The Brilliant Fighting Master
1123 Fire Spiritual Sparrow
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1123 Fire Spiritual Sparrow

Jiang Chen became the commander of the Ferocious Tiger Battalion, and Zhang Han became his captain.

As for Xiong Gang, he went to hell.

It was a happy ending. After Xiong Gang's death, a large amount of the soldiers of the Tiger Battalion swarmed to Jiang Chen. They did not look sad. Instead, most of them looked joyful. Obviously, Xiong Gang had never been a kind person.


"Jiang Chen, come with me," Xiao Li said. Then he turned around and went into his tent. There were two commanders in a battalion, a chief one and a deputy. Without exception, they were appointed by the Ling Long Palace.

Jiang Chen thought Xiao Li was going to talk with him about the responsibilities as a commander, but, to his surprise, there was another person in the tent. He was in his thirties, tall and large, also dressed as a commander. Jiang Chen noticed his cape. There was a white crane on it.

It dawned on him immediately that this man was here to accuse him.

"I'm Ren Hai, the commander of the Divine Crane Battalion. You know what I came for, don't you?" he said coldly.

"You came for He Wuhuan? I killed him," Jiang Chen said.

"I surely know you killed him, but is this all of the explanation you are going to give us?" Ren Hai was so pissed that he burst out laughing. His look was extremely cold.

"Explanation? What do you want me to explain? He Wuhuan shot several arrows at me, and I warned him in advance."

"You mean I should thank you for what you did?" Seeing his attitude, Ren Hai could not hold his temper any longer. He kept smiling coldly.

Smiling, Jiang Chen said, "That won't be necessary, although I helped your Divine Crane Battalion get rid of a person who was a hazard to your cause."

"I'll kill you!" Ren Hai had never seen a youngster as arrogant as he was.

"Commander Ren, do you think you are stronger than me?" Jiang Chen asked.

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a palpable tension in the tent.

Ren Hai turned black due to anger. His lips were tightly pressed together. However, he held his temper. He looked toward Xiao Li.

"Jiang Chen, why did you attack He Wuhuan when he could not fight back?" Xiao Li asked.

This was not the question Ren Hai had been expecting, but Xiao Li did not care.

Jiang Chen thought back on the fight. It seemed to be true that he killed He Wuhuan after heavily injuring him.

" I had to kill him," Jiang Chen said.

Xiao Li looked toward Ren Hai, waiting for his response.

Ren Hai then realized he could not count on Xiao Li punishing Jiang Chen. He snorted. Flicking his sleeves, he left.

"You became a commander, and the Crane Battalion lost a commander. And he was killed by you when he couldn't fight back. The Crane Battalion and the Tiger Battalion will be at loggerheads. It's good for young people to have character, but you won't be a qualified leader if you fail to take the big picture into consideration." Xiao Li said when they were the only two people in the tent.

"Commander, I'm afraid I don't agree with you," Jiang Chen said.


"Whoever violates the rules should be killed. If we are tolerant of those who make mistakes, who will comply with rules anymore?" Jiang Chen went on, "It's the Crane Battalion who should reflect on themselves, not the Tiger Battalion."

"What if the Tiger Battalion is stuck in a siege and the Crane Battalion is the only one who can save you?" Xiao Li had been angry at the beginning, but Jiang Chen's calm tone piqued his curiosity.

"If they leave their comrades in the lurch, they won't be qualified soldiers," Jiang Chen said.

Xiao Li showed a rare smile. Shaking his head slightly, he said, "Now I know why you have so many enemies." Although it was the first time they had met, he had heard stories about Jiang Chen.

Then he changed the topic. He took out a jade book. "This is the method to gather Soldier Energy. Take it."

"Okay." Jiang Chen was very curious about Soldier Energy. He wanted to figure out what on earth it was.

Something occurred to Jiang Chen before he walked out of the tent. "Commander, what should be done to become a general? To defeat a general?"

Xiao Li asked, "Are you going to become a general in one day too?"

"It's only a question. Only a question," Jiang Chen said with an embarrassed smile.

"To be a general, you must gather 3,000 Soldier Energy and have a fight with other commanders. You'll be a general after ten victories in a row."

"Thank you, commander."

Jiang Chen walked out and went back to his own tent. His tent had been captain level, but it was upgraded to commander level before he had the chance to stay there for even one night.

Jiang Chen started to study what Soldier Energy was in his own tent.

"I see." Other commanders only learned how to use Soldier Energy, but Jiang Chen also figured out what it was. It was a simpler version of tactical formations. He figured it should be a substitute for tactical formations that people invented after losing tactical formations of the Star Venerable level.

It was more convenient than tactical formations, but it was not as powerful as the latter and it did not have as many possibilities.

Once the commander who had the Soldier Energy died, the average soldiers in the troop would not be able to function well. Even so, Soldier Energy was still regarded as a treasure.

In the Red Blood Field, Soldier Energy was classified into different categories. Battalions could not help each other.

As to the 3,000 Soldier Energy Xiao Li had mentioned, it referred to 3,000 soldiers. The power of Soldier Energy depended on the number of soldiers.

The limit a commander could handle needed to be raised little by little.

For example, He Wuhuan, whom Jiang Chen had killed, only had 1,000 Soldier Energy.

Jiang Chen still had a long way to go to achieve 3,000. Jiang Chen put the jade book aside after understanding what Soldier Energy was. He was not bothered at all.

Then he took the token out. His feats were almost 3,000 after he became a commander.

"Land of Abundance." Jiang Chen said toward the token. Then a light wall flew out of the token, on which treasures he could exchange were listed.

Jiang Chen was a wolf-level disciple for the moment. He could only exchange for wolf-level treasures. He found the category essence blood first and then found birds.

"Fire Spiritual Sparrow, descendants of the ancient Secular Bird." Jiang Chen's attention was instantly drawn by this line, especially by "the secular bird". The Secular Bird was an ancient sacred beast! He was kind of suspicious of it since it was in the treasure list for wolf-level disciples.

After reading the introduction, he could not help but admire the Academy of the Land of Abundance. They used some really pretty words to describe the Fire Spiritual Sparrow. But as far as Jiang Chen knew, although the Fire Spiritual Sparrow was a descendant of the Secular Bird, there were many generations between them. There was so little blood of the sacred beast left in them that it could be ignored. However, the Fire Spiritual Sparrow itself was not simple. Otherwise the Academy of the Land of Abundance would not use it to make money.

Jiang Chen only got five drops of the essence blood of the Fire Spiritual Sparrow from his 3,000 feats.

I hope it will work. At least they are also birds, Jiang Chen thought.

His token kept vibrating after he finished the exchange successfully. It even flew into the air. A short while later, the token opened a passage. Five bottled drops of the essence blood of Fire Spiritual Sparrow were sent over.

"No wonder people say the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts is carved up by the three academies. This is almost the world of the academies." Prizes of feats were shown to him and the treasure was sent over instantly. Such things usually only happened in a Holy Land or in a Divine Religious Sect. However, the academies made it possible all over the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts!

Jiang Chen did find it very convenient. It saved him the time of waiting.

He used the essence blood. As he had wished, the genuine blood of the celestial phoenix boiled again. The temperature in the tent soared greatly.


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