The Brilliant Fighting Master
1135 The Strongest Commanders
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1135 The Strongest Commanders

Even though Jiang Chen had a divine body, he still felt constricted, and he couldn't even extend his arm. This feeling only lasted for two or three seconds before his body warmed up, and his freedom returned. Liu Wentian was surprised by this, and he waved his sleeves. Then, a giant hand appeared and attacked Jiang Chen.

"He's so strong!"

Jiang Chen noticed that this person was at least a three-Qi cultivator, as well as an eight-stars expert. When Jiang Chen was about to use his full power, Xiao Li, who was behind him, snorted coldly and came to his side.

 The giant hand suffered substantial damages and was shattered into pieces.

"It isn't up to you to discipline my subordinates," Xiao Li said coldly.

Xiao Li was just a commander, but he still dared to speak to the head officer in such a tone, which caused an uproar on Ling Long Mountain.

"Did you instigate? You can't bear it any longer, can you?"

Liu Wentian didn't look down on Xiao Li, and it seemed like they were acquainted.

"I didn't do it." Xiao Li shook his head.

"Then, you must give us an appropriate explanation today," Liu Wentian shouted.

"I wonder which military rule I have violated?" Jiang Chen asked loudly. Even though he was facing the infuriated Ling Long Army, he remained calm and composed.

"Why did you kill our officer?" a Ling Long Army commander questioned him.

"They came to our camp to show off their might and insulted us. This was a provocation to our Ferocious Tiger Battalion," Jiang Chen explained.

"That isn't a valid reason for you to attack him," Wang Teng couldn't help but shoot back.

"He would rather fight us than apologize." Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders.

A strategic location, such as the army camp, obviously had a video-recording protocol. Since the Ling Long Army wanted to see it, Jiang Chen broadcasted it for them without altering anything. As the Ling Long Army observed the footage, their anger didn't diminish, and it raged even more. Jiang Chen hadn't violated any rules, but they didn't care about that. What they cared about was the fact that Jiang Chen obviously looked down on their army.

"If you want to gain people's respect, you must first learn to respect them," Jiang Chen said.

"If you think that this is an appropriate explanation, then you are gravely mistaken," Liu Wentian expressed that this wasn't enough.

"Head officer, what do you want then?" Jiang Chen asked.

"You should kneel down and confess your mistakes. That is the most basic thing you can do," Liu Wentian said.

Since both sides couldn't come to an agreement, discussing the issue wouldn't solve anything.

"Xiao Li, let's fight then."

Liu Wentian blinked, and an intense fighting spirit emanated from him. Xiao Li didn't speak, and a Mysterious Iron Spear appeared in his hands. Their auras collided in the air, and the ambiance became tense and stifling.

Creak! At that moment, a noise echoed from Ling Long Palace's gate. It wasn't very loud, but everyone still heard it clearly. Countless eyes looked over and saw a woman wearing splendid clothes standing before the gate. She was gorgeous, dignified, and heroic.

"Empress Ling Long!" a resounding voice echoed across Ling Long Mountain and reverberated for a hundred miles.

Liu Wentian and Xiao Li temporarily ignored their personal grudges. They lowered their heads to Empress Ling Long, respectfully. They crossed their hands in front of their chests and bowed slightly. Everyone bowed; even Jiang Chen was no exception. However, Jiang Chen didn't respect her to the same degree as the others.

"What is going on?" Empress Ling Long's pleasant voice sounded.

Cang Yue strode forward on her long legs, opened her small cherry mouth, and informed the empress of what had happened. Empress Ling Long swept her pretty eyes over the crowd before her gaze fell on Jiang Chen. Everyone was nervous because Empress Ling Long could determine Jiang Chen's fate.

"Broadcast it again," Empress Ling Long commanded.

The events that had occurred in the Xuanji Army's camp were again broadcasted in the sky. Officer Li intruded into the camp arrogantly, insulted the Xuanji Army, and called them a mob. This time, an odd look appeared on the faces of the Ling Long Army's soldiers. Regardless of how they observed the scene, it was obvious that Officer Li was in the wrong, and they were all considerably disgraced. If they were merely in Jiang Chen's presence, they wouldn't mind this stain so much. But now, they were before Empress Ling Long.

Empress Ling Long wore the same expression as before, and her eyes were profound, as usual. No one could discern what she was thinking about. Empress Ling Long looked at Liu Wentian.

"Empress Ling Long!" Liu Wentian strode forward and addressed her respectfully.

"How do you plan to deal with Jiang Chen?" she asked.

"I will force him to kneel, admit his mistake, and give him a 100 whiplashes," Liu Wentian replied.

The former would be a psychological blow, while the latter would be physical torture. Empress Ling Long didn't express anything and just looked at Jiang Chen.

"What do you have to say?"

"I didn't violate any military rules," Jiang Chen answered.

Empress Ling Long nodded. No one knew whether she acknowledged Jiang Chen's claim, or if she'd changed her decision after hearing him.

After several seconds, Empress Ling Long spoke, "You can attack Jiang Chen."

Hearing this, the Ling Long Army soldiers became excited, while the Xuanji Army soldiers were disheartened.

"However, the fight will only be between single soldiers of the same rank," Empress Ling Long said. "The battle's outcome doesn't matter, and the dispute will come to an end with it."

Many people were confused. They didn't know whose side she was on. Liu Wentian rolled his eyes and mulled it over. After a short while, he called for one of his commanders, "Wang Teng, come out!"

Wang Teng had become restless as soon as he'd heard Empress Ling Long's words. After he received the command, he strode forward spiritedly and glared at Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen also looked at him, and when their gazes met in mid-air, it seemed like sparks flickered.

"Jiang Chen, do you dare to fight me?" Wang Teng tried to provoke him.

Jiang Chen was also mulling over Empress Ling Long's command. He was surprised by the way she proposed dealing with this matter. It was only after a while that he realized how brilliant Empress Ling Long's solution was. Since the Ling Long Army soldiers were resentful, she was giving them the right to deal with this matter in the way they saw fit. However, since this solution was too perfect for them, she'd quickly restricted it. If Jiang Chen didn't take up the challenge now, he would probably have to go back to the Divine Sword Palace. He wouldn't just be deprived of his status as a commander before being sent back, he would still have to receive Liu Wentian's punishment.

"There isn't anything I wouldn't dare to do."

After Jiang Chen considered it, he decided to fight. He also wanted to know how powerful the holder of the Junior Sword Venerable title was.

"The drill will start at noon, and you have just half an hour until then," Empress Ling Long said.

They must end the fight in half an hour, and its outcome didn't matter.

"You should injure him so badly that he will have to stay in bed for half a month," Liu Wentian transmitted his voice to Wang Teng.


Wang Teng felt like half an hour was more than enough, and he flew into the sky, looking excited. A moment ago, he was infuriated because Jiang Chen had killed their officer. But now, he was elated because he would get to fight Jiang Chen.

"Be careful, he's one of the thirty-six strongest commanders," Jiang Xin of the Divine Crane Battalion warned Jiang Chen.

After they had survived the previous ordeal, this woman had changed her opinion of Jiang Chen. The Red Blood Field had seven continents, and every continent had an army composed of at least two corps, and every corps had more than ten commanders. This was why the number of the Red Blood Field's commanders exceeded one hundred; the thirty-six strongest commanders were elected according to their fighting prowess. Wang Teng was one of them.


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