The Brilliant Fighting Master
1129 The Start of the Tes
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1129 The Start of the Tes

After a short while, the special-grade students' tests came to an end. Only Lin Xuan passed successfully, in accordance with the one percent success rate. For a moment, Lin Xuan became the center of attention, and everyone was discussing whether he would go on to the Sword Tower.

"He will definitely go. He's a member of the Lin Family, and his family owns many businesses," someone said enviously. He was jealous of Lin Xuan's talent as well as his family background.

Jiang Chen understood these feelings. The academy's disciples in the Sword God Palace were all running around to accomplish their goals because all they wanted was a place in the world. As for Lin Xuan, he didn't need to work hard; he just needed to wait until he inherited his family's businesses. Even so, joining the academy was extremely difficult.

Some people surpassed others from the moment they were born, and it was normal for disciples to envy them. Envy wasn't like jealousy, and the people envying him still hoped that they would one day achieve their goals by working hard. Returning to the main topic, the special-grade students' tests were finished, and it was now the high-grade students' turn. This time, the elimination rate was considerably lower, and six people passed the test. Lin Shuangyue and Shi Xiao were among them.

Lin Shuangyue, who had just become a special-grade student, wasn't too excited because this wasn't her final goal. I will surely join the Sword Tower, Lin Shuangyue thought, looking at Lin Xuan.

After Lin Shuangyue finished her test, she started worrying about Lu Ping.

"Lu Ping, are you aware of the Tianyu Sword's test standards?" she asked.

"Aren't they determined according to one's grade?" Jiang Chen was quite baffled.

"It isn't so simple. If someone with transcendence-level Doctrine Power becomes a primary-grade student, doesn't it mean that he can easily reach the intermediate-grade? To ensure that its students are among the bests, the sword pavilion won't let that happen."

Noticing that he was oblivious, Lin Shuangyue shook her head. Her expression became solemn.

Lin Shuangyue explained why most people weren't optimistic about Lu Ping's results, "The primary-grade students' test is determined according to their achievements when they enter the academy."

 "Since you've broken many records, your test will be extremely difficult. While your teacher is..."

Lin Shuangyue hesitated and didn't finish speaking. The more outstanding a student was, the better the teacher assigned to him. As long as a student worked hard, he or she could surely pass the test.

However, all of the sword pavilion's students were aware that Jiang Chen had been assigned to a teacher who was only around to make up numbers. This teacher was Wu Ming, the only teacher in the sword pavilion who did not instruct a single student. Even the other teachers didn't know much about him.

"Is it like that?"

Jiang Chen had not expected the sword pavilion to be so strict. However, he didn't feel anything other than faint surprise; he was already aware that his master was no worse than any other teacher.

At that moment, the high-grade students' tests came to an end, and it was the intermediate-grade students' turn. More people looked at Jiang Chen; it was like they were waiting for a criminal to step up to the gallows. Even many of the teachers smiled mysteriously.

"It seems like he will be used to judge his master."

If Jiang Chen were eliminated, then everyone would be sure that Wu Ming was just here to make up numbers. However, there was still someone who had hope in him: the Deputy Pavilion Master. He was the one who had brought Jiang Chen to Wu Ming.

All of a sudden, Shi Xiao came over and said, "Do you plan to go in through the back door?"

For a moment, the students were taken aback. Then, the whole hall roared with laughter.

"Don't go too overboard!" Lin Shuangyue said respectfully.

Such words ridiculed Lu Ping, suggesting that he would leave after being eliminated and that Lu Ping had only managed to join the sword pavilion using the "back door" and shady means. Namely, that the great master had forced the sword pavilion to accept Lu Ping. Even someone like Jiang Chen, who had a sharp and glib tongue, couldn't help but praise Shi Xiao. Although, regardless of Shi Xiao's eloquent words, what he said still had to be based on real facts.

If the outcome didn't conform to what Shi Xiao had said, then it wouldn't matter how eloquently and persuasively he spoke. There were many intermediate-grade students, and they wasted a lot of time. After they waited until the end of their test with great difficulty, all of the primary-grade students moved back tacitly, and Jiang Chen ended up at the front.

Everyone's gaze concentrated on Jiang Chen, and his reaction revealed a character befitting Lu Ping—an apathetic expression and ice-cold gaze.

"Work hard!" Lin Shuangyue encouraged in a low voice.

"Shuangyue, are you standing by his side?" Shi Xiao asked. He was quite upset!

"It's none of your business!" Lin Shuangyue didn't waste her breath on him.

"Fine!" Hu Xiao blamed this matter on Lu Ping, and he would wait until he was eliminated before attacking him.

When Lu Ping walked up to the Tianyu Sword, the middle-aged woman said suddenly, "It really is a pity!" She was a teacher, and it was unusual for her to say such things, which encouraged the students to mock Lu Ping even more. The Deputy Pavilion Master looked at her and furrowed his brow. He didn't blame her. If Wu Ming hadn't been there, Lu Ping, who had broken the records, would have been assigned to the middle-aged woman.

Since the middle-aged woman could become the teacher responsible Lin Xuan, her skill was apparent and undeniable. The Tianyu Sword started shining brightly, right in front of everyone's eyes. As they went through the tests from the special-grade to the primary-grade, the sword's light was dimmed, and its radiance obviously demonstrated its power. When it was Lu Ping's turn, however, the Tianyu Sword's radiance almost reached the high-grade students' level, clearly demonstrating that the test's standards were determined just like Lin Shuangyue had explained.

"A student who has broken the record will be eliminated on the first test. It's really splendid!" Lin Xuan said in a soft voice.

Hearing him, the students laughed again. The teachers were displeased because this matter related to the sword pavilion's prestige and reputation. However, since Lin Xuan was the only student who'd managed to graduate so far that day, they didn't say anything.

"His teacher isn't even present on such a big day. He's really..."

The middle-aged woman glanced at her surroundings. She was quite discontented! As a matter of fact, all of the teachers were present. Only Wu Ming hadn't shown up.

"It's because my master knows that I will definitely pass," Jiang Chen, who was now 'Lu Ping,' replied coldly.

"If you hadn't taken him as your master, I might have made an exception and accepted you," the middle-aged woman said.

"I don't need it," Jiang Chen answered.

"You aren't willing to admit it," snorted the middle-aged woman. She didn't say anything more.

Meanwhile, the Tianyu Sword began to move, and fifteen minutes started on the clock. Swords that weren't controlled by anyone were usually more dangerous since they could move around without rhythm. An opponent had to depend on his ability to react. As the Tianyu Sword attacked, it defied common custom, flying near the ground and passing beside Jiang Chen's feet before launching at his back.

When Jiang Chen turned around, the blade soared high in the air before diving downward. Many people were startled because they'd assumed that the Tianyu Sword wasn't planning to spare Jiang Chen's life.

Jiang Chen squinted, and his spirit sword, which he had unsheathed long ago, streaked a crescent arc in the sky. A tingling sound could be heard as the Tianyu Sword was deflected.

"Did he block it?"

Everyone was surprised. If Jiang Chen had tumbled to the ground, barely dodging it, they wouldn't have been shocked. The eyes of all the teachers lit up to witness such an efficient block and graceful attack.

"This is just the start."

Lin Xuan was still unimpressed; he looked down on such a sword move. However, when he witnessed the Tianyu Sword's next attack, Lin Xuan's expression changed drastically. The sword flew around leaving many afterimages, making it seem like more than ten thousand swords had appeared.

This was a sight that hadn't appeared during previous tests.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》