The Brilliant Fighting Master
1142 The Five-Poison Po
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1142 The Five-Poison Po

Tang Shiya was not as confident as the black-clothed woman. She could not help but feel stressed when facing Jiang Chen, especially when she saw the smile on Jiang Chen's face.

"You can't be too careful!" She warned the woman very seriously.

The black-clothed woman did not respond. Then, without any sign, numerous cold lights flew out of her sleeves. They were flying knives as thin as a cicada's wing, whose edges were very sharp. They flew toward Jiang Chen at high speed. They did not aim to pierce through his body with great force, but were going to cut his neck and other crucial areas with their sharp edges.

Jiang Chen reacted extremely fast. He gathered the wind together to use it as a sword and sent those flying knives away with it.

The black-clothed woman was not surprised. She seized the chance to attack. She threw her palms over. Her attack was overwhelming.

Jiang Chen frowned. This woman was an eight star. Judging from her attack, she should be working on two qi at the same time. Why was she so confident?

However, when the two were only three miles away from each other, Jiang Chen tumbled to why. I see. He threw a punch over while thinking.

The black-clothed woman showed a cold smile behind the mask. A brush of black color appeared at the center of the palms of her delicate hands.

"Watch out, commander! It's ptomaine!" Zhang Han recognized it immediately. He hurried to warn Jiang Chen.

"Too late!" The black-clothed woman sped up. As soon as the palm and the fist met, the fatal poison got onto Jiang Chen's hands.

"The Scripture of Poisons, a poison method that can only be exerted by merging Xuan Ming Qi and Xuan Ling Qi." Jiang Chen said when the black-clothed woman was about to announce Jiang Chen's death.

The black-clothed woman, whose line had been stolen, was struck dumb. She was puzzled why Jiang Chen had had the nerve to confront her, if he already knew about her method. Poison was not something that Soldier Energy could resist.

"Unfortunately, your poison method is far from endangering me." Jiang Chen shook his head. His black lips had recovered their red color.

"How is it possible?!" The black-clothed woman could not help but scream. She had a feeling that the situation was going to be unfavorable for her. When she was going to put up a defense, Jiang Chen suddenly disappeared..

Jiang Chen came up behind her using A Short Distance Away and Yet Poles Apart. He put his hand on her shoulder.With the force of fire of thunders on his palm, he subdued her instantly.

"I'm really confused. How could you be so confident?" Looking at the black-clothed woman, half-kneeling before him, Jiang Chen said in a mocking tone.

"Yeah?" Tilting her head, the black-clothed woman asked meaningfully.

In the meantime, Zhang Han and the others felt dizzy. Unable to hold on in the air anymore, they were about to fall.

"When did that happen?"

Jiang Chen turned pale. Not until then did he realize what she had meant by Soldier Energy can't always work. If he lost his soldiers, the Soldier Energy would be gone. Having no time to pay attention to the woman anymore, he hurried to go to the soldiers' rescue, so that all of them could land on the ground safely.

All of a sudden, he sniffed. He smelt something unusual in the air. He threw the other black-clothed men a sharp look. Some shapeless poisons were flowing in the air from under their clothes. There were solids, liquids, and gasses. Poisons would be less effective when they spread out in the air in the form of gas. This was why Jiang Chen had not been affected.

He took out an antidote that he had prepared a long time ago and took it, but unfortunately he did not have enough for 2,000 people. At the same time, he exerted the lore of wind to change the direction of the wind, so that the poisonous gas would go towards the poisoners.

"Darn!" Tang Shiya and her companions retreated immediately, as if they were avoiding snakes or scorpions. However, the black-clothed men were not affected at all. They seemed to have been accustomed to poisons of this level.

"Surrender without fighting back. Otherwise all of your soldiers will die." Struggling to get to her feet, the black-clothed woman shouted as if she had won.

"Dream on." Jiang Chen certainly would not be intimidated by such a silly threat. He checked Zhang Han's situation. After figuring out how the poison functioned, numerous silver needles flew out. They penetrated each soldier's armor and pierced into their acupuncture points to steady them up. All this happened in only a few seconds. The black-clothed woman did not even have the time to react.

When she was about to speak, Jiang Chen jumped into the air. He started to kill as if a tiger had entered a flock of sheep. One and another black-clothed man died in the Sky-burning Evil Flame, including those whose states were higher than Jiang Chen's.

"No way!" The black-clothed woman could not understand the situation. How could an insignificant commander be so capable?

"I told you, you couldn't be too careful!" Tang Shiya said unhappily. However, seeing Jiang Chen's soldiers poisoned, her eyes lit up.

"Who is he?" The black-clothed woman had to take this five-star guy seriously.

"Jiang Chen."

"The man...the man who went against the Wizard Race?" The black-clothed woman was startled. She did not think it weird anymore, because it was true that average poisons could not harm a divine body.

That being said, if I can devastate a divine body with poison...tut, tut, tut. At such a thought, the black-clothed woman was very thrilled.

"Let's collaborate to take him down." Tang Shiya, next to her, said.

"You?" The black-clothed woman did not trust her.

Tang Shiya did not speak. The 1,000 soldiers hiding in the dark suddenly showed up. She gathered Soldier Energy skillfully. Then, immediately, she was surrounded by a strong energy. And her pretty face became colder and colder.

On the other side, Jiang Chen came up to the two women after getting rid of most of the black-clothed men. "Give me the antidote. I might let you go," Jiang Chen said in a cold tone. He could detoxify his soldiers, but there were too many of them. It would take a long time and consume a great amount of his energy.

"How could you have the nerve to say that? You haven't secured your victory yet." The black-clothed woman had recovered from her injuries. A ceramic pot with round belly appeared in her hand.

"Five-Poison Pot?"

Jiang Chen was shocked. It was a famous poisonous weapon even 500 years ago.

She took the lid off the pot. Then the five most well-known poisonous creatures: scorpion, snake, centipede, toad, and spider, were released into the air. They were as big as an average man. It was hard to imagine how the small pot could hold them.

Jiang Chen felt relieved after seeing the five poisonous creatures. They were not real, but were materialized by refining some poisonous things. They were like weapons. For a real Five-Poison Pot, the five poisonous creatures kept in it should be alive. But even so, he should be careful.

"Jiang Chen, you totally look down on me." Tang Shiya said. She managed to pluck up her courage, because she thought this was the best time to cast off the shadow of Jiang Chen.

"You're already adept at gathering Soldier Energy? Not bad. You've already achieved the general level." Shrugging his shoulders, Jiang Chen was still fearless.

"A fair duel is to gain fame. To gain interests, you should work your *ss off."

Jiang Chen said with a cold smile, "To survive, you must try everything you can. Miss Tang, you already know my trump card, don't you?"

He reminded Tang Shiya of the time she had spent on the sea and the bronze cauldron Jiang Chen had, which could smash everything.

"I wouldn't have come forward to confront you if I hadn't thought about that." However, Tang Shiya looked extremely confident, even if she had to deal with the bronze cauldron.

"Cut the crap." The black-clothed woman got impatient with their chit-chat. Shaking their bodies, the five poisonous things charged toward Jiang Chen, intending to bite him.

Although they were not alive, their poisonous fog, poisonous gas, and poisonous liquid were fatal all the same.


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