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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1140 Sun Tong

He was acquainted with the Qi Li Continent. The Ling Long Army and the Xuanji Army both knew him. He had violated military law because he harassed a pretty woman.

As a woman, Empress Ling Long could not put up with him, but since the harassment had been frustrated and he had been working very hard for the army, she only deprived him of his general post. However, he was still unhappy with her decision. He did not think he should have been punished. Pissed off, he went to the Bird-of-Prey Continent to join the Brave Tiger Army.

That was not the whole story. He had been against the Qi Li Continent ever since then. He certainly would not miss this opportunity to take his revenge. His name was Sun Tong.

"Doesn't anybody have the nerve to fight with me?" Seeing no one speak, Sun Tong started to mock them.

All the members of the Ling Long Army and the Xuanji Army were angry.

Gnashing his teeth, Ren Hai was going to accept Sun Tong's challenge, but Jiang Chen beat him to it. He came up to Sun Tong first. In this way, Su Yu did not need to hesitate anymore.

"A new face. Uh huh, you are that Jiang Chen, aren't you? Since you weren't accepted by any of the five great armies, Empress Ling Long had to make an exception for you, right?" Sun Tong recognized him by his age and face. "The Qi Li Continent has sunk to such depths!" he exclaimed.

"I understand you," Jiang Chen said.

This was confusing. Sun Tong stared at him, frowning.

"Trying everything you can to justify what you did to convince yourself that you did nothing wrong," Jiang Chen went on.

Others still did not understand what he meant, but Sun Tong did.

"What do you know?! What can you know?! Accusing me here like this?!" Sun Tong lost his manners. He snarled, closing his fists tightly.

"Do you mean doing evil and betrayal?" Jiang Chen asked.

"I'll kill you!" Sun Tong could not hold in his temper anymore. If Jiang Chen's intention was to irritate Sun Tong, he had succeeded.

Smiling, Jiang Chen said to him, "Anyone who has ever had this thought either went to hell or is on their way there."

"Where did you get that confidence?" Sun Tong sounded very gloomy. He looked as if he wanted to swallow Jiang Chen alive.

"Many people want to know. And they knew it before their deaths, which was good for them," Jiang Chen said.

Behind him, the soldiers of the Red Jade Battalion and the Xuanji Army were all petrified. If this battle was to find out who was more eloquent, Jiang Chen had won.

"Warriors of the Brave Tiger! Fight!" Sun Tong shouted in a profound voice. He did not want to argue with Jiang Chen anymore. His giant body and his solid voice were oppressive indeed. When the 5,000 soldiers of the Brave Tiger Army raged forward, their strong energies swept toward Jiang Chen.

The sound of wind and thunder came from Jiang Chen. He was on the verge of being drowned by these energies, but he managed to resist them without batting an eye.

"He can only gather 2,000 Soldier Energies?" Su Yu's heart sank after getting the answer from Jiang Xin. The enemy could gather twice the amount! The gap had never been so huge in the previous four battles!

"He must realize it." Wang Teng could not figure it out. He was not expecting Jiang Chen to lose just because he had won. They had the same enemy at the moment. That was the biggest problem they should solve.

"Zhang Han!" Jiang Chen also shouted loudly. 2,000 soldiers came forward from the Ferocious Tiger Battalion. They were aggressive. None of them looked scared. On the contrary, they were advancing firmly with high morale. Despite the huge gap, they still trusted Jiang Chen.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha." Sun Tong burst out laughing. After that intimidating trash talk, it turned out Jiang Chen had so few men.

The officers of the Wolf Fang, the Brave Tiger, and the Flying Swan were all smiling.

"Soldier Energy, gather!" Sun Tong did not give Jiang Chen any time to regret his decision. He gathered 5,000 Soldier Energies right away. With the aid of 5,000 Soldier Energies and 5,000 Star Venerable soldiers, he almost became a god of war. His body was shining. His hair was flying in anger. Under his armor draped over his shoulders, a shocking energy was emitted.


"Invincible King Fist!"

Sun Tong attacked. He did not use any weapon, but his iron fists could be compared to a Doctrine Artifact. The two fist radiances were so huge that they made him look small. His punches were very straightforward. Not showy, but quite overwhelming.

Wang Teng tensed up. Sun Tong, in such a status, could knock down his sword field with one punch, certainly, when his sword field was not aided by Soldier Energy.

Jiang Chen took a deep breath. Instantly, his 2,000 Soldier Energy was gathered.

"That's all you have? How dare you show off before me?" Sun Tong smiled sarcastically. He thought it would be easy for him to win.

"You'll realize Soldier Energy isn't everything." Jiang Chen did not bother to argue with him. He switched on the Invincible Golden Body. The divine body of fire of thunders worked together with the Five Thunders Authentic Method.

"The Fury of Thunder!"

Not limited to swords anymore, the divine body and the holy method gave off a dreadful power. With only 2,000 Soldier Energy, he looked like a god of army. The armor on his body broke itself. It turned to powder, because it could not bear the power of the divine body. He extended his hand, intending to grasp Sun Tong's fist.

"You're courting death!" Sun Tong went all-out to cover his uneasiness. His fist radiances caught fire like falling meteorites.

However, Jiang Chen's hand did not look like an average human hand at all. It was shining. Lightning was swimming around his fingers like silver snakes. Before the fist came, the fist radiance came first like some angry waves. When it was about half a mile from Jiang Chen's palm, it started to break up.

"Ah!" Sun Tong roared. He strengthened the power of the fist radiance, but nothing changed. Then his fist hit Jiang Chen's palm. Jiang Chen did not even take half a step back. His hands were quite steady.

Behind Sun Tong, the 5,000 soldiers looked exhausted.

"This is impossible!" Sun Tong shouted.

"You think with thousands of Soldier Energy you can ignore the power of my divine body?" Jiang Chen said indifferently, as if he had seen through Sun Tong.

Sun Tong had a hunch that something bad was going to happen. He was going to retreat, but Jiang Chen grasped his fist.

"Fire Thunder Shocks Clouds!"

Jiang Chen gave his movement a random name. He gathered all of the force of thunderbolts and exerted the Sky-burning Evil Flame of the eighth level.

This time, besides the dangerous feeling, Sun Tong also panicked. "What are you up to?!" he shouted in fear.

Smiling coldly, Jiang Chen released the fire of thunders. Starting from his hands, Sun Tong turned to ashes. What lingered on his face was an incredulous look. At the same time, the 5,000 soldiers of the Brave Tiger Army seemed to have received a heavy punch too. Many of them turned pale. Some even spit up blood.

The result came after one attack! No, it was not exactly true. To be precise, Sun Tong did not get to show off before Jiang Chen at all.

"You...you killed my man? You're doomed. If Empress Ling Long learns of this, she won't let you go!" The officer of the Brave Tiger Army said in a stern voice, angry and shocked.

"You wish. He killed two commanders and generals in a row on the Qi Li Continent."

Su Yu opened her mouth. She said in a sarcastic tone, "You can leave now."

The Brave Tiger Army was speechless when they realized that Jiang Chen was such a cruel man.

"His divine body turns out to be so strong. My sword field probably can't hurt him at all!"

Wang Teng was relieved. At the same time, he showed a bitter smile. He knew he probably would not be able to catch up with this man for the rest of his life.

Fortunately, most people in this world would not either.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》