The Brilliant Fighting Master
1131 Solving the Issue with a Single Sword Move
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1131 Solving the Issue with a Single Sword Move

Lu Ping showed great skill, and he seemed capable of creating his own Sword Doctrine. This feat was so outrageous and ridiculous that the sword pavilion's members couldn't believe it. They really needed Shi Xiao's challenge now, and this was why they allowed him to act recklessly on the test day.

"This time, I will use the true Sword Doctrine's power," Shi Xiao said.

This confrontation was going to be completely different from the last one.

"This time, I won't restrain my sword," Jiang Chen said.

Their voices echoed, and the sharp aura distinctive to swordsmen flooded the region.

"You are unable to imagine what a true Sword Doctrine is." As Shi Xiao spoke, he unleashed a sword move.

"Shadowless Sword Spirit Is Everywhere!" Shi Xiao had lost all patience; he didn't even try to feel out his opponent. He attacked directly using his ultimate technique.

"Is he serious? Why does he need to use that move?"

"The last time Shi Xiao fought Lu Ping, he didn't use his Sword Doctrine's power and suffered crushing defeat."

"Looks like he learned his lesson."

The crowd was surprised. Even though Lu Ping's performance a moment ago had been excellent, they still hadn't expected Shi Xiao to be so serious.

"Peerless Splendid Wind!" Jiang Chen used the sword move he'd just created along with his Firmament Wind Sword Spirit. It seemed like the spirit sword in his hand was able to summon all the winds of the world.

"What is that sword move?"

If Shi Xiao's move had surprised the sword pavilion's students, then it had also stunned the teachers, who all opened their eyes widely. Especially the middle-aged woman, who even opened her small mouth slightly.

Bang! The next moment, the sword move created by Jiang Chen unleashed all its might. It was remarkably thunderous, and its raging wind roared around, while both Jiang Chen and his sword emanated a stifling aura. Even the void around them was distorted and stirred by the wind. The crowd could only see Lu Ping's body flickering before them, and he left a perfect afterimage.

"He's so quick!"

There wasn't anyone who could catch the trail of Jiang Chen's body, and everything happened in the blink of an eye. A blur flickered around Shi Xiao's body, and the crowd clearly discerned that even Shi Xiao didn't know what had happened. Lu Ping, who was in front of him, was still standing in the same place as before. He felt an unusual wind blowing around him. The next moment, the afterimage disappeared completely, and a gust blew at him. The wind was very odd, and Shi Xiao felt like he was in a teleportation channel between planes. When he raised his hand, the strong wind blew at him. But he didn't sustain any injuries.

"Is he just trying to mystify people?"

Shi Xiao was just about to laugh when he noticed that the people nearby were looking at him strangely. Shi Xiao was taken aback, and he turned around and saw Lu Ping standing not far from him. He was about to speak, but when he just opened his lips, he felt that something was wrong.

He raised his hand and touched his neck, and his fingers were stained bright red. The sword move had struck him before the afterimage disappeared. Shi Xiao's body turned ice-cold, and a chill run down his spine. His legs shivered. It was lucky that he hadn't drunk too much water or else he would have wet his pants.

"I said that I won't stop my sword move. You should rejoice because I can't use cultivation power in the sword pavilion," Jiang Chen said coldly.

Meanwhile, the sword pavilion's doctor ran over to Shi Xiao to inspect him. He informed Shi Xiao that the blow had been just short of cutting his windpipe. Still, Shi Xiao was going to live. When he heard the news, he fell limp to the ground. The spectators swallowed the lumps in their throats and went stiff.

"That sword move a moment ago...What was that all about?"

The crowd looked at each other in dismay. Still, they didn't come to their senses. It was too swift. It wasn't just quick—its aura had raged like lightning.

"What kind of Clear Sword Spirit did he learn?"

It was driving the sword pavilion's teachers crazy. Now, it seemed like Lu Ping couldn't just create a Sword Doctrine; if he succeeded, he would end up creating an outstanding Sword Doctrine.

