The Brilliant Fighting Master
1136 Lesser Sword Domain
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1136 Lesser Sword Domain

Wang Teng's rank among the thirty-six strongest commanders wasn't low; it wasn't easy for someone from the Three Middle Realms to earn such an achievement in the Red Blood Field. When the proud and haughty Ling Long Army soldiers saw that Wang Teng would be the one to fight, they didn't question this decision. They even relaxed.

While Tian Ling was nervous, Cang Yue questioned her with a smile, "How do you feel about watching two men fighting over you?"

Tian Ling's face became flushed, and her bashful look was incredibly mesmerizing.

"Sister Cang Yue, don't talk drivel."

"You don't need to worry because Empress Ling Long is on Jiang Chen's side," Cang Yue said in a low voice so that only Tian Ling could hear her.

When Tian Ling looked at her in surprise, Cang Yue blinked. Wang Teng, who was in the sky, didn't say anything provocative because it wouldn't be any use.

"Jiang Chen, you should use your full power from the beginning. I don't want an easy victory," Wang Teng said earnestly before he took out his magical treasure-grade sword.

Wang Teng's sword shone in a dazzling light that engulfed the sky. It spread out like a tide, and many ripples could be seen.

"Lore Sword Move: a Sea of Sin Engulfed by Black Wind."

After Wang Teng used this sword move, the weather changed, and many black clouds started churning in the pitch-black sky.

"Is it an embryonic Sword Domain?" Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. This Junior Sword Venerable didn't disappoint him.

"It isn't limited to just this." Wang Teng revealed a mysterious smile, and boundless power started surging from his body.

"Soaring Dragon Technique!"

When Wang Teng's voice echoed, both Wang Teng and his sword turned into a bolt of lightning, flickering among the black clouds, and he left behind a trail resembling a heavenly dragon. This was a top-grade Doctrine Method related to movement techniques, and as he used it with his embryonic Sword Domain, it was impossible to defend against him. His sword was as swift as lightning.

However, it was a pity that he was now facing Jiang Chen, who merely tapped the ground with his right foot and vanished. He'd deployed the One Foot World Technique, an outstanding and powerful movement technique. Wang Teng's sword smashed into thin air. Still, he didn't stop and launched another sword attack. Jiang Chen also took another step forward, and they both started chasing each other, competing for speed.

"They can't pass half an hour like this, can they?"

The Ling Long Army soldiers were dissatisfied because it seemed to them that these two people were just aimlessly moving around in the sky.

"He doesn't dare exchange blows with Wang Teng."

"Surely, that's the case."

Wang Teng still hadn't said anything. Yet, the soldiers were getting anxious. A competition of movement techniques was another important aspect of swordsmen's confrontations.

"If you plan to depend solely on lightning techniques, they won't be enough to survive in my Sword Domain."

After Wang Teng spoke, the sword in his hand turned into countless swords that streaked across the Sword Domain. Jiang Chen once again used the One Foot World Technique. However, regardless of where he teleported, a sword waited for him, flying toward him. A Sword Domain's tremendous power was revealed fully, even though Wang Teng's Sword Domain was still in its embryonic stage.

"Last time, when I observed your battle for the Invincible God of War's title, your Wind Lore was still rather weak. I wonder what it's like now?"

The swords locked on Jiang Chen's aura, while Wang Teng's voice echoed, and a sharp energy assaulted Jiang Chen's back. Jiang Chen still possessed his divine body, and he depended upon it. He didn't dodge the attack. He just turned around and thrust his sword at Wang Teng. When their swords collided, Jiang Chen felt a terrifying pain in his body. Wang Teng was attacking him with his sword. But the black wind still revolved around him, containing countless specks of black dust.

"How about that? It doesn't matter that you have a divine body because I possess enough power to penetrate your divine body's defense," Wang Teng said resolutely.

Jiang Chen didn't have enough time to reply, and he moved back a thousand meters. However, it was then that the unstable black wind turned into a giant sword and attacked him.

"Since that is the case..." Jiang Chen used the Wind Sword Realm, which was at the seventh level. He depended on its power to condense a sword.

When their swords collided, the Sky-burning Evil Flame emanated from Jiang Chen's sword, and it instantly burned and extinguished Wang Teng's sword, which had been formed by the black wind.

