The Brilliant Fighting Master
1139 Morale of the Generals
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1139 Morale of the Generals

The Fire God Palace contained all of the disciples who were good with fire in the Academy of the Land of Abundance. The grading system in all of the palaces was the same. Someone must be very strong to become a ghost-level disciple. Liu Tao's confident look broadcast his strength.

Since he used fire, Jiang Chen figured maybe he would take the challenge. However, Su Yu sent Duan Tian instead of him.

The two commanders met in an empty place at the center. Seeing the battle on the verge of breaking out, thousands of soldiers walked out of the Wolf Fang Army.

This was not expected. Frowning, Duan Tian looked back.

"What is this?" Su Yu said, confused.

"This is a drill. Of course we'll gather Soldier Energy." The officer of the Wolf Fang Army looked surprised. He had not expected such a question.

Su Yu flew into a rage. They had evidently played a trick on her.

To compare Soldier Energy, it was not difficult for her to pick out five excellent commanders. However, the other five armies only needed to send their strongest commanders. But since it sounded reasonable, she could not say anything. No matter what, it was better than robbing them of the seal.

"Let's start then." The commander of the Wolf Fang Army smiled complacently, as if he was sure he could defeat the Qi Li Continent.

As commander, Liu Tao gathered more than 3,100 Soldier Energies at one go. His level was enough to make him an officer.

By comparison, Duan Tian only gathered 2,500 at most.

Although the fighter with the most Soldier Energy did not secure a victory, they were at an advantage. It was like fighting a person in a higher state. The two gathered their Soldier Energy and looked almost as strong as Martial Emperors.

"Breaking the Sky!"

"Greedy Wolves Devour the Sun!"

The two exerted their best movements. They approached one another. Close combat started after they bumped against each other.

Their soldiers did not get involved in the battle. They were only there to guarantee their commanders would get Soldier Energy smoothly in the desperate battle. It is worth mentioning that the one who attacked and killed the enemy's soldiers would gain the victory all the same. As a result, Duan Tian and Liu Tao both had to be very careful. Thanks to the Soldier Energy, they did not have to worry about getting exhausted, and their attacks were extremely fierce. The battle was desperate.

Their manipulation of Soldier Energy is still basic. Jiang Chen was watching them fighting.

Soldier Energy did not only depend on the amount, but also on their proficiency, because even with external forces, it was still not easy to give their movements full play. There were three levels of the manipulation of Soldier Energy: average, proficient, and extraordinary. The battle between Duan Tian and Liu Tao was white-hot. The result would come very soon.

"Divine Spear Pierces the Sun!" Duan Tian exerted his special movement. The spear in his hand kept advancing, giving off a shining radiance.

"Fire God Cleans Dust!" Liu Tao was not doing nothing. He threw his knife over as well. When the knife was falling, his hands were making mudra rapidly. A flame moved along his arm and gathered in his palm. He threw it over. The flame hit the knife. The knife first boomed and continued its flight. The knife met the spear very quickly. The strength of the knife pierced through the spear. The Alien Flame started to rage.

"It's Sin and Punishment Ghost Fire." Jiang Chen recognized it. However, it did not affect the power of the Alien Flame.

Duan Tian's spear was vibrating more and more violently. He gradually lost control of it. In the end, the spear flew into the air. Duan Tian received a fierce attack from the Alien Flame.

"The Soldier Energy doesn't come into play here. Liu Tao is just better than Duan Tian."

"He after all has the Alien Flame."

"His Alien Flame isn't the origin of his strength. Why isn't it regarded as an external force?"

"Because to use the Alien Flame, one has to work very hard. It can't be used just at will."

Their conversation was commentary on the battle. They felt pity and sorry, at most, but they were not surprised.

Duan Tian went back onto the stone platform with an apologetic face, although no one wanted to blame him.

"It's the Mountain Shaking Army's turn now."

The other three armies did not wait there doing nothing. They acted before the Brave Tiger Army could act. Since the Brave Tiger Army and the Wolf Fang Army were together, if they got two seal fragments, the situation would be unfavorable for the other three armies.

"No problem." The officer of the Brave Tiger Army agreed immediately. He did not even try to argue.

"Luo Lie, your turn." The leader of the Mountain Shaking Army sent his best subordinate right away. Luo Lie, a seven-star strongman, was already more than 30 years old. He was not from the academy, but a native of the Red Blood Field. He represented the native power of the Red Blood Field. Compared to Liu Tao, he was more prudent and restrained. He approached the stone platform silently, followed by more than 3,000 soldiers. It was quite normal for a native.

"Wang Teng." Su Yu picked her man out as well.

She had suffered one loss, and she could not afford another. Otherwise, they would have to win three victories in a row. It would be a great pressure for the other three commanders.

Wang Teng took a deep breath. He was leading 3,000 soldiers from the Red Jade Battalion. This was the requirement to be a general. If everything went smoothly, he would also participate in the selection of generals after the drill.

People counted silently. The gap of Soldier Energy was about 500. While people were feeling worried about Wang Teng, the battle went in a completely surprising way. Wang Teng switched on his Small Sword Field. With the help of Soldier Energy, his Black Wind Blade was dreadful. The battle ended in one minute. The man called Luo Lie lost. The soldiers of the Mountain Shaking Army looked embarrassed. They had been confident, first because of Luo Lie's age, and second because of the quantity of Soldier Energy.

However, they lost so quickly. The difference between an academic and a native was instantly obvious.

The Mountain Shaking Army left quickly. They gave up this stone platform.

Then it was the Wild Sea Army and the Flying Swan Army's turn.

It was dramatic that the Qi Li Continent had one victory and one loss. In other words, they had won two battles of the four. According to the rule, Jiang Chen would be the one to face the challenge. However, Su Yu seemed to be hesitating. She was not sure about sending Jiang Chen to fight this battle. She did not know they would use Soldier Energy when she chose Jiang Chen. She had no idea how much Soldier Energy Jiang Chen could gather, but it could not be too much.

"Leave it to me." Ren Hai, the commander of the Divine Crane Battalion, said. His Soldier Energy surpassed Jiang Chen's by over 1,000. It was safer to send him.

The challenger of the Brave Tiger Army came forward while they were still discussing who to send. Everyone in the army of the Qi Li Continent turned pale when they saw who it was.

"This...this is cheating!"

"He must have been deliberately hiding. Otherwise Su Yu wouldn't have agreed."

Ren Hai, about to go out to fight, also turned pale, as if he was afraid of whom he would have to deal with.

"What a coincidence." The man representing the Brave Tiger Army greeted the Xuanji Army.

"He used to be a general in the Xuanji Army. Then he joined the Ling Long Army. Later, he was demoted to a commander for violating military law, but he chose to go to the Bird-of-Prey Continent in the end." Zhang Han said. He knew that Jiang Chen, who was new here, did not know such things.

"So this man is actually a general?" Now Jiang Chen realized why others had reacted in that way.


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