The Brilliant Fighting Master
1125 The Lore of Wind of the Seventh Level
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1125 The Lore of Wind of the Seventh Level

Aware that Jiang Xin held a safe lead, Jiang Chen still insisted on taking the bet. It seemed as if Jiang Chen was trying to be a hero, but he was so confident that it did not look like that.

"Deal. On the day of the drill, we'll compare your Soldier Energy."

Ren Hai did not give Jiang Chen a chance to back out again, since he had already given him one chance. However, he didn't give him a chance because he was a softhearted man. It was actually because he did not want others to say he was bullying a newbie.

However, Jiang Chen did not want the chance. So it would not be his fault if he lost.

Jiang Chen returned to the Ferocious Tiger Battalion. He told Zhang Han and the soldiers who had fought with him the previous day to come with him out of the barracks. Time was precious. They only had 12 days. They had to get to work.

Zhang Han and the others were full of doubt, but they all held their tongues. If they had not known how difficult it was to muster Soldier Energy, they would have trusted Jiang Chen unconditionally after what had happened the previous day. However, Jiang Chen had just arrived. As a new commander, he apparently knew nothing about Soldier Energy.

The team went to the Sky Devouring Mountain, where Jiang Chen was going to gather Soldier Energy. Last night, he had already figured out the method to gather Soldier Energy. He understood its theory, and he had an audacious idea.

Soon, Zhang Han and the other soldiers found Jiang Chen was not giving the correct orders. One had to go slowly and make progress step by step to gather Soldier Energy at the beginning. One should start with a few people and then involve more and more. The commander would receive Soldier Energy by the team's formation.

This was completely different from what Jiang Chen ordered. To gather the Soldier Energy of the Ferocious Tiger Battalion, they should line up. However, Jiang Chen told them to surround him in a series of concentric rings. There were eight people, including Zhang Han, in the inner ring.

"Commander, do you want us to start at the same time? Are you sure?" a soldier asked.


"The difficulty about Soldier Energy is how much a holy soul can take. It takes time," Zhang Han said.

"I hope you can obey my orders unconditionally when you are in my battalion!" Jiang Chen did not explain. He looked pretty serious. His look was sharp.

The soldiers perceived his change. They threw their shoulders back involuntarily. Their facial expressions changed slightly.

"Let's start." Smiling with satisfaction, Jiang Chen gave the order again.

This time, the soldiers in the inner ring did not hesitate. They let the Soldier Energy surge toward Jiang Chen. This was the skill every single soldier should master. And the commander should be able to control the Soldier Energy and make it his own force. Besides that, he should endow the Soldier Energy with some unique characteristics.

This was a big challenge for the commander's holy soul. As a first-timer to gather Soldier Energy, it was audacious for Jiang Chen to receive eight soldiers' Soldier Energy at the same time. However, he was not devastated by the Soldier Energy as the soldiers had expected. He gritted his teeth.

"The commander is great." Seeing Jiang Chen like this, all of the soldiers were in awe of him.

Time passed. From the eight people in the inner ring to the 24 people in the outer ring, it took them more than half a day.


At the same time, in the Sword Pavilion of the Sky Reaching City, the practicing body Lu Ping finally achieved the lore of wind of the seventh level, thanks to Wu Ming's instructions. He had never focused on only one thing like this since he had started to practice. The reward was rich, but, of course, it was also because he had a good teacher.

His lore of wind had achieved the seventh level. His lore of fire had another breakthrough, and it was in the eighth level at the moment. So he had almost finished the work of this stage. When Jiang Chen wanted to further improve himself, Wu Ming told him to create a sword movement of his own.

"Your current level allows you to do it. No matter how the sword movement will be, it's a breakthrough for you," Wu Ming said.

You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.

It was the first time for Jiang Chen to create his own sword movement. He was looking forward to it, but he was also very nervous. It might not be difficult to create a sword movement, but it would be difficult to create a great one.


Taking a walk in the mountains, he was dreaming about making a sword movement of his own. All of a sudden, he saw a slim and graceful female figure not far away. He took a closer look and found it was Lin Shuangyue. He had not spoken to her for a long time. She was standing with her back facing him. She had a well-proportioned body. Her hair fell to her waist. Her thin shoulders were slightly shaking.

She wiped her face after hearing Jiang Chen's footsteps. She turned around before Jiang Chen had the time to speak. It was obvious that she had been crying.

"What are you up to?" she said unhappily.

"This is where I practice my swordsmanship." Jiang Chen did not forget he was Lu Ping at the moment, a cold and closed man.

Lin Shuangyue was pissed off.

"It's not all up to you," she said.

Jiang Chen did not speak. He just remained silent.

"So, you are you going to practice swordsmanship? I'll practice with you." Lin Shuangyue flew into a rage. Unsheathing her sword quickly, she was not going to let him go.

As a senior student of the Sword Pavilion, her swordsmanship was extraordinary. She had met the requirements of the Sword God Palace a long time ago. However, due to her family's wealth, she did not have to go there in a hurry.

Jiang Chen recalled how petulant she was the first time they met. However, before he could fly into a rage, he suddenly got an inspiration from her sword attack.

So, he responded with his sword, using an average spiritual sword to confront the Young Lady Lin's super-magic weapon.

"Oh?" Lin Shuangyue showed a surprised look after their first blow exchange. She was surprised to see this guy's swordsmanship had improved a lot.

Looking back on the test he had had, Lin Shuangyue believed the Sword Pavilion had not made concessions for him. Most important, Wu Ming, who was allegedly just making up the number in the Sword Pavilion, seemed to have something indeed. Forgetting about the grudges between them for the moment, she started to focus on the fight.

Since the force of state was disallowed in the Sword Pavilion, the two were fighting on the ground. For Star Venerables who were used to fighting in the air, it was quite uncommon.

"Not bad." Lin Shuangyue's interest was piqued after a few blow exchanges.

Lu Ping might have created a big disturbance at the time of joining the Sword Pavilion, but in Lin Shuangyue's eyes, he was only an apprentice younger brother. The gap between them was big enough for Lu Ping to spend ten-odd years in catching up with her. However, Lin Shuangyue found she was wrong. Lu Ping's progress was surprisingly great! He was even at an advantage in the fight with her.

But surely, it was because she had not used the sword doctrine force, since Lu Ping was not an inheritor of any sword doctrine. Lin Shuangyue was a hot-tempered person, but she was fair-minded.

"Use your sword doctrine force," Jiang Chen said.

In Lin Shuangyue's eyes, Lu Ping said this very calmly. "There is nothing for you to feel proud of!"

Lin Shuangyue regarded it as a provocation. Her sword radiance instantly changed. Furthermore, her sword movement also became more delicate.

Jiang Chen felt a lot more pressured, but, fortunately, thanks to the progress he had made these days, he managed to resist her.

"He is able to resist this?" Lin Shuangyue, who had used her sword doctrine force, could not remain calm anymore, because this showed the real gap between them! Lin Shuangyue gritted her teeth. A light flashed in her eyes. She exerted a master-level sword doctrine force, but still with reserve.

She would feel worse if she failed to defeat Lu Ping when she went all out.

Jiang Chen exerted the lore of wind of the seventh level with a simple sword movement, as if he wanted to deliberately go against her. Jiang Chen endowed these entry-level sword movements with a wonderful power that could change something rotten into something magical.


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