"Is this your Wind Lore?"

Wang Teng was surprised because it seemed that, from the previous strike, Jiang Chen's Wind Lore had already overtaken him. Moreover, as Wang Teng thought back, he realized that Jiang Chen's other aspects had also improved. Wang Teng found himself unable to understand how he'd managed to achieve it.

"I must defeat him in this battle." Wang Teng realized that, as time elapsed, he wouldn't be a match for Jiang Chen much longer. This was his only chance.

"A Dragon Overturns a Black Sea!"

Wang Teng didn't hide his power any longer, and he used his best sword move. The Sword Domain transformed, and sword lights intertwined ceaselessly, while a black wind rose within it. In its midst, Jiang Chen seemed like a mortal suffering in the might of a great hurricane. The best way to deal with this situation was to use his Invincible Golden Body. But this was a duel between swordsmen, and Jiang Chen didn't want to deal with it like that. As Wang Teng's swift sword attack approached, Jiang Chen quickly pulled out the Redcloud Sword.

Once Jiang Chen gripped both swords in his hands, he used the Wind and Fire Swords Realm. After his Wind Lore reached the seventh level, his Wind and Fire Swords Realm had already reached the fifth level without a hitch, and according to reason, should have quickly reached the sixth level. But his Wind Lore's level increased rapidly, and he needed a minute to adapt to it fully. Nevertheless, the Wind and Fire Swords Realm, which reached the fifth level, possessed a shocking strength.

"Wind and Fire Swords Wheel!"

Jiang Chen had also used his best sword move, and the swords wheel charged forward, wreaking havoc in the Sword Domain.

"Jiang Chen, you fell into my trap," Wang Teng shouted for some unknown reason and started weaving hand signs. He was using a sword art!

"Although in my Sword Domain, I'm the wind king, I will gladly accept and take your sword wind."

The swords wheel suffered an irresistible suction force, and their sword winds were quickly extracted and fused with the Sword Domain.

"Transport it!"

The black wind sword rose once again and attacked Jiang Chen. It was as shocking as a clap of thunder.

"A Divine Sword Controls Lightning!"

Jiang Chen threw out the Heavenly Fault Sword and used the divine lighting's power to defend against the black wind. The sounds of lightning and wind echoed endlessly, and the sight that appeared in the Sword Domain was too shocking.

"He will lose! He will surely lose!"

The soldiers of the Ling Long Army, who knew Wang Teng well, revealed smiles. The Sword Domain's current state was advantageous to Wang Teng. Wang Teng didn't have a divine body, and he was affected by the formation's shock waves, but he was still able to bear them.

As Wang Teng detected that the Sword Domain was becoming more chaotic and that wind was circulating more, he couldn't help but laugh heartily, "Hahaha! Jiang Chen, as long as there is wind in my Sword Domain, then it will be more advantageous to me. The more chaotic, the better."

Jiang Chen also detected this, and he felt like the Sword Domain would shortly spin out of control.

"I advise that you use your Doctrine Method, which is related to your divine body," Wang Teng suggested.

Wang Teng didn't say this out of the kindness of his heart. He just wanted Jiang Chen to admit that he was inferior to him in the Sword Doctrine's aspect.

"One really can't help but yearn for a Sword Domain."

This wasn't a complete Sword Domain, and Jiang Chen was able to break it. But those techniques weren't related to the sword, which was why he didn't want to use them.

"Your Sword Domain is powerful, but it's limited to just this," Jiang Chen said.

"You are still talking big, aren't you? Your sword has lost the wind's support, and you only have lighting and fire left. Neither of those elements suit the Sword Doctrine. They probably also have great power, but you will still have to admit defeat in the face of my black wind."

Wang Teng chuckled. Still, he restrained himself. Since Wang Teng could use movement techniques like Soaring Dragon Technique, it was obvious that he was at least a three-Qi cultivator. He probably had other techniques. Otherwise, he wouldn't have asked Jiang Chen to release the power of his divine body.

"Since you don't want to turn this duel into a real battle, I will force you to do it."

Wang Teng gripped his sword and condensed his Sword Spirit, which made the Sword Domain even more chaotic.


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