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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1127 Lin Xuan

In the Sword Pavilion, many people wanted to get the advantages of being in a favored position—for example, that Shi Xiao. They approached Lin Shuangyue deliberately to win her heart.

Although she did not have an aversion to them or give them a wide berth intentionally, they found it extremely hard to get close to her. Lin Shuangyue only saw them as friends.

Shi Xiao and the others were reluctant to accept that, but they could do nothing about it. They were not as audacious as the Wizard Race. They could not do whatever they wanted.

As a result, the rumors about her with Lu Ping made them very unhappy.


The next day, Shi Xiao and some others found Lu Ping in the remote mountain where he usually went to practice.

"I didn't want to deal with you so that my hands wouldn't get dirty, but you are not sophisticated enough to behave properly." Shi Xiao looked like he would not go until he had taught Lu Ping a lesson this day.

The students of the Sword Pavilion who had followed him there also pulled long faces. They did not only come along for the ride, but also came here to cheer for him.

Jiang Chen had also heard the rumors about Lin Shuangyue and him, but they were too ridiculous to bother him. He had never thought about the possibility that someone would challenge him for that.

"Do you think I'm scared of you?" Jiang Chen's look was sharp. His cold face looked like he had experienced countless hardships.

"Okay. I'll teach an arrogant guy like you a lesson, but I won't use the sword doctrine force." Shi Xiao unsheathed his sword while speaking. It was a brilliant sword, a magic weapon.

In others' eyes, the average spiritual sword in Lu Ping's hand seemed to be extremely miserable.

"You are not going to use the sword doctrine force?"

Shaking his head, Jiang Chen tried very hard to keep a straight face. "You're courting death!"

Shi Xiao took Jiang Chen's reaction as an insult. He threw his sword over immediately. In his eyes, Lu Ping was just a beginner.

His sword momentum looked average without the sword doctrine force, but there was actually a hidden power in it.

Jiang Chen threw his sword over to confront it. His sword was fast and steady. He caught the enemy's sword precisely. At the same time, the sword momentum started. He and the sword turned into one, as fast as a gale. In a trance, Shi Xiao had an illusion that he was not the one who had picked the fight, but the contrary. Then, he also threw himself into the battle. His sword movements appeared to be more and more delicate.

The two kept moving. The sword energies crisscrossed in the air. Flowers and grasses were cut off, one after another.

The other people started to retreat. They had been taking a dim view of Jiang Chen. However, as the fight went on, they were surprised to see Lu Ping crack all of Shi Xiao's sword methods only by some basic movements. With reserves, he still got the advantage over Shi Xiao.

Although Shi Xiao did not use the sword doctrine force, since he had achieved it, the change brought by it had influenced him profoundly. Even though he did not use his sword doctrine, every method and movement of his had been improved by the sword doctrine. They could not help but think what Lu Ping would be like if he became an inheritor of some sword doctrine.

"He is a genius for sure." At the thought of his result in the entry test, they concluded involuntarily. "Darn it."

Shi Xiao was pretty unhappy with the situation. He kept brandishing his sword fast, exerting his best movements.

"It's time to end it." However, Jiang Chen had lost the interest to go on fighting with him. His look became cold. He exerted the lore of wind of the seventh level and threw the sword over. It was an average movement, but it did not only crack Shi Xiao's movement, but also his defenses. The spiritual sword stopped in front of Shi Xiao's neck. If Jiang Chen moved it forward a little more, Shi Xiao would be killed.

Those who had come to cheer for Shi Xiao all gasped. Shi Xiao had lost. That was out of question.

Even he himself was struck dumb. When he had come to himself again, his face flushed due to anger. He moved away, keeping a distance from the blade.

"What? Do you want to continue?" Jiang Chen asked.

"You know it better than anyone that if we both go all out, you won't be a match for me at all," Shi Xiao said stubbornly.

"You mean sword doctrine?" Jiang Chen was kind of surprised that he was so thick-skinned.

"I am a seven-star strongman working on two qi at the same time, and I've mastered an extraordinary Doctrine Method." Shi Xiao said proudly. Throwing Jiang Chen a glance, he said, "Who are you? How many qi are you working on at the same time? Tell me about it."

Shaking his head, Jiang Chen glanced at his rival's sword. "As a swordsman, you are bringing shame on swords." Then he left without looking back.

Shi Xiao's chest was heaving up and down violently. Grasping his sword tightly, he looked resentful. When he could not hold his temper anymore and was about to launch an attack, he heard many footsteps coming. It was Lin Shuangyue and some other students who had heard the news.

"Shi Xiao, could you stop being such a moron?!" Lin Shuangyue said unhappily. She was as annoyed as Jiang Chen, especially by Shi Xiao's reaction.

"Is the fight over?"

"Who won? I didn't see anyone's sword on the ground."

"Must be Shi Xiao. Needless to ask."

These voices and Lin Shuangyue's look stopped Shi Xiao.

"Shuangyue, I did that for you," Shi Xiao said in anger.

His reply pissed Lin Shuangyue off. She could not help but roll her eyes. He did what he wanted without considering others' feelings. This kind of man was the most annoying.

"It's none of your business!" Lin Shuangyue said. She did not realize her words could lead to a misunderstanding.

Shi Xiao turned black. He stood in front of Jiang Chen to stop the latter from leaving.

"Lu Ping, you don't deserve to be a swordsman. Let me tell you one thing. At least I can keep staying in the Sword Pavilion, but what can you do? You'll be eliminated soon."

"Next time, my sword won't stop," Jiang Chen said in a cold tone.

His answer struck those who had just arrived dumb. They wondered what that was supposed to mean. Did it mean Jiang Chen had subdued Shi Xiao? Judging from the facial expressions of Shi Xiao's minions, it seemed to be true.

"Make sure there will be a next time first." Then Shi Xiao left with his men. He did not want to stay there to be ridiculed by people.

Lin Shuangyue did not keep a distance from Jiang Chen to avoid a misunderstanding. Instead, she came up to him to check whether he was all right.

Other people started to gossip in low voices. Throwing them a glance, Jiang Chen could not say whether Lin Shuangyue was just not punctilious or she had not realized anything. Anyway, this Miss Lin had a strong character.

"It's all right. He didn't use the sword doctrine force," Jiang Chen said.

Lin Shuangyue was assured. She knew Lu Ping's basic skills were great.

"We'll have a test soon. Are you confident in yourself?" Lin Shuangyue said.

The test was to see how much progress they had made by then. No matter how talented one was, one still could be eliminated for not having worked hard enough. In consideration of Lu Ping's teacher, Lin Shuangyue had the same doubts about him as others.

Jiang Chen said he would just go with the flow. He parted with Lin Shuangyue to avoid further trouble. After going through two real fights in a row, Jiang Chen had had some clear thoughts about the sword movement he was going to invent.


Another day passed. And it was finally the day of the test. All students, beginners or premiums, must pass their respective tests.

Senior students would strive to rise up to elite level. Beginners would strive to rise up to medium level.

If they failed to level up, they would not remain in the same level. Instead, they would have to leave the Sword Pavilion. Through such selections, the students in the Sword Pavilion were always the best of the best.

Jiang Chen came into the hall of the Sword Pavilion, thinking about what happened last night when he was pondering on things.

"You are Jiang Chen? My name is Lin Xuan, Shuangyue's cousin." A voice interrupted his thoughts. Jiang Chen looked up impatiently and saw a handsome youngster looking at him, smiling. Jiang Chen did not perceive any kindness from his smile. Instead, there was a pride in his smile that he could not hide.


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