The Brilliant Fighting Master
1134 Liu Wentian
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1134 Liu Wentian

The Ling Long Army's hundred soldiers, who had come over with Officer Li and were still in the camp, all shivered with fear. They were scared of the Ferocious Tiger Battalion's ice-cold glares. After witnessing Jiang Chen's ferocity, they didn't know what to do anymore.

"Detain them until the drill comes to an end," Jiang Chen's voice echoed slowly. He had passed down an order!

"Understood!" the entire Ferocious Tiger Battalion shouted at the same time.

Immediately, they started taking off the Ling Long Army's equipment and closed their Star Seals. Even the other four battalions were affected by this, and they all felt refreshed. However, their commanders had a far-sighted outlook. They remained quiet and didn't express their opinions.

"Jiang Chen." Xiao Li called Jiang Chen over wearing a complicated expression. He didn't know how he should bring up such a subject.

"I know now that you aren't targeting me."

Ren Hai had a whole new level of respect for Jiang Chen. When they'd met last time, he'd assumed that Jiang Chen was prejudiced against him. But after he compared his situation to Officer Li's, he realized that he had already fared well.

"I will give you the Martial Soul Stones I promised you," Ren Hai said, and took out the Martial Soul Stones.

It was really unusual for Ren Hai to do this. It was probably impossible for Jiang Chen to stay on the Qi Li Continent due to what he had done, so Ren Hai didn't have to fulfill his promise.

"Commander Ren, I made a wager with Jiang Xin just to motivate her and Commander Xiao so that the Xuanji Army could quickly become stronger," Jiang Chen asserted his former plan without accepting the Martial Soul Stones.

Hearing this, Jiang Xin's expression changed. She was moved!

"Is that the case?" Ren Hai's eyes lit up, and he admired Jiang Chen even more, but he still took out the Martial Soul Stones.

"Even though this may be the case, a man must always keep his word." As Ren Hai spoke, he pressed the Martial Soul Stones into Jiang Chen's hands.

"Commander Ren, when I made the wager with you, I'd already used the spirit stone. This deal isn't valid," Jiang Chen refused again.

"Boy, it turns out that you were empty-handed. However, I will still accept this, so just take them." Ren Hai laughed boldly and didn't care.

Jiang Chen realized then that Ren Hai wouldn't give up until he accepted the Martial Soul Stone, so he did.

"They went to Ling Long Palace ahead of you."

It was at this moment that Xiao Li reminded them of something, and they realized then that the other three battalions had already marched toward Ling Long Palace.

"They want to prove that what has happened had nothing to do with them and protect themselves," Ren Hai said with displeasure.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brow and said, "Commander, why doesn't our Xuanji Army have any officers?"

If they had an officer, the Xuanji Army would be united rather than divided like this.

"Once someone becomes an officer, he can decide where he wants to go—either the Red Blood Field's Five Great Armies or the Ling Long Army. There isn't anyone willing to stay in the Xuanji Army," Ren Hai said helplessly.

"The Xuanji Army is just used to recruiting fresh blood. All of its most outstanding members are taken away," Xiao Li said.

"It just turns out like that." Jiang Chen understood.

"We should also go."

Ren Hai also planned to go, and he looked at Jiang Chen. He said, "Jiang Chen, do you dare to go there? I can assure you that the Ling Long Army's members will surely fly into a rage after they hear the news about what has happened."

"You are an academy disciple, and the Red Blood Field won't take your life," Xian Li declared the most crucial point.

"But they will still punish you," Ren Hai added.

"I will go. Why wouldn't I?"

Jiang Chen's conscience was clear. He didn't fear them. Moreover, he still wasn't a thoroughly opinionated person, and he clearly knew the army's rules. They couldn't find any fault in his actions. He would be safe unless Empress Ling Long wanted to patch up the quarrel, and if that happened, he wouldn't need to stay on the Qi Li Continent any longer.

Things unfolded as Xiao Li had forecasted. After the Ling Long Army of Ling Long Mountain heard the news, they all flew into a rage. The Ling Long Army's officers and commanders stood before the magnificent palace, and they were all furious.

"Did they kill our officer and detain our soldiers? Does the Xuanji Army want to rebel?"