"What is Wu Ming's background?" asked the middle-aged woman, looking at the Deputy Establishment Master.

The Deputy Establishment Master flashed a faint smile but didn't reply.

"Stop standing around in a daze! The low-grade students who still haven't passed their tests must go back to the hall!" a teacher shouted, and the incident came to an end.

"I can defeat him. I can surely defeat him. I'm a level-two Qi cultivation, and I've mastered a Supreme Doctrine Method. I can defeat him outside."

Shi Xiao watched the students departing. His own followers were among them, and he uttered these ridiculous words while his face remained pale. No one paid attention to him. Even the doctor, who was treating his injuries, ignored him.

"Shuangyue, all the men you like are interesting. First Jiang Chen, and now, this one."

Lin Xuan's tense facial muscles relaxed gradually, and he revealed a carefree smile. Regardless of what Lu Ping had done, he was still ahead.

"You should speak properly. If you can't, just shut your mouth." Lin Shuangyue didn't treat Lin Xuan politely.

"As you wish. In any case, I already jumped out of the spirit-grade continents' stage. As for you, you should stop caring only about men," Lin Xuan said with a smile. His smile was bright and refreshing, but his words were sickening.

"It would be better for you to shut up!" Lin Shuangyue didn't pay attention to him, and she followed Lu Ping, who was walking toward the rear of the mountain.

"How did you achieve it? How did you manage to get a Clear Sword Spirit without a Sword Doctrine?" Lin Shuangyue consulted him.

"A Sword Doctrine can't help a person who doesn't have enough experience easily get a Clear Word Spirit. It's like a seal engraved on every person's body."

"This is a Sword Doctrine's inheritance. A self-created Sword Doctrine is a different matter. One doesn't need to brand anything on oneself, which is why achieving it wasn't difficult."

People who hadn't experience such a thing personally could never understand.

"You're speaking about it so easily, but didn't you see those teachers' expressions?"

Lin Shuangyue glanced at him and said suddenly, "But since you've already learned a Clear Sword Spirit, then won't you need to create your own Sword Doctrine to pass the graduation test?"

"I just took the first step, but I'm still far from my goal of creating one by myself. The sword pavilion's members are aware of this."

When Jiang Chen recalled why Lin Xuan had managed to pass the test, he said, "I will create my own Sword Domain."

"Oh, that's right."

Having been reminded, Lin Shuangyue also found a proper path for herself. She said, "Let's practice with the sword together. We are both special-grade students, and it's only through fighting ceaselessly that we can progress."

Jiang Chen approved of her idea, but if they actually followed through, even more rumors would spread about them. He didn't care, but he still had to be considerate toward the young girl. After all, Lin Shuangyue still didn't want to marry anyone.

"Why do you want to go to the Sword Tower?" Jiang Chen asked.

"You shouldn't ask such a question. I should ask you why you don't want to go—that's the holy land for all swordsmen."

Lin Shuangyue answered, "If we participate in the Wizard Clan's banquet, it will be more impressive to go there as members of the Sword Tower."

"You will also go to the Wizard Clan's banquet?" Jiang Chen was surprised.

"What do you mean by 'also'?" Lin Shuangyue was bewildered, and she squinted, sizing him up.

Jiang Chen immediately realized that he'd blurted out something inappropriate and quickly tried to remedy it. "Won't Jiang Chen also go?"

It was only now that Lin Shuangyue understood. But she was still bewildered by his reaction. Suddenly, she came up with an explanation.

"Are you jealous of him?" Lin Shuangyue asked.

"Cough! Cough! Cough!"

Even though Jiang Chen had disguised himself well as Lu Ping, his expression still changed drastically.


Seeing his reaction, Lin Shuangyue was quite amused, and she patted his shoulder. She said, "You can be at ease. I don't love such an arrogant and opinionated person."


"That's right. He always acts like he knows everything, and everyone else is stupid. It's like anything anyone says is an insult to his intellect." Lin Shuangyue was quite resentful, and she started complaining about Jiang Chen.


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