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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1126 Rumors

Lin Shuangyue had no choice but to exert the transcendent sword doctrine force. It was exactly at this moment that a unique idea occurred to Jiang Chen. He launched a surprise attack by exerting the lore of wind of the seventh level.

The two swords met. They both went out of control. As a result, both of the rivals were exposed to danger. Although the force of state was forbidden here, things still could go wrong when a blade was pointed at one's eyes or neck. Fortunately, Jiang Chen managed to stop at the last minute. He only cut off a few of Lin Shuangyue's hairs.

Lin Shuangyue did not want to kill anyone. She tried very hard to take her sword back, but she failed. The sword brushed by Jiang Chen's neck. He bled, but, fortunately, the wound was not deep, and it was the back of the blade that had brushed by him.

Both of them felt scared when they looked back on what had happened. They somehow glanced at each other.

"Damn it! You know what you are doing?" Before they could speak, a young man ran over from far away. He looked ferocious. Staring at Jiang Chen in anger, he looked as if he was going to tear him apart.

"Did you want to hurt Miss Lin?!" Coming up to Jiang Chen, he accused him in rage. He was brandishing his fists madly. 

"Shi Xiao." Lin Shuangyue did not seem to be in a good mood. However, the man called Shi Xiao had no idea it was because of him. He thought she was angry with Jiang Chen. He waved his arm, as a way to tell Lin Shuangyue to stay calm and leave everything to him.

Rolling her eyes, Lin Shuangyue did not bother to speak to him.

"Don't think you can work your way up just because you have financial aid from your master. You come from a humble background, and you will remain the same forever. Don't think you can be a match for us," Shi Xiao said.

"Do you think you are noble?" Jiang Chen pretended he was irritated to make his reaction match the character of the practicing body Lu Ping.

Grinning, Shi Xiao said, "Certainly much nobler than you. You don't even have any sword doctrine."

"I don't need that to deal with a piece of cr*p like you," Jiang Chen said in a cold tone.

"Okay. Then show me how great you are," Shi Xiao was happy with his response. That was exactly what he wanted.

"Enough!" Lin Shuangyue opened her mouth to stop the farce.

Finally realizing something, Shi Xiao looked back at her. "Shuangyue, you want to let him go? That's not your style."

Lin Shuangyue was touched by his remark. She recalled her mood before the fight.

Am I that kind of horrible person? Lin Shuangyue ran away at such a thought. Neither Jiang Chen nor Shi Xiao was her concern anymore.

"It's all your fault. The test is coming soon. I'm curious how well you can do, a guy without a sword doctrine force!" Shi Xiao ran after Lin Shuangyue as fast as possible after trash talking to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen thought about it. He decided to teach this annoying fellow a lesson next time, but he did remind Jiang Chen of the test. The Sword Pavilion was not a big force that would focus on long-term training. Instead, they brought people here to train, and the training would end when those people had reached a certain level. The test was to sift out those who had almost reached their limits.

Lu Ping was a medium disciple at the moment. He would continue to go through the senior and premium levels until graduation.

In the Sword Pavilion, all senior disciples had the sword doctrine force. As a result, even before Shi Xiao's challenge, many people had already been wondering what he would do for the test, waiting to watch the fun. However, Jiang Chen was not worried about that. After losing his hold on the sword, he had some sort of new understanding of sword practicing. He went to a secluded place to confirm his assumptions.

To his surprise, he saw Lin Shuangyue there.

This time she was crouching on the ground, her head resting on her lap.

"You want another fight?" The pretty Lin Shuangyue became aggressive as soon as she saw him.

"This is where I..." Jiang Chen wanted to say this was where he was used to coming to ponder things and rest. But seeing her reaction, he held his tongue.

"All right."

Shaking his head, he turned around to leave.

"Come back!" Lin Shuangyue shouted.

Jiang Chen stopped, but he did not look back. He was standing there with his back facing her.

Lin Shuangyue knew what kind of person Lu Ping was. She ran up to him.

"Let me ask you one thing. Am I a detestable woman?" Lin Shuangyue said. Her eyes were red.

"What do you mean?" Jiang Chen pretended he did not understand her question.

"If someone helped you and saved you, but you could do nothing but watch him die, is that a shame?"

Jiang Chen did not hesitate after hearing her question. He said straightforwardly, "Yes."

Curling her lip, Lin Shuangyue thought this guy was really straightforward.

"What happened?" Jiang Chen said.

Seeing him sensitive enough to ask about her, Lin Shuangyue raised her brow, as a way to say he had finally done something reasonable. "Have you heard about Jiang Chen?"

"The man who killed Wizards?" Trying hard to keep a straight face, Jiang Chen asked her seriously.

"Weird. Even you have heard about him. But it makes sense. It is said he is doing really great in the Red Blood Field now." Lin Shuangyue suddenly realized she had gone off on a tangent. She said immediately, "What if I tell you the Wizard Race want to do harm to me?"

"Then you'll owe Jiang Chen a lot," Jiang Chen said seriously.

Letting out a long sigh, Lin Shuangyue said, "Even a dumb man like you knows that."

"Why don't you tell people the truth?" Jiang Chen pretended he was perplexed.

"The Wizard Race paid us a big compensation on condition that I not disclose their shameless behavior so that they could deal with Jiang Chen."

Jiang Chen asked, "What did you do back then?"

"I strongly opposed, but it didn't help. In a family like mine, one person's voice is very weak. I was locked in my room. I spent the whole night praying for Jiang Chen."

Lin Shuangyue suddenly beamed. "Fortunately, Jiang Chen is strong indeed."

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly to himself. "In that case, you really don't need to blame yourself," he said.

"It's easy for you to say that. What if he doesn't forgive me?" Throwing him a disdainful look, Lin Shuangyue said unhappily.

"He will forgive you if he knows what actually happened."

"Really?" Lin Shuangyue said, although with a grain of salt. But she was kind of persuaded.

"Really." Jiang Chen answered her decisively, as if he was very sure about it.

Two or three seconds later, Lin Shuangyue groaned pretentiously. She thought Lu Ping was comforting her. She would not have listened to it if it were others who had said this to her, but it was the cold stubborn Lu Ping. It kind of had a mysterious contrast.

"Don't tell anyone what I told you today. Otherwise you could lose your life." Lin Shuangyue pretended to threaten him. Then, feeling a lot better, she strode away.

Jiang Chen shook his head. He felt he had seen Lin Yueru in Lin Shuangyue.


As Lin Shuangyue requested, Jiang Chen did not tell anyone about their conversation. Besides, there was no one he could speak to in the Sword Pavilion. However, some disciples of the Sword Pavilion had passed by and seen them talking.

Seeing Lin Shuangyue extremely moody, they could not help but start to imagine things. In this way, rumors about them spread. One of these rumors had it that the two were a secret couple, but the Lins did not like Lu Ping, so they wanted the two to break up, and, as a result, they were on the verge of a break! Some people heard Jiang Chen's name, so they assumed it could be a romantic love triangle. The students of the Sword Pavilion obviously had wild imaginations.

Most of them just thought these rumors were funny, but some of them were really irritated by such rumors.


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