against common sense, because they were not afraid of getting beaten. Whenever Jiang Chen's blade touched them, he was greeted by a pungent smell, which made him dizzy briefly.

Tang Shiya seized the chance to launch an attack. Holding a Doctrine Sword, she took every opportunity to throw her sword over. Her attack was swift and fierce.

"No Way to Crack Any Rule!"

Jiang Chen had to switch on the Invincible Golden Body. The Red Cloud Sword pierced toward the five poisonous creatures together with a fiercely burning flame. However, the Alien Flame did not crack the five poisonous creatures. On the contrary, they were bathing in the fire. In the Alien Flame, the viper suddenly enlarged itself to more than 1,000 feet long. It could cover hundreds of miles with one twist of its body. Then it tried to bite Jiang Chen with its poison fangs.

However, it was pushed to retreat by the fire of thunder when it was approaching Jiang Chen. It was almost eliminated.

"We must crack his defenses!"

The black-clothed woman told Tang Shiya while manipulating the Five-Poison Pot.

"Emotionless Sword Spirit: Emotionless Superb Sword!"

Tang Shiya threw caution to the wind. As soon as she started her sword movement, she and the sword turned to a silver snake together and shot out. The indomitable sword momentum was powerful enough to break a mountain.

"This sword spirit suits you perfectly." Jiang Chen said with scorn. At the same time, he put on his guard.

Tang Shiya was a talented practitioner of the Kalpa of Threads of Love. After some successes, her body had developed from an average one to one that could be compared to a divine body. What was more important than her state was the fact that she was working on three qi.

She did not have any sword field, but this sword attack of hers was even more powerful than Wang Teng's Black Wind Blade. Not to mention that her rival was holding a Doctrine Sword.

"Wind and Fire Swords Wheel!"

The sword wheel roared down. Both the wind and the fire intensified. The temperature of the Alien Flame was too high for anyone to handle.

Tang Shiya's armor was melting. In the meantime, a seven-colored sunglow was given off from under the armor, which was gradually replaced by a feather coat.

"Protective clothing of Doctrine Artifact level!!" Jiang Chen saw how extraordinary this feather coat was at first glance. Its seven-colored luster, together with the energy in her Constellation Sea, formed a unique protective energy jar.

The power of the wind and the fire was kept away from it. When the sword wheel was about to bump against it, a light flashed in the Doctrine Sword, and the sword and Tang Shiya deviated from the track along which the sword wheel was moving. They dodged the sword wheel swiftly!

This series of changes suddenly made Jiang Chen empathize with the woman before him. If she were not practicing the Kalpa of Threads of Love, Tang Shiya would only be small potatoes in the Realm of True Force. The Tangs were a top force. She would be living a good life there, but compared with here, there was still a huge gap.

"No matter what excuses you have, or what kind of misfortune you've gone through, you still don't have the right to make innocent people pay the price!" However, Jiang Chen could never approve of dishonest ways like this.

"Sword Spirit of Wind and Cloud: Peerless Beauty!"

"Holy Sword Keeps Swords Out!"

The two swords showed different sword momentums. They were engaged in a combat with Tang Shiya's Silver Snake Blade. The sky became overcast immediately. Turbulence was everywhere. It was impossible to stay in the air anymore. Even the five poisonous creatures, waiting for their chance to attack, were sent flying.

When the turbulence quieted down a little bit, Tang Shiya managed to steady herself up, grasping her sword tightly. She looked around. Soon, her facial expression became frozen in shock. It was not because she had seen something she could hardly believe. It was because her injuries were much worse than she had thought. The luster of the seven-colored feather coat was much dimmer. She felt herself weaken. It was because she had been struck by thunderbolts. In addition to that, she was feeling very hot, although she did not see any spark around. Soon, a fierce flame burst out of her body.

Not until then did she find Jiang Chen's two swords had merged wind and thunder. He managed to hurt her without even damaging the Seven-colored Feather Coat. Fortunately, the fire was not very big.

She looked up and saw Jiang Chen not far away. He looked like a god or a demon, whom people could not gaze at. He was giving off an extremely strong light.

"Ha, ha, ha." For some reason, Tang Shiya burst out laughing.

The black-clothed woman was confused. Why was an injured person laughing?

"You've used 80 percent of your fighting power, haven't you?" Staring at Jiang Chen, Tang Shiya asked.

Jiang Chen was struck dumb. Then he nodded. This could not be regarded as the gap of their fighting powers, since Tang Shiya still had 1,000 Soldier Energies and could manipulate it skillfully.

"If I hadn't practiced the method that you regard as evil, I, in the same state as you before, wouldn't have been able to fight with you," Tang Shiya said in a self-mocking manner.

"You don't need to compare yourself with me." Jiang Chen shook his head.

"Bah! Why you can be extraordinary, could rise from the Realm of Nine Heavens, and I, Tang Shiya, cannot?"

Tang Shiya was irritated. She was gradually losing her senses.

Jiang Chen suddenly turned pale when he was about to speak. He left through A Short Distance Away and Yet Poles Apart right away.

"Darn!" The black-clothed woman yelled.

The poisonous scorpion pierced through where Jiang Chen had been standing at high speed. If he had not reacted quickly enough, the result would have been horrible.

Jiang Chen thought Tang Shiya had said those things intentionally to distract him. But Tang Shiya also stared at the black-clothed woman in anger.

"It's none of my business what grudges you two have, but if our business is exposed, you know the consequences!" the black-clothed woman said coldly.

Tang Shiya calmed down. At the same time, lowering her head, she said helplessly, "He is too strong. We're not enough to deal with him."

"I'll use the blood sacrifice," the black-clothed woman said.

"What?!" Tang Shiya was shocked by the woman's puzzling statement. "In that case." Her eyes lit up again. Reaching into her pocket, she took out a shining weapon.

"Wizard Blade!" Jiang Chen recognized it immediately. The Wizard warrior he killed in the Sky Reaching City had also used that. If this was the same Wizard Blade, he certainly would not look down on it.

At the same time, the black-clothed woman cut her right hand and dripped her blood into the Five-Poison Pot. The ceramic pot started to vibrate violently. It seemed it could explode at any minute. The five poisonous creatures outside transformed one after another. With some cracks, they became larger again.

"You really want to kill me," Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

"I told you, you must die today!" The black-clothed woman said. Then the five transformed poisonous creatures attacked again. They moved super fast. And the poisonous gases they emitted affected a wider area.

Jiang Chen felt dizzy. Tang Shiya seized the chance. She held the doctrine of sword in one hand and the Wizard Blade in the other.

"You forced me to do it!"

"Sky-burning Evil Flame!"

At this moment, without doing anything else, Jiang Chen only exerted the eighth turn of the Sky-burning Evil Flame. He himself became a sea of fire. Called the most dangerous Alien Flame, it was time for it to show its most dreadful side.

It is worth mentioning that half of the four qi in the constellation palace of Jiang Chen's Constellation Sea had been consumed because of the consumption of the Alien Flame. But it was worth it. The five poisonous creatures were finally killed by the Sky-burning Evil Flame this time. The Seven-Colored Feather Coat Tang Shiya was wearing started to burn.


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