The Brilliant Fighting Master
1137 Queen Mother“s Divine Liquid
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1137 Queen Mother“s Divine Liquid

The fine black sand was actually a precious kind of iron particle that was vibrating at the same frequency as the wind. The sword formed by the black wind wasn't very sharp, but it was still able to cut apart myriad objects. It could even penetrate the robust defense of a divine body.

"Raging Lightning Among Wind!"

The sword streaked across the Lesser Sword Domain like a bolt of lightning, shining brightly. The sword strike wasn't just extremely fast, it also possessed a divine strength capable of destroying everything.

"A Divine Sword Controls Lightning!"

Jiang Chen still didn't plan to use the Invincible Golden Body, so he used the Heavenly Fault Sword to release many Lightning Symbols. When their swords collided, light as dazzling as a thunderbolt shone, and the Sword Domain became so chaotic that no one could stand there steadily. Jiang Chen and Wang Teng both moved back ten meters. Jiang Chen was the only person affected by the Sword Domain, and he lost his balance.

"Hehe!" Wang Teng couldn't be affected by his own Sword Domain, and he laughed wickedly.

"You won't manage to block the next sword strike," Wang Teng said while drawing aid from the Sword Domain, which was becoming more chaotic and crazier. He planned to use his most powerful sword move.

"I should say the same to you." Jiang Chen flashed a mysterious smile and raised both the Redcloud and Heavenly Fault Swords.

"Firmament Wind Sword Spirit!"

"A Divine Sword Controls Lightning!"

"A Single Spark Makes a Great Fire!"

As these words echoed, three different forces—wind, lightning, and fire—appeared on Jiang Chen's two swords. Wang Teng raised his eyebrow. He found this unbelievable.

"You don't really plan to try this, do you?" Wang Teng was aware that Jiang Chen was able to fuse wind and fire to form a special Sword Realm. But, if he added divine lightning to it, that would be a completely different matter; it was almost impossible to control such a chaotic power.

"Ksana Sword Method: the Fourth Move!"

Jiang Chen was planning to try and use the wind, lightning, and fire forces to launch his strongest sword move.

"He's a madman!" Wang Teng was frightened, and he quickly tried to build up power. By the time he'd finished, Jiang Chen had launched the sword strike.

The people on Ling Long Mountain had the honor of witnessing the most brilliant sword move they would ever see in their whole lives. The wind, fire, and lightning forces surged around the two Doctrine Artifacts, and they were released as the Heavenly Fault Sword and Redcloud Sword used the same sword move. When the swords' aura rose to the pinnacle, the Lesser Sword Domain, which gave onlookers a stifling feeling, was destroyed by a powerful force. It was torn apart like a piece of cloth, and it seemed like it would soon disintegrate.


Wang Teng, who was about to use his sword move, realized that there wasn't any need to give this a try because it was thoroughly impossible for him to block Jiang Chen's sword strike. Many sword lights streaked across the Sword Domain like shooting stars. Everything occurred in the twinkling of an eye. Every sword light represented a particular sword, all of which were pointed at Wang Teng.

The Sword Domain had been completely destroyed in one moment. As the wind whistled, all of the clouds in a hundred-mile-radius were stirred. When this disturbance gradually started calming down, Wang Teng had already suffered a crushing defeat. His whole body was covered with cuts and bruises. He had sustained massive injuries! However, the crowd was still looking at the flaming Jiang Chen. His entire body was burning. The Alien Flame hadn't caused this; the flames were coming out of his skin. His body suffered as he burned, sustaining many injuries. However, it was fortunate that the fire didn't persist for long and was quickly extinguished. Jiang Chen's injuries started recovering by themselves due to his divine body's strong recovery power.

"It seems like I shouldn't use such a sword move recklessly."

Jiang Chen's fear still lingered. He had really acted recklessly a moment ago. Wind, fire, and lightning weren't gentle and mild forces, and fusing wind with fire was already his upper limit. Yet, he'd still mixed them with divine lightning, which was no different from throwing a ball of fire at gunpowder.