"We must kill Jiang Chen!"

The charges echoed, but the scariest soldiers were those who kept their silence. One of them was the Ling Long Army's head officer, Liu Wentian. Liu Wentian was a middle-aged man in his forties, but he was still more vigorous than the youngsters, and his whole body seemed like a burning stone. His thick armor couldn't hold the powerful aura emanating from his body in check. Liu Wentian had distinct facial features and blade-like pursed lips. He was now wearing an apathetic look. Everyone in the Ling Long Army knew that, in such a state, the head officer be even more terrifying.

"Head officer, let's quickly go to the Xuanji Army's camp to prevent that boy from escaping."

"Let's skin him alive."

The Ling Long Army's commanders and officers stepped forward one after the other. Miss Tian Ling, who wasn't far from them, was also anxious. She hadn't expected Jiang Chen to be so daring; he'd unexpectedly killed an officer before the drill—one of the Ling Long Army's officers.

"A month still hasn't passed since he came here, yet he's already killed two commanders and one officer. Has he been sent here by a hostile faction?"

Tian Ling was just about to look for Cang Yue and didn't expect her voice to ring out near her ears. Cang Yue was quite angry. She always kept her calm, and she really became enraged. Sorrow and anger were evident on her beautiful face.

"Sister Cang Yue," Tian Ling called to her nervously.

"Fine, don't intervene in this matter."

Cang Yue asked her to just quiet down because anything she said now wouldn't matter. Cang Yue looked at Ling Long Palace because she was aware that it was up to Empress Ling Long to settle this matter. It was Empress Ling Long who controlled the Qi Li Continent, and both the Ling Long Army and Xuanji Army were her troops. However, Ling Long Palace's residents served as a neutral force between the two armies and Empress Ling Long. The palace's leading courtiers were Cang Yue and Tian Ling.

As for Wang Teng, he was wearing armor and standing among the Ling Long Army troops. He also expressed his anger and resentment. Wang Teng hadn't had any feud with Jiang Chen before; he'd simply been his rival in love. But now, Jiang Chen had killed an officer of the Ling Long Army and offended him thoroughly. Regardless of who was in the wrong, once the news spread, their Ling Long Army would become a laughingstock among the people of Red Blood Field. Jiang Chen may have killed only a single person, but he'd greatly damaged the Ling Long Army's prestige.

"They came. They dared to come."

While they were creating a raucous, the Xuanji Army's Divine Crane Battalion and Ferocious Tiger Battalion appeared. The murderer Jiang Chen also appeared leading two thousand soldiers from the Ferocious Tiger Battalion.

"Jiang Chen, where did you get such audacity?"

"Don't you care about your life anymore? Why did you kill our officer before the drill?"

"If I don't skin you alive today, I'll just change my last name to 'Jiang.'"

The infuriated soldiers denounced Jiang Chen, and their denunciation was like myriad blades thrown at Jiang Chen.

There was a commander present who had already condensed Soldier Energy, and he wanted to teach Jiang Chen a lesson. However, Jiang Chen didn't show weakness, and he flew in the air while condensing 2000 wisps of Soldier Energy. A ferocious tiger phantom image appeared and looked down at the Ling Long Army.

"It's really 2000 wisps of Soldier Energy, but he only came here half a month ago."

"Pah, there isn't anything amazing about that."

"You still won't kneel down and admit your mistake, will you? You are courting death!"

The Ling Long Army couldn't keep their calm, and they planned to attack Jiang Chen.


Obviously, Cang Yue would not allow such a thing to come to pass. She said, "Do you all want Empress Ling Long to witness such chaos when she opens the gate?" Her words were like a bucket of cold water poured upon the heads of the Ling Long Army, and they extinguished the soldiers' anger.

"Kneel and wait for Empress Ling Long to deal with you."

Liu Wentian, who'd kept his calm all along, stood up. He was the only person who dared to ignore Cang Yue. His arrow-like gaze pierced Jiang Chen, and it seemed like it would penetrate him thoroughly. The formless wave of pressure emanating from Liu Wentian extinguished Jiang Chen's Soldier Energy and targeted Jiang Chen's entire body, even his bones.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》