The Brilliant Fighting Master
1138 A Five-Round Figh
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1138 A Five-Round Figh

Since Wang Teng and Jiang Chen had only been fighting less than 20 minutes, there was still some time to go until noon.

"The Seven Emperors won't intervene in this drill, in which the combat capability of all troops will be tested." Empress Ling Long started to talk about the details of the drill.

What Jiang Chen cared about, like most people, was what he needed to do.

"What you need to do is to finish your own tasks. On the battlefield there are quite a few stone platforms, on which there are abundant resources. Who occupies the stone platforms gets the resources. You will also be rewarded for finishing your tasks. As to what the tasks are, only Cang Yue knows. Follow her arrangements."

As soon as she had finished speaking, bells tolled from far away in an urgent manner. Smoke signals were rising from all parts of the Red Blood Field and soaring into the air.

"Let's go."

Cang Yue started in the front. Thousands of soldiers followed her. They turned into an apparition that looked like flowing lights that were streaking across the sky like meteor showers. The scene was spectacular.

"Every continent must get seven stone platforms before dusk. Otherwise you'll be eliminated. This is the stone platform closest to us. Spread out, just like we did in training."

The commanders and generals heard Cang Yue's voice. Then the army divided into seven teams, heading for different places.

The Xuanji Army's main task was to aid the Ling Long Army.

The Ling Long Army had three battalions. Each of them had the help of two battalions of the Xuanji Army.

The battalions that were left over would act with Officer Liu Wentian.

Jiang Chen's Ferocious Tiger Battalion and the Divine Crane Battalion would act with the Red Jade Battalion of the Ling Long Army.

One of the commanders of the Red Jade Battalion was Wang Teng, who had lost to Jiang Chen. Above Wang Teng was Officer Su Yu. Judging from the name, this officer seemed to be a woman. However, no one could believe she was a woman when they saw how tall she was. She was even taller than most men, including Jiang Chen. She had wide shoulders and a slim waist. Even though she was wearing armor, she still looked quite sexy. The only pity was that she was not very pretty, although not exactly ugly either. However, in an era when there were so many beautiful women, she was totally outshined by them. In addition, she was also strong. She was not a good-for-nothing like Officer Li, but one of the best officers.

Jiang Chen felt a bit intimidated by her.

"Thank you for pulling your punches." Jiang Chen suddenly heard a voice. He looked toward Wang Teng, who was not far away, in surprise. The latter was looking at him too with a complex facial expression.

As soon as the Sword Method of Ksana was exerted, Jiang Chen's sword hit Wang Teng hundreds of times. If any of these attacks had been just a little heavier, Wang Teng would have been dead. It was in Jiang Chen's character to kill a man from the Three Middle Realms like him unscrupulously.

"It wasn't a life-or-death fight. You don't need to thank me. You didn't think about killing me either, did you?" Jiang Chen asked in a casual way.

Wang Teng lowered his head. He actually did not have an answer for this question. His sword movement could have gone out of control just in order to win. It was not impossible that he could have killed his rival.

"Here we are!"

While they were talking, the team had arrived at the stone platform.

"That's huge!"

Different from what they had imagined, the stone platform was not just one platform. There were hundreds of platforms instead, of different sizes and heights.

"No. This is just one stone platform!"

Su Yu said, "To take over the platform, we must occupy every part of it." As soon as she had finished speaking, black clouds appeared from as far as their eyes could see. Soon, they realized that the black clouds were actually humans.

"We are the first to arrive! Speed up!" Su Yu gave the order.

The soldiers of the three battalions landed on the stone platform group immediately. Every stone platform had something like a seal, which was their goal. They occupied all of the hundreds of small platforms before long. These small platforms, established on the ground, started to boom and move toward the center. Not until they started moving did they find that the edges of these small platforms matched perfectly. Instantly, a giant 1,000-foot-high stone platform materialized.

At this moment, the armies from other continents of the Red Blood Field arrived. Arriving too late, they were all very angry. However, they did not leave after seeing who had beaten them to it.

"Su Yu, give us the seal of the stone platform!"

"You Qi Li Continent doesn't get to compete with us."

"Go away as soon as possible!"

People from all of the armies were shouting at them.

Standing beside the stone platform, the army of the Qi Li Continent did not flinch.

Su Yu said, "The seal of this stone platform is mine. Even if you capture this stone platform, the victory won't be really yours. If you insist on taking this seal from us by force, I guarantee you that you will also suffer a great loss. I suggest you head for other stone platforms as soon as possible instead of doing that."

"You are so arrogant. We will suffer a great loss if we deal with you?"

There were five armies surrounding the stone platform. Their fighting powers were several times stronger than that of the Qi Li Continent.

"The thing is, how will you split the seal among you? Wolf Fang Army, Brave Tiger Army, you two are from the Bird-of-Prey Continent. You won't have any conflicts. However, Mountain Shaking Army, Wild Sea Army, Flying Swan Army, you are from different continents. What are you going to do?" Su Yu asked.

"You are trying to tear us apart!" The officers of the Wolf Fang Army and the Brave Tiger Army yelled in anger. They wanted to launch an attack, because they had an advantage.

"I'm just telling the truth." Su Yu shrugged her shoulders.

The other three armies hesitated. They did not want to linger here.

"There are not enough stone platforms for all of the armies. Otherwise we wouldn't be having this drill."

The officer of the Wolf Fang Army said, "You want to send us away through talking tough. That's impossible."

"So what are you going to do?" Su Yu said.

"Let's do it this way. Split the seal in five, one for each of us. Then we will send our commanders to fight. If in the end you can keep more than three parts of the seal, we'll leave without arguing. If you can't, whoever gets the most seal fragments will get the stone platform," the officer of Wolf Fang Army continued.

"What a good plan. You and the Brave Tiger Army are together. Isn't the rule more favorable for you?" Jiang Chen asked.

"You, a commander, don't get to speak here!"

"Absolute fairness doesn't exist."

The officers of the Wolf Fang Army and the Brave Tiger Army scolded him one after the other.

"We agree." The other three armies had made up their minds.

The Wolf Fang Army and the Brave Tiger Army were pleasantly surprised.

Su Yu shook her head helplessly. At a disadvantage, they could not argue about the rules. If they opposed it, they would be besieged by the five armies.

"Wang Teng, Xiao Li, Duan Tian, Wu Di..." Su Yu called four commanders by name, telling them to get prepared. Then she stopped to look toward Jiang Chen.

"Jiang Chen." She said his name.

The other four commanders were from the Ling Long Army. Only Jiang Chen was from the Xuanji Army.

However, none of the soldiers of the Red Jade Battalion had a different opinion.

The enemy sent five commanders, each of whom was the strongest one of each army.

"Since you are weaker, you can choose the person to fight with the challenger." When the officer of the Wolf Fang Army had finished speaking, one of their young commanders came forward.

"Liu Tao, commander of the Black Flame Battalion, the Wolf Fang Army. Please." He was very young and was obviously from the academy.

"Liu Tao is a ghost-level disciple of the Fire God Palace. He has Alien Flame, a very strong one. He got it from the academy! This guy is difficult to deal with." All the members of the Ling Long Army turned serious.


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