Jiang Chen wasn't able to deploy such a move with a single sword, and he was obliged to use two Doctrine Swords. He had used the same move again with the other sword and depended upon two swords to release those three different forces. This was tantamount to using a trick to forcefully release them, which meant that there was still room for improvement.

"He's falling down!"

All of a sudden, Ling Long Mountain descended into panic. The heavily injured Wang Teng couldn't keep flying, and he fell down. Fortunately, the soldiers charged over in time to catch and rescue him. After they treated him quickly, they manage to save his life. Still, he would have to stay in bed for half a month. His injuries were really extremely grave if even a Star Venerable like him needed to stay in bed for half a month to recover.

Liu Wentian recalled what he had instructed Wang Teng. It was unknown whether this was a coincidence, or if Jiang Chen had heard them, and took revenge on purpose. However, even if he wasn't willing to accept this, he couldn't do anything about it.

Empress Ling Long had already stated beforehand that the dispute would be settled by this single combat. They couldn't blame Jiang Chen, nor could they say that Empress Ling Long wasn't fair. They could only say that the Ling Long Army was incompetent. To be precise, Jiang Chen was too strong.

"He was just competing with sword techniques against Wang Teng, and he didn't use his divine body's great power."

The crowd didn't forget what they'd seen. Jiang Chen had only used his sword techniques and hadn't depended on his divine body. On the Xuanji Army's side, the Ferocious Tiger and Divine Crane Battalions became excited, especially the Ferocious Tiger Battalion. Their powerful commander had made them change their opinion about this matter.

He's a pretty good person. It's a pity that he has such a bad temper, Cang Yue couldn't help but think.

Half a month still hadn't passed since Jiang Chen had come to the Qi Li Continent, yet he had already killed three influential men and badly injured Wang Teng. Although he probably wasn't in the wrong, since he was always plagued with trouble, he ought to re-examine himself.

Cang Yue looked at Tian Ling. She assumed that she would be excited and elated but discovered that her face was filled with worry. Cang Yue discerned what she was thinking and said, "Don't worry, Wang Teng won't suffer any serious harm."

Tian Ling treated Wang Teng like her own brother. They had a good relationship. Tian Ling didn't say anything. At that moment, Empress Ling Long tapped the void with her fair and slender finger, and a drop of golden liquid fell on Wang Teng's body. Wang Teng, who'd lost consciousness, started recovering at a remarkable speed as if he'd just drunk a divine elixir. He quickly opened his eyes, and he seemed vigorous and energetic.

"It's the Queen Mother's Divine Liquid. A drop of it is even more precious than an Immortal Elixir."

"Empress Ling Long is willing to use such a precious object."

"The Queen Mother's Divine Liquid can bring someone back from the brink of death so long as he hasn't taken his last breath."

While the crowd was discussing this matter, Wang Teng stood up, went toward Empress Ling Long, and thanked her. Wang Teng seemed dejected and dispirited because he'd just suffered a defeat.

"A momentary defeat isn't a lifetime's defeat unless you are willing to let yourself be defeated over and over again," Empress Ling Long said.

Wang Teng's body shivered. After a moment, he raised his head and nodded. Just then, Jiang Chen landed in the plaza outside the palace. The Ling Long Army, which wasn't far from him, wasn't as excited as before. The soldiers' eyes were full of fear.

"Jiang Chen, are you willing to become an officer?" Empress Ling Long inquired.

When her words reverberated, everyone went into an uproar. Did Empress Ling Long plan to make an exception for Jiang Chen and promote him to an officer? According to the Red Blood Field's rules, an officer must satisfy specific requirements. Even Cang Yue became anxious and wanted to dissuade her.

"I'm willing," Jiang Chen replied quickly.

"Then, I will apply for you. You should get ready after the end of the drill," Empress Ling Long said.

It turned out that she would only apply for him. Jiang Chen chuckled bitterly while shaking his head. As for the others? They all heaved a sigh of relief. Jiang Chen and Wang Teng's fight didn't last more than twenty minutes. There was still a while left until noon.

"The seven emperors won't participate in the drill this time. The fighting prowess of every army will be tested."

Empress Ling Long started explaining about the drill in detail. Like most people, Jiang Chen paid close attention to her so that he could understand what he had to do.


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