The Brilliant Fighting Master
1141 Reselling Resources
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1141 Reselling Resources

Sun Tong was dead, but the Brave Tiger Army and the Wolf Fang Army did not leave. The Flying Swan Army, who had also won a victory, was also hesitating.

"As compensation, give us the resources on the stone platform." After a while, the leader of the Brave Tiger Army said.

A light flashed in Su Yu's eyes. Sheanswered coldly, "You can't handle defeat, can you?"

"We lost a commander. This was unexpected. We deserve compensation." The leader of the Wolf Fang Army backed him up. This man was the trickster who was behind all of this. Things should have developed as he had planned. However, he had not anticipated Jiang Chen's appearance. As a result, they had to turn to a fallback solution.

"There are casualties in every year's drill," Su Yu said.

"Did you just refuse us? Ask my soldiers whether they'll accept it or not!" the leader of the Brave Tiger Army said in a rage. His soldiers, except the 5,000 injured ones, snarled in anger.

"You only want to find an excuse to attack us, no matter how shameless it is." Su Yu finally realized their real intention.

The leader of the Wolf Fang Army kept sneering. He did not argue.

"Jiang Chen, take the seal and go. The resources of the stone platform are yours now." Jiang Chen heard Su Yu's voice. Before he realized what was happening, Su Yu had thrown two things to him.

Jiang Chen caught them. Then he gave the order and left the stone platform with Zhang Han and the other 2,000 soldiers. The other three armies reacted quickly. They launched an attack one after another. The stone platform was only a form. What mattered were the seal and the resources. As long as Jiang Chen had the seal, the stone platform still belonged to the Qi Li Continent.

Su Yu did not choose Jiang Chen for no reason. The Ferocious Tiger Battalion was famous because they marched at high speed. As the commander, Jiang Chen had gathered Soldier Energy and exerted his holy method. He was thousands of miles away in an instant.

"Go back!" The officer of the Wolf Fang Army was petrified. He had never seen anyone who could run so fast. He returned to the stone platform decisively to take down Su Yu and the others. However, Su Yu had left too. There was no one remaining on the stone platform. Without the seal, the stone platform was only a pile of average flagstones.

"D*mn it!" The officer of the Wolf Fang Army flew into a rage. "I won't let him go so easily!" he said, reluctant to accept defeat.

"Officers, we still have other missions. Good-bye." The Flying Swan Army was not interested in being a part of this anymore. After losing so much time here, they left as soon as they bid farewell.

The Wolf Fang Army and the Brave Tiger Army also realized they should go on with the drill. "This isn't over yet!" The leader of the Wolf Fang Army said coldly.


Far away, Jiang Chen, who had fled successfully, stopped on a hill to take a rest. Then he took out a communication stone to contact Su Yu. To his surprise, he could not get any response. Thinking it over, Jiang Chen broke out in a cold sweat.There was a great chance that the area he was in had been blocked.

"Deploy a hiding ward." Jiang Chen ordered immediately.

Zhang Han and the others, who would never oppose him, followed his order right away.

Soon, a 1,000-man group armed to the teeth appeared on the horizon.

"They are from the five great armies!" Zhang Han took a deep breath after seeing the soldiers' armor.

"Not only the five armies. There is one of my old acquaintances too."

Jiang Chen saw a woman among those soldiers. It was Tang Shiya!

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen hurried to lower his head and told everyone to hold their breath. These troops were searching around because they had detected the intrusion of outsiders. Fortunately, the hiding ward of the Ferocious Tiger Battalion had been improved by Jiang Chen. In the end, they were not found out.

"Commander, what are they doing here?" Zhang Han asked in a low voice.

Jiang Chen shook his head. He had no idea either.

There were no stone platforms here.

"Give me the map."

Jiang Chen opened the map. Then his brows knitted more tightly. They were outside the drill area. If that troop had just passed by, they would not have deployed a blocking formation.

Jiang Chen knew it could not be simple. If it were others, he would probably just leave secretly. But it was Tang Shiya. He was really curious to know what this was about.

The men from the five great armies found nothing. Thinking it was a false alarm, they left one after another. Only Tang Shiya and more than 100 elite soldiers remained. Jiang Chen was quite puzzled, but soon the answer revealed itself. A group of people appeared from the direction in which Tang Shiya and the others were facing. These people were not wearing armor. They were black-clothed and wearing masks. There were 100 or so of them.

Without chit-chatting, they got down to business right away. The two groups took out some things from their spiritual storages and exchanged the things.

"Gosh. Those are King Spirit Liquid, super-level Martial Soul Stones, and Blood Red Jade Marrow. They are all strategic resources of the Red Blood Field." Zhang Han was shocked to see them.

Jiang Chen realized what they were doing too. Tang Shiya was taking advantage of the chaos brought about by the drill to resell the precious resources of the Red Blood Field. The resources produced on the seven vast and rich continents every year were beyond comparison of what could be produced by any Holy Land or Divine Religious Sect on spirit-level continents. They would be priceless if they were for personal use. What Tang Shiya was reselling was only a very small amount, but for individuals it was enough to make anyone jealous.

At least Zhang Han and the others could not take their eyes off the resources.

All of a sudden, a black-clothed person looked their way.

"Anything wrong?" Tang Shiya was confused. She felt nervous.

"Have you checked this place thoroughly?" It was a beautiful female voice that came from behind the mask, but it sounded very cold.

"Yes." At the thought of the disturbance just now, Tang Shiya did not sound very confident.

"Really?" Detecting her hesitation, the black-clothed woman asked again.

Tang Shiya had to tell her what had happened. In the end, she added, "We checked every corner, but we found nothing."

"Idiot." The black-clothed woman cursed relentlessly.

"What did you say?" Tang Shiya was irritated. She, in her current position, would in no way swallow such an insult.

However, the black-clothed woman totally ignored her. She flipped open her palm and a small stone statue appeared on it. It was a dog.

Injected by the energy of constellation palace, the dog came to life. It barked toward where Jiang Chen was. In the meantime, the other black-clothed men came to the hill where Jiang Chen and others were hiding at high speed.

Jiang Chen had to remove the hiding ward and fly into the air.

"It's you!" Tang Shiya was surprised to see there were people here for real, and Jiang Chen was the last person she wanted to see.

"What a coincidence." Jiang Chen exclaimed. He had just run away in a random direction and happened to bump into them.

"No matter who you are, you will die here," the black-clothed woman said.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. He did not have to say anything. Zhang Han and others charged forward to stand behind him.

"But it seems I'm the one who is at an advantage."

Tang Shiya only had 1,000 men. The black-clothed woman had 100. And he had 2,000 soldiers. That was why he did not escape after being found out.

"You think Soldier Energy can always work?" The black-clothed woman did not take his confidence seriously at all. Despite the mask, Jiang Chen could still perceive her scorn of him.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》